November 26, 2016 News



Now Is the Time to Remain Standing, by Dan Rather

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Please make sure to check Jim Stone’s site. His info regarding this power struggle is important for us:

. . . This web site is updated multiple times daily. Refresh will not usually work to load it new. Delete all but the IP address and hit enter to get the new page.

The Power Struggle Unfolding Before Our Eyes, Zero Hedge

Clintons Confirm Participation In Recount Plan, Despite No “Actionable Evidence Of Hacking”,  Zero Hedge

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Army Corps will close anti-DAPL protest camp at Standing Rock by Dec. 5

Army Corps to Standing Rock water protectors: Evict or else, by Alexandra Jacobo

The eviction date comes just one day after hundreds of veterans plan to “deploy” to Standing Rock to support those protesting there.

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Time to look at these stories on bio-warfare/-weapons!

*Who Is Checking? Have The US Water and Subways Systems Been Rigged ….

NGO Provides Details To The UN On The US’s Offensive Biological Weapons Program

“Getting Past A Wall of Mirrors” To Stop A Coup Already Underway

Did Obama Just Arrange For The Destruction Of Organic Agriculture in the US?

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6 Responses to November 26, 2016 News

  1. Helene says:

    IMO & Roseanne Barr tweeted this earlier Stein is a CIA operative and bot of Soros & HRC prob recruited by Gloria Steinem undermine Green Party same as Clintons ruined Dem Party they are all fascists…re Dan Rather career took off after reporting on Pres Kennedy’s assassination for Dallas CBS affiliate same as Brokaw and Rather all there on the day Rather has spent rest of life proclaiming Oswald did it so his opinions mean nothing to me.

  2. We are a Christian Nation! Desperate People do Desperate things! George Soros, the Puppetmaster, Obama and Clinton, the puppets, know their goose is cooked and are trying to hit on some formula that can keep their Evil, Satanic, Criminal Enterprise in Power and are failing miserably! These Rioters are hired Thugs trained and bussed in by Soros’s Foundation! SIMPLE SOLUTION FOR PEACE! Arrest Soros, Obama and CLINTON! Charge them with Sedition and Treason, among other things and remove them to prison to await trials! Meanwhile Close all foundations that they are connected to in any way, Freeze their bank accounts and use those funds to rebuild and repair all of the devastation they have brought about! Then execute the Judgement/Sentence as determined by the Courts!
    We must continue to repent and pray! This has been my steady prayer for several years under the terms and conditions of God’s Word! 11Chronicles 7:14 “Then if my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sins and restore their land.” Dear Heavenly Father, Almighty God, Jehovah! I come before Your Awesome Throne of Grace under the Blood of Jesus, with His Holiness and His Righteousness, knowing that my own is as a filthy rag! Oh, Lord, Forgive our Nation for these horrible, blasphemous sins! Lord, you see the evil all through our government! Help us REMEMBER that it is You that have made us and NOT we ourselves! Lord, all we, like sheep, have gone astray… Each to their own way! We repent, Lord and are returning to the GOD that is our FIRST LOVE! Help us, Please, Oh Lord, as we Repent! We are sorry we got wrapped up in our day to day lives while this EVIL crept in and took over our government! We will be faithful to STAY AWAKE to our Love of You! We will teach our children Your ways! Please hear from Heaven! We are humbled, We have repented and We are praying… We seek Your face only and are turning from our wicked way! Please, Lord, Speak to our Military Leaders, Inspire them to honor their Oath to Protect and Defend us! Help us please, please, to remove the evil from our Nation and restore our Nation to our Constitution, our Republic and Christian Foundation! Show us your arm of mercy! Your mighty arm of Justice! Your mighty hand of healing! Please bring revival to America! Pour out your Spirit, Lord, God and Bless America Again! In Jesus Name I pray! AMEN Millions of we Christians have been praying! God has heard and is answering our prayers! We will not need to fight in this battle! We will stand still, in Praise, and see the salvation of God!!!

    • Jean says:

      I think you do not understand what my site is about. If you want to post here, please do a bit of research first to understand us here. I believe we are about something very different from you, which is okay because we live on a free choice planet. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Bill says:

        I’m proud of you, Jean! Almost no other blogmaster would not have responded as nicely as you have! The above is an example of the erroneous content being taught in today’s congregations – that scripture she quotes in actually II Chronicles 7:14 and it was a statement directly to king Solomon, not a general statement.

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