November 22, 2016, News, evening

Today, I just spent two hours with a local man who understands grounding. He came with a meter that measured the radiation here in my house. The only way he could help my three left fingers tips, singed with radiation coming from my computer – even when disconnected from the internet and with my wi-fi unplugged, was to create a loose bracelet for me with copper wire, which is connected outside to the ground and should draw the negative energy through me and into the earth. Hopefully, in time my fingers will heal.

He also created a bracelet for me that I could wear to bed – around my ankle or wrist, it doesn’t matter. The problems of the pulsing wi-fi, even when disconnected are not simple. While I do not have a super meter, I was told the problems are all around us, almost possible to get away from.

I realize that the effort it took me to get off the drugs I was on for about fifty years made my body extremely sensitive to energy. I was also told that while I am sensitive and feeling great discomfort, everyone is actually going through the same thing, but they are just not feeling it the way I am. The resulting illnesses that come from our lack of connection to Mother Earth are staggering.

He begged me to watch the important video, Grounding, which I found on the internet and now share with you. (Astronaut Edgar Mitchell is a part of it.) If this doesn’t work for me, I may just have to give up using the internet. I don’t know what else I can do. ~J

. . . and he suggested this short, practical video, as well . . .

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The publication of the following article by Bradley Loves comes as a result of studying and working my way through three articles of his that I have just published: How Deep Does the Rabbit Hole Go?. . .


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I’ve just had a look at, and there is much very important news there. Please check it out. ~J

“Emotionally F**king Pissed” Media Blows Embargo And Lashes Out At Trump – “F*ck Him”Zerohedge

Conservatives “Betrayed” By Trump Decision To Kill Clinton Probe, Zerohedge . . . let’s stop worrying about Hillary, who according to trump has had a difficult time, and start thinking about all those thousands and thousands of people whose lives she so easily destroyed. 

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23 Responses to November 22, 2016, News, evening

  1. Hildegard says:

    Regarding Trump’s $2,000,000 investment in the Dakata pipeline…if it is true and you haven’t read The Art of the Deal you may think that $2,000,000 is a lot of money for him to lose. The truth is, $2,000,000 is pocket change to the Trump. I seriously doubt that he would be influenced one way or another just to save a measly $2,000,000. The Art of the Deal is must read.

  2. Alena Richer says:

    P. S.

    Homemade Faraday Cage


  3. Alena Richer says:

    I’m having difficulty on my left side as well –

    hand, fingers, arms numb, tingly, heavy,

    and I only use a public computer 2 hrs. / day

    yet I live in an apt. bldg. that has lots and lots of cell phone towers

    on the roof

    could be I don’t know at this point!

    I’ve just started this……………..

    with alum foil only as that is all I have right now………………..

    Grounding Yourself

    aluminum pie plate with copper pennies in it is my suggestion.

    aluminum foil covering a piece of cardboard

    Zhen Kira9 months ago – WOW! This one really helped. I normally have very still joints and I only had aluminum foil to use. But by doing this just 15 mins morning and night, by the third day I could move around and even bend down to tie my boots without discomfort. I could feel the discharge happening more on the first few days than afterwards. Thank you Tony.


    LouisianaGatorGirl1 month ago – Thank you for sharing that using even only aluminum foil worked for you. How many layers of aluminum foil did you use?

    Aurelia Oana7 months ago – Do you mean if you use a copper mesh on the sole of the shoes, you can almost “fly” when you walk? you become “light”? no matter how heavy one is? Thank you!

    Ja S6 months ago – How about pennies?


    Lil Asian Store LLC6 months ago – Most pennies are not copper. They are some type of tin, but the older pennies are copper. Just do a flip test. If they ring when dropped or flipped they are copper. The newer ones will sound flat or without sound.

    navygirlav20121 year ago – 20 gage Copper wire works too. That is what I use. So long as your feet touch both metals I don’t think it matters.


  4. Light I AM says:

    Did you get my post on Healing Self?

  5. Captain says:

    Regarding the stir about Trump waffling on the ‘jail Hillary’ situation. He is not yet in the WH. Things could change. He is more of a master chess player, compared to the tiddy-wink dink now acting as WH Resident. Like with his recent meeting with the US Press, which turned into an assault on their bogus ‘reporting’, things are not always what they first appear to be with T.

    Meanwhile: A few weeks ago the ‘super hero’ actors from Hollywood showed their support for the Native American. Now: Will be interesting to see how Trump now weighs in on it since being elected. ( I’d bet Clintons and much of Congress and House are equally invested in the pipeline.)

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Captain. I thought I released this earlier today, but it didn’t get out there . . sorry and hugs, ~Jean

    • Hildegard says:

      This video is a good interpretation of what Trump actually said regarding prosecuting Hillary. The answer it appears is yes and no, because it’s not him personally who does the prosecuting, it’s the DOJ and with Jeff Sessions as the Attorney General it’s a forgone conclusion…I hope. Trump is being ‘uncharacteristically’ cautious about how he words things after winning the election.

