December 2, 2016, News – Afternoon

Do 1901 Expedition Logbooks Confirm There Is No Global Warming?, Zerohedge

“…new analysis suggests that conditions are now virtually identical to when the Terra Nova and Endurance sailed to the continent in the early 1900s, indicating that declines are part of a natural cycle and not the result of global warming.”

In Carrier Deal, Trump Is Taking Credit for Some Blatant Crony Capitalism, by Joshua Holland . . . Hopefully, this article will make our situation more clear

Trump promised to get tough with companies that offshore jobs. He never said anything about buying them off with our tax dollars.

Clinton & Trump Aides Forum Devolves Into Screaming Match – “I Would Rather Lose Than Win The Way You Did” (Video), Zerohedge

“I would rather lose than win the way you guys did,” ….. “I can tell you are angry, but wow… Will you ever accept the election results?” And it went down-hill from there…

Since 2014 The US Has Added 571,000 Waiters And Bartenders And Lost 34,000 Manufacturing Workers, Zerohedge

According to the BLS’ seasonally adjusted “data”, starting in March of 2010 and continuing through October of 2016, there has been just one month in which restaurant workers lost jobs. Meanwhile, the US manufacturing industry is getting hammered.

Ukrainian Defense Ministry: Russia massing troops waiting for the right time to strike . . .  a potential false flag attempt to create war?

Erdogan Demands Turks Exchange Their Dollars To Gold, Lira, Zerohedge

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan urged Turks on Friday to convert their foreign currencies into gold and lira to stimulate the country’s economy as the lira continued its slide against the dollar.

 * * *

 * * * John Moore was referenced by Alex Collier concerning information about the coming pole shift. This video lecture from John is dated Oct, 26, 2016:

 * * * 


Sharmine Narwani sent a message via my email announcing the departure of the White Helmets from East Aleppo.  They, evidently, evacuated along with all the Islamist terrorist rodents toward Turkey where Erdoghan continues to bloviate about ousting Dr. Assad from the presidency of Syria.  (He did recant during a conversation with President Putin.)  We have heard that Vlad has ordered the Russian Foreign Ministry to inquire about what Erdoghan meant when he said he was determined to overthrow the government.  So far, Turk diplomats are trying to soft-soap the whole affair without much success.  As I have written before, Erdoghan is mentally unstable and he really has to be taken down before he kills thousands of his own people in his quixotic mission to unseat a popular, secular and modernistic leader. . . . continue reading . . . 

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15 Responses to December 2, 2016, News – Afternoon

  1. cjbowman200q says:

    Written by Prof. Dr. Christopher J Bowman PhD. (AutoCAD Professional ) Dip. of Architecture/Engineer – FABDA., ARIAA., MIDDA., MHIA., MBA. Chemical engineer (Bio / Ind.) – B.Sc., Geo.Sc. (lect/Prof) – Sth. Aust. University
    As a past lecturer in GeoSciences, I research imto the effects of Global movemebt of Magnetic poles, Tectonic plates, Earthquakes and Corresponding Wearther change!
    We all understand the map of the World with the man mappef Nth. & Sth. Poles!
    Bug this map is over 400 years old!
    Navigators will tell you that the magnetic North was 17.5 degree of mapped North up til 3 years ago!
    Then the Solar Sun had a magnetic Pole sift. 3 days later the earths magnetis Poles moved again. Its now at 22.5 degree off mapped Noeth. Thw Earth rotates around the magnetic poles not the mapped North Pole! As it’s a rotating Gyromagnet with a mobile North +ve & South –ve Poles!
    This actually places the North Pole near Iceland & Greenland! The South Pole has moved also correspondingly. This relocates the positions of the equator, Capricorns, Artic corcles correspondingly!
    Hence the movement of the Worlds weather patterns!
    This explains a lot of the meltdown of the Polar icecaps.
    However, GLOBAL WARMING is adding to the weather changes!
    The raise of Ocean water temperatures by 2 degree is destroying
    the Coral reefs & many fish species, also increasing meltdown rate of Polar ice caps!
    1. The meltdown of the Polar Ice has reduced the Salinity of the oceans by 2 percent!
    2. Salt floats in suspension with water. It also acts as a thermal carrier or transmitor.
    3. Therefore, the efficiency of the trans Atlantic, Pacific & major oceans in cooling the ocean temperatures is lowered.
    1. Inject salt brine into the oceans from Salt mines!
    2. Spray Salt brine onto the Polar Icecaps along the waterline to slow meltdown!
    Note we already use Salt on roads to slow meltdown of ice & snow for road safety!
    Salt brine can be produced at a Cost $25 per cube 1,000 liters.

