December 2, 2016, News – Evening

The next five articles will provide financial information, some of which may become important this weekend. The last article is a repost and is important to understanding the underlying dynamics of what is really happening in the gold markets. The story goes far beyond India. Apparently, time is running out for the cabal! 

Everything You Need To Know About The Italian Referendum [December 4th] (& Should Be Afraid To Ask)

While the post-Trump euphoria in US stocks has been the perfect distraction from the ugly realities elsewhere, this weekend’s Italian Referendum could well be the biggest ‘revolt’ yet, topping Brexit and Trump. Should Italy vote “no”, as polls forecast, PM Renzi may quit, leaving the Italian bank recapitalization would then be in jeopardy and, as Bloomberg’s Mark Cranfield warns “we could be looking at a Greece-like market reaction on steroids.”

Deutsche Bank Stock Slides After “Cutting Off” 3,400 “Non-Strategic” Trading Clients, Zerohedge

In September, headlines of Deutsche Bank trading clients pulling collateral sparked grave concern over the world’s most systemically dangerous bank. Today, the stock is sliding once again as WSJ reports the bank said it would cease providing some coverage for about 3,400 actively trading clients in its global markets division, according to a memo sent to equities staff.

The Bureaucracy Is Now More Powerful Than Congress, Zerohedge

Who creates federal laws? Civics books say it is Congress, but the real answer today may be the executive branch. A recent report showed that the 229 major regulations issued since 2009 added over $100 billion in annual costs (according to the regulatory agencies), $22 billion coming in 2015. With estimates of the total regulatory costs now exceeding income tax burdens at over $2 trillion annually, regulations were far more burdensome for many Americans than legislation.

Hurtling towards a cashless society: 1 out of 3 people never use cash

The Deep State’s Attempt To Suppress India’s Gold DemandNovember 29, 2016 . . .info is moe far-reaching than India and affects the worldwide gold market.

The primary objective of the Indian currency demonetization was to sharply reduce gold demand in the world’s most important retail market, India, one that is controlled by the Deep State oligarchy via a captured agent, its Prime Minister [Modi]. The manner in which the demonetization was carried out indicates some kind of desperation…Stewart Daugherty

Indian Demonetization Denotes Severe Stress in the Global Gold Market
By Stewart Dougherty

It is becoming clear that the Indian currency demonetization is actually a planned attack on Indian gold demand, launched to disrupt gold prices and discredit gold as an asset class. The attack was required to alleviate severe stress in the global gold market that is becoming increasingly difficult for the Deep State controllers to contain. . . . continue reading

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‘Fear of testimony’: Ruling parties try to block Snowden’s questioning on German soil – media

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 * * * Don’t miss the following video!!!!! DAPL is a SHAM!!! The explanation sounds like the ‘real’ truth to me!!!

To my mind, there is a definite connection between the Bundy’s situation and Standing Rock. The following two videos are from Newsbud, one of the best sources for news. The first was published a couple weeks ago, and the second video is new. 

GOP’s vow to replace Obamacare may take years

Schwarzman, Dimon, Fink Will Advise Trump How To Create Jobs, Zerohedge

Donald Trump today announced that he is establishing the President’s Strategic and Policy Forum. The Forum will be called upon to meet with the President “frequently to share their specific experience and knowledge as the President implements his plan to bring back jobs and Make America Great Again. The Forum will be chaired by Stephen Schwarzman, Chairman, CEO, and Co-Founder of Blackstone.” Its members also include Jamie Dimon and Larry Fink.

TRUMP JUST CHOSE WILBUR ROSS, A BILLIONAIRE INVESTOR AND SR. MANAGING DIRECTOR OF ROTHSCHILD INC., AS SECRETARY OF COMMERCE . . . as we learn more about Trump’s cabinet, is there any question about his promise to drain the swamp? Have we been suckered, or have we been suckered – one more time! How long will it take for us to wise up? How long?

Michigan Rejects Trump’s Objection – Recounts Are Cleared To Start Next Week, Zerohedge

“If allowed to proceed, the statewide hand recount could cost Michigan taxpayers millions of dollars and would put Michigan voters at risk of being disenfranchised in the electoral college.”

Iran Furious After Obama Said To Extend Iran Sanctions; Oil Jumps To 2016 Highs, Zerohedge

Until today, the White House had not pushed for an extension of the Iran sanctions act, but that changed moments ago when Reuters reported that Obama is expected to extend the Iran sactions, in effect not only jeopardizing his own Nuclear treaty, but also threatening to cut as much as 1 million barrels in Iranian oil output should Trump reimpose the full Iranian sanctions next year. In response oil jumped to new 2016 highs

Biowarfare and Weapons:

Who Is Checking? Have The US Water and Subways Systems Been Rigged To Disperse Bioweapons?

and then there is this . . . 

Water, Pizza and Mass Graves: We Have Our Unifying Issue – Life

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Weekend listening – if you have time 🙂

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Russian MoD: UN stopped offering aid after 40% of east Aleppo liberated from militants

Kissinger and Brzezinski to Be Honoured by Nobel Institute and Oslo University

The Inside Scoop on How Kissinger Got Into Russia’s Academy of Sciences
     Related: BOSS PUTIN: 14 High Ranking Officials FIRED for Flouting President’s Order (VIDEO)

Trump invites Duterte to US during ‘animated’ talk, makes other diplomatic missteps

Repugnant elite want more military aggression and covert action from U.S. in Syria

Famous Mass Murderer Madeleine Albright Urges All-out War in Syria

South Front: Syrian forces liberate Western Ghouta, clashes continue in Aleppo

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4 Responses to December 2, 2016, News – Evening

  1. beLIEve says:

    According to the Veterans Today article Trump is the same group of reprobates…different face.
    Trump has, it appears, been CHOSEN to cheer-lead mankind into WW III.
    So, all this ….recounting of votes…is, I assume…ashkeNAZI THEATRE ?

    NEO – A Russo-Turkey War in the Cards

    – First published … December 03, 2016 –

    In the past few days, there have been monumental but unreported, unevaluated and even unseen events that make the world war a near certainty when and if Trump becomes the American president.

    Behind the scenes, the neocon cabal that many believe staged 9/11 and that certainly fabricated the casus belli to justify what was intended to be an American conquest of Central Asia, has now emerged as the real power behind Trump.
    Netanyahu and Adelson will have a finger in the Trump pie.

    Behind it all, the usual cast of players, most visibly Israel’s Netanyahu, who had kept his head down after warnings from Russia but whose air force began bombing Syrian positions today, another betrayal of a deal made with Putin and most likely green-lighted by Trump.

    How could so many people be wrong? One explanation could be through extrapolation of the fake news phenomenon. Fake intelligence has been the watchword since the first days of the Bush (41) administration, when the neocons now creeping back into Washington behind their stealth candidate, Trump, tried first to burn down the world.

  2. Captain says:

    Masses of africans swarming at the mexican border. Smells of Soros, Obama, Clinton, Bush traitorous actions. See: Dahboo7: What Is Going On? Massive Group of Migrants Flood US Border with Mexico ..
    Wonder if this has anything to do with the Billions of dollars worth of military arms Hillary personally bought and were to be delivered to US around Nov 22. ( A trapped animal is the most dangerous, and these criminals have been exposed.)
    The page also links to Dahboos other site which covers the two massive cyber-attacks in Europe in recent days.

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