  6. Light I AM says:

    If you have persistent discord then you can guarantee that it is in your “Memory Body” = an aspect of your own (vibrational) Energy Field.
    Have you worked on Implant Removal? i.e. Cancelling all previous CONtracts you have with others and SELF. (renunciation of all Vows …need guidance? I can send you a spiel to get the momentum going)
    Previous = Past Lives connections = Magnetized in your Energy Field (Etheric Body) = a layer of your Energy Field.
    The sequence of sub-octaves/Octaves is with the lowest layer in the Fallen Consciousness Octave and rising sequence…
    1. Physical
    2. Emotional
    3. Mental/Mind
    4. Etheric/Memory Body.
    Next Octave Band is Pure Consciousness (Christ or Buddha-hood = The shimmer/body Vibration = Body Singing = Kundalini Rising, etc).
    You (any being) can and do/does operate within all these layers concurrently and vacillates in and out, merely by the thought process = Energy/vibration on the move
    Another way to do this, is via VIOLET FIRE/FLAME, , which is a COMMAND to activate the Energy Flow and get back into HARMONY, or the non-polarization of your Energy Field …remember Drunvalo’s teachings?
    This is what it means to …”Command Ye Me”!
    Whilst you look outside of your self for the causes of the “health issues” plaguing you, you are Polarized = Not Living in the Heart = not the Master.
    Any thought that pulls your attention away from HARMONY will keep you in this endless cycle of pain, suffering, struggle.
    so “letting go” is the key ..and then Speak, or Command, the outcome, or your State of Being as you desire it = To BE!
    So, “COMMAND ye Me!”
    “Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil”
    This means that nothing will touch you if you so COMMAND it. Free Will in Action = You are one with the Father = In the next Higher Octave Band = Mastery of Self.
    Do not look outside of Self for the answer, use the tools that come into your path (WISDOM realized) and get to it.
    Health recovered = Made Whole = Holy (as in, saints of old).
    “To be in this whirld, but not of it”
    It is all word (whird) play/manipulation = Energy Moving, or not (check Bradley’s posts also)
    A good example of wirld play…
    No Money = no MON-EYE = not One Eye = Not Single Mindedness = No Polarity = not In the Heart.
    So, if you THINK “I have no money ” = I AM not Single Minded = I am Poor financially = what manifests in your “Whirld”. …Self created poverty (financially)
    Same process EXACTLY for health!! …or anything otherwise, as well.
    Thoughts are everything
    “Get thee WISDOM and in all thy getting get understanding” – Lanto
    Bob is then your uncle!!!

  7. Jay says:

    Hope this is true – Prime Creator: HUGE MASSIVE VICTORY FOR HUMANITY & November 18, 2016

  8. Trex says:

    Hi Jean,
    I’ll try commenting one more time, as my last few attempts resulted in nothing. After hitting “post comment” everything just vanished.

    Allow me, again, to comment regarding earthing. As you might recall, some time ago I suggested bare feet in the grass or dangling feet into a creek. Yes, this works, but there is more to earthing / grounding than meets the eye. A simple metal rod stuck a few inches into the ground may or may not work. Let me explain. Firstly, grounding is a process not of picking up energy from the earth, but rather we shunt excess static buildup into the ground. We constantly build up static electricity as we keep ourselves insulated with rubber or plastic footwear. Additionally, we clothe ourselves with synthetic fabrics which are prone to static build up. We have all walked across the room and gotten shocked from a light switch – which is electrically grounded. By walking barefoot on the ground, or using grounded foot pads, etc. we continually shunt excess electrons to ground. On a bigger scale, clouds do the same thing. Massive updrafts between dry and wet air masses cause static buildup, until – crash! – a lightning bolt dumps excess charge to ground.

    Ground rods inserted into wet soil do work to conduct excess charge to ground, but the same rod in dry soil does absolutely nothing. Extreme example: We have a strategically important radar station on the Az-NM state line called Brushy Mountain. This facility had no ground when it was built, and as a result it was impossible to shield electronic equipment from lightning strikes, which fried $$$ equipment regularly. The only ground good enough for such a heavy duty installation is bonding to a steel well casing that reaches the water table. However, Brushy Mountain has no water table underneath it. To this day, the grounding is makeshift at best, and electronics MUST remain based on vacuum tubes, which can survive large voltage spikes. The point is this: “grounding” is critical and not all “grounds” are created equal.