  2. Frank R says:

    Hi Jean…….

    Since I know you have been quite ill, like me, I am refraining from commenting unless I see something really egregious. This is ref “John Moore” and the supposed “Pole Shift”. Quite clearly this is a mixture of a possibility (entirely cabal created), disinformation and yes I am getting that old smell again………..outright BULLSHIT.

    One of the things I have learned (probably from you and Bradley) is it’s much easier to diagnose and pick apart any claims someone is making by looking for WHAT THEY ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT!

    While part of this deals with NASA, which is part of my future report to you, I will focus on “Simple Truths” derived from “Simple Questions” to show how and why I doubt this man. I don’t even have to get into the fact that he is not a public speaker as he claims. I worked as a Public Speaker for years and he never maintains any eye contact, constantly looks away and down and keeps his eyes hidden way too much. I am not sure if the one audience laugh we heard was not a voice track but I will give him the benefit that it was live.

    Let me be “Little Johnny” in the back of the classroom with my hand constantly in the air.

    If what he claims is true we need to get answers to the following questions and statements:

    1. Since WE KNOW as a fact that Chemtrails are significantly ADDING to Global Warming as they hold the heat in near the earths surface and have been a long term effort by the cabal (since 1947) to kill us as well as kill off the plants and animals then why did he not bring this up? SURELY he would know this!…………………………BUT NOT ONE WORD!

    2. If the Governments of the world and Cabal and Military all knew this was coming and have known this was coming then why would they create multiple…………and yes I mean MULTIPLE methods of killing us all off through plans that take effect OVER LONG PERIODS OF TIME?
    I.E. – Chemtrails….GMO FOOD……Poison Vaccines………..Poison Water…………..POISON FOODS, POISON MEDICINE, DRINKS ETC…ETC…ETC. I could go on and on. Why do that? If this was going to happen and they have known about this for so long then why not just sit back, dig their underground bases and pull out the popcorn and watch the show?………NOT ONE WORD!

    3. During his entire presentation we never get one name or one official document. It’s always “I have a friend in the Navy or in a particular agency” etc…etc. Not revealing your sources is normal but he provides no documents, no photos……….nothing. Just take his word for it.

    4. While real scientists believe that pole shifts have occurred in Earth’s past history and we have made magnetic corrections to Airport Runways and the like, we have no proof this has been caused by “outside objects in space within our solar system. This could be a normal occurrence that the Cabal is using to justify their position on Global Warming. Never let a good crisis go to waste………..right?

    5. Why did he not give us recent proof visually on the claim on the ice packs? Could it possibly be because it’s not as severe as he claims?

    6. If people have not woken up and realized it yet, all of these catastrophes can be made to happen. Nukes and Plasma Weapons and HAARP Devices plus their secret weaponry under the sea and continents can cause Tsunamis and earthquakes of the magnitude he speaks. They can also cause the Hurricanes, storms etc that he refers to. Wake up people. The Powers That Be have the tools to create this. Remember? Look at all the Earthquakes, Tsunamis and Storms HAARP and Weather Manipulation have been doing for years now. EVERYONE now realizes that this weather is not normal……….. from birds and fish falling from the sky to fish and mammals washing up dead on beaches all over the world. This is clearly man made.

    7. Is there a Christian…Armageddon…..Pentagon connection here? We know that the government has been working with the clergy across the country to help inform and prepare the citizens for some future event. Is this part of that DISINFO CAMPAIGN? Seems so to me.

    This man claims to have been part of Vietnam and my generation. I am 67 and this guy looks maybe 50. In reality his claims on what he did and who he knew should make him nearly 70 years old. Does he look that age to you? Does he come across as credible or shady? Use your heart people listen to your heart for the answer.

