November 29, 2016 News and Commentary

Quick note: I had another prolotherapy shot yesterday, and it was successful. I am already walking better, and I believe I will now walk comfortably again. Also, I do not have any idea how long I can stay on the internet. I’m using an old computer, which apparently along with my grounding device does not put out as much radiation as my other devices. While I still feel the pain in my fingers, it is not increasing or getting worse. If they are targeting me, personally, I’m sure they will catch on and make it impossible for me to continue publishing. We are going to see, but I intend to continue getting info out to you for as long as I can.

As a result of these problems, I must become very selective about comments, so I don’t spend too much time on them. My blog cannot really be a place to ‘vent’, and I hope you will understand this. While I will continue to read all comments, I’m simply not going to release all of them.

While it may look increasingly at the moment like there is no way forward, I believe strongly that we will solve this problem — and let me add, that my belief is an educated one, not without some basis in fact. I hope you are becoming aware of the rising consciousness of what has been going on, and the rising anger. This is personified in Standing Rock, and it is why I think it will be a situation of great interest. Look around yourself as you stand in line somewhere, perhaps at the supermarket. How many of these people have any awareness of all of the deeper truth of what is planned for us? Use this as a measure of our rising consciousness.

Before everyday people will be willing to put their lives on the line — for their families, children, country, they are going to have to realize deep within what the cabal truly has in store for us. We aren’t there yet, but that time is fast approaching. I believe the Universe (positive energy) is orchestrating this beautifully, and I’m simply watching what is happening.  

Many of us have known for years about the nightmarish problem of pedophilia, and it seemed like it would never become public info. Now, suddenly, it is all over the alternative news, while the MSM pretends it isn’t news at all, and while Trump equivocates about prosecuting Hillary. The question is, how can he prosecute her? The GOP is as involved in the whole sorry state of affairs as the Democrats. So, what is going to happen next? Who knows.

BTW, I published two articles on Sunday from Redefining God, the second of which puts Putin in the camp of the globalists – with his own handlers! Imagine that! I made no comments, but I thought surely someone would note it. Was I wasting my time in publishing such an article? What say you?

Now, on to the news of the day – 

Here’s why “fake news” sites are dangerous, by Jon Rappoport  . . . Jon presents interesting ideas 🙂 🙂 🙂

 * * *

If you think Trump is the answer — and many are telling me privately that he is and that I should leave him alone and give him a chance, check out the facts in these articles. It seems to me they are more than willing to ‘settle’. At a time like this, during the shift of the ages, how can anyone wish to settle?

How can Trump be the answer when we are dealing with the Rockefeller faction of the cabal? They realize the Hillary faction went too far, and they have decided to back off in order to survive these changes, but believe me with Henry Kissinger involved, I think they have no intentions of going away. As David Icke has said, this is a time of learning for Americans, learning that no matter who wins the election, the goals are still the same: enslave and control the population. The plan is for Trump to be just one more figurehead! 

Here’s why Trump’s promised economic plan is not going to work

Tomgram: Nick Turse, Life’s No Picnic in Trump’s Secret (Service) Garden 

FOCUS | A Pentagon Rising: Is a Trump Presidency Good News for the Military-Industrial Complex? . . . please note that it is not what I call the ‘good’ military that is supporting Trump.

Nikki Haley Got More Than $60,000 From #1 #NeverTrump Ringleader Mitt Romney

Petraeus Willing to Serve in Trump Administration . . . Romney caught too much flack, so now Petraeus is being pushed at us. 

Trump abandons campaign promise to penalize outsourcing, offers tax breaks instead . . . sounds more and more like ‘say anything to get elected’

I also very strongly suggest you review F. William Engdahl’s recent, important article: 
The Dangerous Deception Called The Trump Presidency
By F. William Engdahl

Anyone have an opinion on what Catherine is saying here? After she has looked at who is on Trump’s team, will she continue to think Trump/Rockefeller faction will do the j0b for us? Are they attempting to save us or save their own ass*s? Has she had time to read Engdahl’s article — or other similar articles? What do you think? 

 * * *

Even Democrats consider Stein’s recount effort a ‘waste of time and money’ . . . is this a situation of ‘protesting too much’, I mean, even forgetting the cost, is there any ‘real’ effort to stop it?

Hillary Lawyer Calls On NC GOP Governor To Stop Recount Despite Tighter Race Than WI, MI & PA, Zerohedge

Green Party Rebels Against Jill Stein: “We Do Not Support The Recount”, Zerohedge . . . this story is incidental to the Trump Presidency

Here at home, I think that Standing Rock could be a very big thing:


Standing Rock Water Protectors Get Ready for Stand Off

Chris Hedges: The Standing Rock resistance is a model to be replicated throughout the US

Literally Too Many Veterans Have Signed Up To Join DAPL Protests, Zerohedge

The Tyranny At Standing Rock: The Government’s Divide-And-Conquer Strategy Is Working, Zero Hedge

North Dakota governor orders emergency evacuation of DAPL protesters

Memo to Steve Bannon: solve the water-shortage problem, by Jon Rappoport . . . while Jon doesn’t speak directly to the problem at Standing Rock, there is definitely an attempt to control our water supply. My husband spent much of his life in the water business, and I remember back in the late 90s he was very concerned about the foreign entities that were buying private water companies. 

 * * * 

Syrian government poised for biggest victory since start war – capture of Aleppo imminent


“Exclusive to Syrper” by Canthama   Aleppo After the liberation of Hanaanu Residencies, Ardh Al-Hamraa` and Jabal Badru on Saturday and early Sunday, it was expected that the terrorists’ defensive lines would be under great pressure.  But, what followed was an unprecedented collapse of their defenses inside northeastern Aleppo. The terrorists were not able to…

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6 Responses to November 29, 2016 News and Commentary

  1. Athena says:


    I found this fascinating video about a protection against scalar waves.

    and here is their human firewall product.

    I was just hoping that this might help.

    Love you lots! And I’m so glad that you’ve been back all these weeks!


  2. lineoutw says:

    Jean , for your health there is plasma technology by Keshe you could find out yourself easy secure fast and harmless.

    all the best for you

  3. Rance says:

    As much as I want to believe in Putin (and it may still end up justifiable), I still believe that we have to be cautious and in general believe Ken makes some valid points. The following was my opinion back in 2014-2015 and still may be valid. [ from:

    The sooner we come to terms with the reality that we are on our own, the stronger we will be when the fight begins.” [emphasis added]

    I hate to agree with this highlighted statement, because I’d love there to be a hero to do all my work for me, but I DO agree with it.

    So the answer to whether or not Putin is a good guy or a bad guy is: WHO CARES?

    Maybe he’s a really great guy, with all the best intentions. So what? It doesn’t really matter. As long as there is a centralized banking system and a cabal of elitists who run this show, it doesn’t matter.

    The solution that works is the one which devolves all systems down to the local area where the rubber hits the road, where the results of decision making can be seen and reacted to at the same level. This means that technology and trade must also be self-sufficient at the local level.

    To me, this is inescapable logic.

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