    Many things influence the quality of a ground; moisture is the biggest factor. For this reason, 6 ft long copper plated ground rods should be driven into the ground on the north side of buildings, which stay more moist compared to drier soil on the warmer south side. Grounding to water pipes can work, if you have metal pipes running out of the house through the soil. If you have plastic pipes, the ground is compromised. Water quality influences conductivity greatly. Sea water, loaded with salt is a wonderful ground and conductor. However, if you have relatively mineral free water, conductivity drops and water pipe grounds are less effective. If your soil contains salts of any kind, these all help conduct electricity and grounds become more effective. If you see your ground rod corroding, this is actually a good sign that it is working well, compared to a rod that stays metallically clean. Grounds connected to the round hole in an electrical outlet provide a good ground, as these are guaranteed to function to provide electrical safety. Simple cheap plug-in testers can be used to see if normal 110 volt AC receptacles are properly connected on the hot, common, and ground wires.

    There are a number of things you can do in your home to improve staying grounded. Firstly, I sleep on grounded sheets, which have conductive silver threads woven into the fabric and a wire is plugged into the ground portion of a receptacle. This allows continual shunting of static to ground all night long. Next, “going crazy” with alligator clips on anything metal and connecting to ground cannot be emphasized enough. The more, the merrier. Using ground pads for bare feet helps. Room humidity affects static buildup a lot. Dry air allows static buildup, while humid air works toward shunting or dissipating static to ground. During the winter heating season, a humidifier helps reduce static. The type of heating system will also affect static buildup; forced air systems being the worst. Use of room air filters effectively purify the air, but also load it with static. Carpeting works towards static buildup, while hardwood floors help ground static. In terms of a home’s wiring system, those systems using metal conduit to run the wiring are more expensive to install, but effectively shield (ground out) EMF radiating out from the wiring. Special circuit breakers are now available and can be installed which completely disconnect entire circuits when there is no power demand. Soon as demand is resumed, the circuit is restored instantaneously. And, there are special paints and shields that can be installed to ground EMF, which also grounds static. Needless to say, this discussion is by no means complete, but may help bring greater awareness to the involved process of grounding.

    • Jean says:

      Thank you, Trex, for this vry important additional information, of which I hope others will also take note. Last night, for the first time in as long as I can remember, I began to sleep ‘normally’. I knew before I slept that I was grounded. This does not mean that my body is healed, but simply that I am off the torture rack of this twrrible enegy to which they are subjecting us! It is the rainy season here, so I think I’m safe for a time . . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  9. Kenny says:

    Go to and get a PEMF mat
    read about it

  10. lwking says:

    Jean! That’s wonderful! I knew you’d run with it when I showed you that 7 minute video by Dr Laura Koniver. While I hesitated to tell you about the Grounded documentary , you found it AND you’ve made some discoveries I knew nothing about! I will be studying that EMF Protection Device with great interest.
    btw – there is a follow up to the Grounded documentary, I thought it had a different name though than Grounded2 which is all I see right now. There’s more and more research being done on this important topic. I appreciate your bringing the conversation forward.
    Congratulations Jean, well done and thank you.

  11. Harun Aminurasyid says:

    Greeting from the Maharlikhan Tribes,

    Hello and hi Jean,

    It had been a long time that you website was not in the air. I pray that you in good health and cheers always. I would like to share with you on what I am doing know with Her Majesty Queen Salvacion Legaspi. I would like to bring to your attention and to your readers to join in this God Divine Intervention for the world Peace.

    As for Neil Keenan Group, you can Dump him and his Dragon family in the hell of fire for the distraction and confusing materials.

    I agreed with President -Elect Donald Trump that the Paris Agreement on the climate change was a ‘Hoax’ to distract the original agreement done on Dec 10 1898. These are the Original agreement whereby they will come to a complete process for the World Peace and Progress and Prosperity to her owned Nation. THE TREATY OF PARIS is a God Almighty Father divine Intervention and covenant to be promulgated and allegiance to the Mandate been chosen as describe in a Scriptures. For more information Please go to Salvacion Legaspi and tag Her Majesty on the timeline. From there you will be divert to another fb called Maharlikhan Tribes and here are all the SECRET DOCUMENTS Her Majesty had her full battles with those damn crazy George Bush Sr with his announcement of the New World Order organized by Illuminati, Cabal and Committee 300 the Corporate de Facto Government of the World to destroyed mankind without mercy because they are not human being but a Devils in disguise and Reptilians Beast.

    Yours in Spirit
    The Messenger & Ambassador at Large
    Autocratic Monarchy & Sovereign Nation, the Sovereignty Queen of the “One World Government” with the Blessing under Divine Interventions and Providence.

  12. John Kennedy says:

    Thank you for being here Jean. I really appreciate you hard work, and hope everything is well with you

  13. Atie says:

    Jean did you try crystals to sleep with, holding in yr hand, laying next to the computer, a container with himalayan salt next to the computer?blessings atie

    • Jean says:

      I have tried the crystals, but they were not enough. I will try to himalayan salt idea 🙂 This simple grounding solution seems to have done the job — finally, and for that I am grateful. Hugs, ~Jean

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