    People have been killed for releasing the kinds of information he is releasing here and he seems to have no fear. Why is that? It is this MY opinion that the Cabal are losing so badly now that they are pulling out all the stops. I believe that the Cabal will do anything to get their One World Government, their New World Order and since all of their past plans have been exposed, they might possibly go for the famous “HAIL MARY PASS”.

    If they can’t control the world then they will see to it that NO ONE will have it and they might stage a mass catastrophe worldwide and make appear that this was some natural cosmic disaster. I put this in the same drawer as Project Bluebeam, the “Fake Alien Invasion” scenario. Everybody use your discernment and lets NOT BE FOOLED AGAIN.

    Love and Hugs……………Frank R

    • Jean says:

      I’m sorry, Frank! I thought I’d gotten these out, but maybe not! I’m just discovering them today . . . Merry Christmas and hugs, ~Jean

      • cjbowman2002 says:

        Hi Jean. Sorry holidays! I see we have many replies to my article, some good others bad!
        All I have to say is, I am a Qualified Geo-Scientist, Lectured on the use of AutoCAD 2000 for Survey, Topography & subterrain 3D , Satellite imagery, South Australian University, see qualifications !
        The Compass points to the true magnetic North & South Poles, it’s a tool & doesn’t LIE,
        NASA s reports on Solar activity has no reason to LIE, Only Animals on 2 legs LIE!
        I am looking to have intelligent conversation with equal piers, to expand our knowledge! If I told you the reason why I am researching in the Philippines you would keel over backwards, so much I keep secret!
        Prof. Dr. Christopher J Bowman PhD. (AutoCAD Professional ) Dip. of Architecture/Engineer – FABDA., ARIAA., MIDDA., MHIA., MBA. Chemical engineer (Bio / Ind.) – B.Sc., Geo-Sciences. (lect/Prof) – Sth. Aust. University

        • Jean says:

          Chris, isn’t NANA made up two-legged human beings? What is its history? Weren’t its origins based on the import of German scientists – Nazis, to be specific? Wasn’t the Bush family instrumental in seeing they were brought over here?


          • cjbowman2002 says:

            Hey Jean, – I am not Nazi nor Cabal! I thought your column searched for the Truth !
            If you read you will find I am Australian a straight shooter! So take me off this Column of LIES!

          • Jean says:

            I never said you were Nazi or cabal! But you are telling me, or so I thought, that NASA is a straight shooter, and I don’t think so. Am I not entitled to my opinion? You’ll have to remove yourself. I can’t do it. And maybe you might relax and check into the history of NASA . . . Hugs, ~Jean

            PS Take a look, as well, at my recent videos from Nassim Harramein. They might be of interest . . .

  3. Susan says:

    Hi Jean
    Thought you might like this horoscope from an astrologer friend of mine re: Standing Rock:
    The horoscope of Standing Rock is VERY interesting–cast for April 1, 2016.
    Sun degree (purpose): “An unexploded bomb reveals an unsuccessful social protest.” Meaning, to find a constructive way to stand up to the old order and invent the new one.
    Mars at 8 Sagittarius, the exact degree of the New Moon of this month. So this was meant to be the trigger time, when things would really get going. It’s a degree of building power, deep within, on all levels–for the future of the world.
    High focus Jupiter, at 16 Virgo, “children at a zoo meeting an ourangoutang”. Returning to, and honoring, our wild selves, the side of us that is an animal and part of nature.
    Heliocentric Mercury: “A Native on the warpath.” Standing up for earth with all our power.
    Uranus: “A fighter entering the ring.”
    Helio Venus: “A squirrel hiding from hunters.” Looking for sanctuary, safety from predators.
    The Neptune degree is all about transcendental spirit power, and applying it. Don’t be discouraged by worldly powers. You are in touch with ALL Power.
    Mars square Neptune, like the July 4, 1776 chart of the US–a willingness to fight and be brave and assertive for ideals and compassion and spiritual truth.
    North Node, 22 Virgo: “A royal coat of arms.” Totally taking charge, BEING the authority, not waiting on anyone else. “The buck stops here.”

  4. Jay says:

    Chris Thomas believes as he says “Global warming is rubbish”. Also he goes into detail why. Another person who has many YouTube video that I find interesting is Aingeal Rose.

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