UPDATE: December 6, 2015, Late Day . . .

UPDATE: Russian FM Lavrov furious at US for sudden refusal to withdraw jihadis from Aleppo . . . 

. . . and . . . 

Al-Qaeda commanders negotiating surrender in Aleppo while jihadists’ stronghold is collapsing

 * * * 

The High-Risk Financing Behind the Dakota Access Pipeline:

A Potential Stranded Asset in the Bakken Region of North Dakota

Be afraid! Be very afraid!

‘The Evidence For Ancient Atomic Warfare’ by David Hatcher Childress

Trump, the Secretary of State, and the Master Persuader “Brand” Decision

‘Giuliani, Bolton unqualified as secretary of state’, former Senate candidate

Chosen Leaders, Proven Failures and Political Debacles: The Oligarchical Process and Identity Politics

Trump Sold All His Stocks In June, Zerohedge

Donald Trump sold all of his shares in companies in June, according to a Trump spokesman, a move that would have raised substantial cash ahead of the presidential election and could ease concerns about potential conflicts of interest.

Pat Buchanan, well known for his anti-Russian stance: Russian ‘fake news’ meme is a load of bunk

Same Paper, Same Dates, Different Markets – What Did You Just Learn? – Feeling Manipulated Yet?

New report reveals spread of US war on Al-Qaeda around the world,

. . . but Obama just doesn’t get it . . .   

Domino Effect: Italy referendum was another rejection of the status quo

Precious metal’s slide: Russia and China jump at golden opportunity


“Exclusive to Syrper” by Canthama   Aleppo Map credited to @PetoLucem   In the past two days, the Syrian Arab Army and allies have regained momentum in liberating Aleppo after the terrorists’ collapse in the northeastern part of the pocket. The following are the districts liberated so far:  Karm Al-Baytoor Karm Al-Tarraf Karm Al-Jazmaati Hulwaaniyya…

Foreign Minister Lavrov: US withdraws Aleppo proposals, says no consultations yet

Do or die: Syrian opposition militants prepare to break through Aleppo siege

US not stalling Syria talks with Russia: Kerry

Ministry: Calls to stop operation in Aleppo look like attempt to shelter terrorists

US wants to keep JCPOA in limbo: Iran

Is Trump Calling Out Xi Jinping? by Pat Buchanan, Zerohedge

The Coming War on China, by John Pilger . . . Is this the plan of those behind Trump?

When I first went to Hiroshima in 1967, the shadow on the steps was still there. It was an almost perfect impression of a human being at ease: legs splayed, back bent, one hand by her side as she sat waiting for a bank to open. At a quarter past eight on the morning of 6 August, 1945, she and her silhouette were burned into the granite. I stared at the shadow for an hour or more, unforgettably. When I returned many years later, it was gone: taken away, “disappeared”, a political embarrassment.

I have spent two years making a documentary film, The Coming War on China, in which the evidence and witnesses warn that nuclear war is no longer a shadow, but a contingency.  The greatest build-up of American-led military forces since the Second World War is well under way. They are in the northern hemisphere, on the western borders of Russia, and in Asia and the Pacific, confronting China.

The great danger this beckons is not news, or it is buried and distorted: a drumbeat of mainstream fake news that echoes the psychopathic fear embedded in public consciousness during much of the 20th century.

Like the renewal of post-Soviet Russia, the rise of China as an economic power is declared an “existential threat” to the divine right of the United States to rule and dominate human affairs. . . . continue reading

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2 Responses to UPDATE: December 6, 2015, Late Day . . .

  1. beLIEve says:

    Reference the “IMMINENT” THREAT against Los Angeles Metro Rail Station….

    In advance of the… FF…. I will put a few SHEKELS on the culpRATS being ….Al CIA duh ?

    Credit for the term …Al CIA duh…..goes to Dr Preston James.

  2. beLIE says:

    LINK is not working……….STANDNG ROCK is about to become STRANDED ROCK !

    The High-Risk Financing Behind the Dakota Acces Pipeline: A Potential Stranded Asset in the Bakken Region of North Dakota


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