December 3, 2016, News

A Russo-Turkey War in the Cards, by Gordon Duff . . . I think this is, by far, the most important story of the day. Also, be sure to read the Editor’s Note from Jim Dean! When are Americans going to learn?

Editor’s Note: The danger of the Trump team is finally coming out into the open. The rumblings from his grass roots supporters have started, the dummies who got suckered with his snake oil pitch about draining the swamp and making America great now have to take their bitter medicine.

He is going to make it great alright, great for his real backers who are so self-assured that they are coming out front and center. They are convinced that the public is so stupid, so beaten down, that no extreme measures have to be taken to hide their intentions. They can wee wee on our shoes, hire a PR team to tell us it’s raining, and more than 51% will buy it.

After all, the American public is the same one that swallowed a 9-11 commission report without a whimper, even after several of the commissioners admitted that it was a fraud by stating on speaking tours that they knew witnesses perjured themselves and withheld evidence, but none of that was illegal, as no testimony was taken under oath.

VT warned that if they got away scot free, as they did, they would be back later to give us another dose. And as the famous line from the little girl from the movie ET, “They’re heeerre!”

The duped grassroots folks will raise a little hell, but will be ignored again. Their lost support for Trump can easily be replaced by the huge gravy train that is now in play. The masses will be fed their dead-end wedge issues to keep them happy, while the mega thieves steal everything they want.

Forget about any Justice Department or Supreme Court protection if Rudy Giuliani and the next Federalist Supreme Court judge are put in place. It will be all over but the crying… By Jim W. Dean, Managing Editor on December 3, 2016

December 03, 2016 – by Gordon Duff

In the past few days, there have been monumental but unreported, unevaluated and even unseen events that make the world war a near certainty when and if Trump becomes the American president.

Behind the scenes, the neocon cabal that many believe staged 9/11 and that certainly fabricated the causus belli to justify what was intended to be an American conquest of Central Asia, has now emerged as the real power behind Trump. . . . continue reading. 

Lavrov: Kerry finally presented proposals on Aleppo in line with Russia’s stance . . . Here’s why I think Russia will go along with this, while perhaps being wiser and more guarded and careful than before: Russia will not bring this to an end all on its own, because Russia doesn’t want to be in charge. That, by definition, is not a multi-polar world. They will keep trying to work with the duplicitous West in order to expose them. Without this exposure, we – and many, many others – wouldn’t understand the things we are learning about how our government works. Governments are made up of people, and they are being given a clear choice. Let’s watch and see, when push comes to shove, in which direction they choose to go.

 * * * 

Wells Fargo requests meeting with Sioux tribe elders to discuss Dakota pipeline funding

‘Wanna burn the US constitution? Shoot at us first’: Veterans prepare to aid DAPL protesters

 * * *
The Real Showdown with the BLM is about to Begin! by TIM BROWN

In just a couple of months, one of the biggest cases concerning the US Constitution and the rights of the citizens, journalists and militia of the united States will be decided. I’m talking about the central government’s trumped up charges via the Bureau of Land Management against the Bundy family, those who stood with them at Bundy Ranch and reporter Pete Santilli for reporting the fact and exposing what was going on.

‘Best scenario for Aleppo is to bring siege to end by throwing out rebels‘

BREAKING: Syrian army recaptures another key district in eastern Aleppo

 * * * 

A series of short videos of possible interest:

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5 Responses to December 3, 2016, News

  1. Tracy says:

    Dear Jean, Sending you my love & gratitude for continuing to give us “news with substance” and food for thought that arouse our perceptions/beliefs/and hone our discernment. I’m affirming your sustained well being (esp. the physical healing which I do hope is improving) Take care Jean, Much Love 🙂 ….p.s. I keep reminding myself “focus on the positive benevolent goals/thoughts create/together our quantum thoughts with heart love will reveal the Heaven on Earth we ALL desire” ~~ “We ourselves are part of the mystery that we are trying to solve.” – Max Planck

  2. Helene says:

    the tragedy IMO is Hillary was no better choice, the same neo-CONS are behind both the Dems & the GOP, which is why someone like Bernie Sanders never had a chance, and I’m not certain he really wanted to be POTUS anyway. The vid w/Winona LaDuke was excellent because nothing is without all kinds of complications and issues, no matter how many have good intentions. People want Trump to go after the Clinton Crime Syndicate and the pedophile network, but if he’s part of it, or the people around him like Giuliani are, this will not happen. The pipeline company both loses and wins from the protests. We have certainly entered the rabbit hole where no one/nothing is as it seems and it’s up to all of us to try and make the best decisions we can as we try and figure out what information is true or not. I appreciate your contribution to this and am trying to do my part. If I’m not sure about something or later find out something I posted isn’t right, I say this asap. I think that’s all we can do right now, support each other as we wade through information which is complex and can be both right and wrong.

  3. Captain says:

    Anonymous: Next 10 Days Will Rock The World

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