December 6, 2016 News, some of which may be a repeat . . . apparently my post last evening didn’t make it through :) ~J

“We beg for your forgiveness”: Veterans join Native elders in celebration ceremony (Video)

Wes Clark Jr. was among the veterans celebrating the DAPL news and asking forgiveness

Jean says: I had hoped to write an article and help connect the dots for people about how important the worldview of the indigenous is: they know the way through this. At the moment, however, I can’t stay online long enough to do so. Not only have the Russians been demonized, but the indigenous have, as well. Actually, far worse than demonization, they also have been genocided, and it’s all been done by law, a law that I believe is still in effect. Supreme Court Justice John Marshall, working with President Thomas Jefferson, used Papal Bull 1452 to legally continue this genocide. What we know of these people today has nothing to do with who they were and how they lived when we arrived here in conquest of their lands. The brutally with which we exterminated them is unbelievable and shameful. (I have read about it in their own words and in the words of the priests who watched this happen as well as those who did the exterminating.From The Heart: Voices of the American Indian: Lee Miller . In other words, there hasn’t been any MSM interpretation! It has been  and continues to be a totally inhuman, depraved effort. It’s been quite a journey for me to understand all this. . .

Let me now suggest that you all take some responsibility to understand not only how they have been demonized, but the what and why of how it has been done oh-so-deliberately ever since our invasion of their lands.

The article I published by Paul Levy is clear about the healthy attitude of the indigenous toward life as opposed to those who would rule us. (Paul has another article today: ARE WE HUMANS TERMINALLY INSANE OR JUST WAKING UP?) I think this book is in story form, the way the indigenous ‘teach’ 🙂

I believe it is an attitude we must come to understand before we can effectively work to bring down this cabal. Another wonderful new book by Kent Nerburn will help you to do this: Voices in the Stones: Life Lessons from the Native Way: Kent …

Google News given 3 months to register as legal entity to keep Russian access

Trump advisers propose tribes ‘privatize’ reservation

Note from ~Jean: The energy has been upped considerably coming into my computer — it’s off the chart on my radiation meter. Except for getting on very briefly, I’m being forced to shut down my system and ask that you leave info in the comments section. That way, I can get on briefly and quickly release ‘news’ from there.  Let’s see if this works for us. Also, please check and I’m seeing much interesting info there! Later . . . and hugs, ~Jean

After Dakota Access Pipeline victory, veterans may be headed to Flint, Michigan . . . the amazing thing about the Flint situation is that no one is speaking of the CAFR funds supposedly to be used for just such a situation. I hope an astute Veteran will pick up on this and expose the fraud here, as well.

Ponerized society: Red Cross poll finds half of Americans believe torture is useful for extracting info . . . the Red Cross is a corrupt organization. Check it out! We cannot believe a word they say!

Veterans group blasts Trump’s selection of Ben Carson for Housing Secretary as “insulting to veterans” . . . what does this man know about finances and housing? A good move by our Veterans

Watch Ron Paul Ask If Trump Can Leash Pentagon “Mad Dog” Mattis: Live Feed, Zerohedge

President-elect Trump’s choice of Gen. James Mattis to be Defense Secretary has raised more than a few eyebrows. Not only as a military officer in a traditionally civilian position, but also as an executive in a leading defense contractor. His views on Iran are also considered extreme and not grounded in reality. Ron Paul asks “Will the mad dog be leashed?” in the following live discussion…

Michigan Republicans File Emergency Motion To Halt Recount As Another Major Snag Emerges, Zerohedge

The Michigan Republican Party filed emergency motions with the U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals early on Tuesday, seeking a stay of a federal judge’s order that started a statewide presidential recount in Michigan on Monday, even as another potentially “dealbreaking” snag has emerged to Jill Stein’s recount effort.

Comment from Jean: It seems to me the entire election was a fraud, stolen on both sides of the fence! Now, they are creating a total mess!

Washington Post doubles down on McCarthyistic smearing of alternative news sites


China fires back in harsh editorial: ‘Trump overestimates US power’

Pepe Escobar: Despite Renzi’s resignation, Italy will not be leaving the euro

As Rome Burns… Investors Dump Gold, Send US Equity Markets To Record Highs, Zerohedge

Buffett Wins Again: Berkshire To Get $29 Billion Boost Under Trump Tax Plan, Zerohedge

Something curious happened as Trump was “draining the swamp” – the man who by some accounts owns the swamp, Hillary Clinton’s billionaire backer Warren Buffett, may be about to get an “unexpected” windfall thanks to Trump’s tax-rate cut policies which would boost the book value of Berkshire by as much as $29 billion.

Recount battles: Michigan hand recount ordered; Stein sues in Pennsylvania

Kerry whines that more than half US aid ‘to entire world’ goes to Israel and its gov’t ignores us . . . more proof that this is shaping up to be a battle between the Rothchilds/Hillary and the Rockefellers/Trump

Erdogan receives 1st Israeli envoy in 6 years . . .more of the same? Erdogan seems to be hoping he will still have his Ottoman Empire

Iran to divert water from plants, farms to houses . . . with desalinization, water should never be a problem anywhere

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7 Responses to December 6, 2016 News, some of which may be a repeat . . . apparently my post last evening didn’t make it through :) ~J

  1. macweezy says:

    It did make it through, but not to all apparently.


  2. Arlene ONeill says:

    Jill Stein is causing this recount mess on purpose. If the election results are in flux and not settled by December 13, 2016 the election can be nullified. I read this online . Please double check.

  3. Mike (UK) says:

    Yes, they do indeed know the way! Please listen carefully to them.

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