December 8, 2016, News

Foreign Minister Lavrov: Syrian Army suspends active military operation in Aleppo

Syrian government forces have suspended “active military activities” against militants in eastern Aleppo to enable the withdrawal of civilians from the city, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has announced while speaking in Hamburg, Germany.

Lavrov was speaking on Thursday on the sidelines of a meeting of ministers from the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE).

The Russian foreign minister also urged the UN special envoy to Syria, Staffan de Mistura, to “stop sabotaging” the Geneva Syria peace talks. . . . continue reading

Syria talks: Kerry says US, Russia working on possible agreement

US defeat in Syria would mark ‘end of America’s unilateral moment’

Western powers continue their remarkable lies and diplomatic games as Jihadi resistance crumbles in Aleppo, Syria

Enough is enough! Western media coverage of Aleppo is a complete inversion of truth

Viral Image Shows Why The Global Elite Are Panicking – Former U.S. VP To Media ‘We Don’t Need You Guys Anymore’


Putin: Moscow will never accept attitude of intl bodies towards deaths of Russian medics in Syria . . .Unlike the West, Putin does not see people as commodities!

 * * * US provoking China into nuclear war? RT to air new Pilger documentary

 * * * Watch ‘The Coming War on China’ film on December 9, 10, 11 on and RT’s documentary channel RTD.

Trump’s Shot Across China’s Bow, Zerohedge . . . something seems very wrong with this post. Do you agree?

 * * * 

Julian Assange releases testimony, SMS records showing he was framed by Swedish police in alleged “rape” case

‘Describing sex with Assange as ‘alright’ doesn’t necessarily sound like rape’

 * * * 

Iran takes fight to UN in strongly-worded letter as US extends sanctions,Trump called the agreement a “disaster”

Putin promises to send enough wheat to Venezuela to stop the food war

Here’s What Happens When A Currency Completely Breaks Down . . . Venezuala is used as an example

But regardless of the form, money is only credible as long as everyone agrees that it has value, i.e. there’s a large enough market size of people willing to use it. This fundamentally comes down to trust and confidence. But Venezuela’s example shows how quickly that very thin veneer of trust and confidence can shatter, plunging a country into chaotic hyperinflation.

 * * * 

Related to Standing Rock: Putin: Preservation of Indigenous Peoples’ Languages and Culture Vital for Russia

Views of General Kelly: Lead pick for Trump’s head of Dept. Homeland Security

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn under fire for fake news

Now that Mattis thinks Israeli occupation is apartheid, will the lobby blackballing fail?

The interview of Gen. James Mattis by Wolf Blitzer at Aspen in 2013, in which the recently-retired former CENTCOM commander spoke freely on Middle East policy, has come back to haunt him now that Donald Trump has put him forward as the next Secretary of Defense.

At a time when the US has ground troops in Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, however, it is not his position on those conflicts that is controversial. It is his remarks on Secretary of State John Kerry’s attempts at peace talks between Israel and Palestine . Alternet quoted him as saying: . . . continue reading

Trump To Name CEO Of Fast Food Restaurants As Labor Secretary, Zerohedge

Donald Trump is set to name fast-food executive Andy Puzder as labor secretary. Puzder is the chief executive of CKE Restaurants Holdings, the parent company of the Carl’s Jr. and Hardee’s burger chains.

Washington Post admits article on ‘Russian propaganda’ and ‘fake news’ based on sham research

Michigan pushes anti Jill Stein law

Report data on US strike on Syrian army’s position in Deir Ezzor contradicts claims of ‘mistake’ . . .but, of course, no one will inform the American people! That just doesn’t ever happen; they are always left with believing the initial story is true. I mean, that’s the plan!

‘Brain drain’ at the NSA: Mass exodus of talented employees

The interview of Gen. James Mattis by Wolf Blitzer at Aspen in 2013, in which the recently-retired former CENTCOM commander spoke freely on Middle East policy, has come back to haunt him now that Donald Trump has put him forward as the next Secretary of Defense.

Powerful 6.8 Magnitude Quake Strikes Off The Coast Of Northern California, Zerohedge

A strong 6.8 magnitude quake has struck of the coast of California, some 165km west of Ferndale, CA. The quake was not near the San Andreas fault however according to USGS data, it took place on top of the Gorda Estrapment divide.

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2 Responses to December 8, 2016, News

  1. lecox says:

    21st Century Cures Act – something most of us have missed.
    The PBS coverage of the Senate vote on this legislation included the following:
    “More than 1,300 lobbyists roamed the halls of Congress on the Cures Act, and disclosure reports show most of them were working for pharmaceutical companies.”
    I was alerted to this bill by CCHR, which tried to get an email and phone call campaign going to head this off, but that evidently was not enough. A lot of this bill has to do with “mental health” as psychiatry twistedly calls the objective of its work. This is the same Psychiatry that has assisted every suppressive government in modern times to dispose of political opponents and dissidents as “mentally ill.” Though this is not the only method governments use, it is an old and powerful one. Look at how much bipartisan support this bill had. Everyone wants “mental health,” don’t they? The New Age community doesn’t get this, either. Not only are many of us terrifically naive about politics and criminal activities, but the movement is almost certainly infiltrated by NWO sympathizers.
    The mental side of politics is incredibly important to the serious players in the field, because they know that you can’t get through to a spiritual being through his body alone, as that dies every 80 years or so. You have to leave lasting traces on the being’s mind, which he takes with him. This is the ultimate goal of “mind control” and similar technologies.
    What truly therapeutic spiritual technologies do is allow the being to rise above this game and no longer be affected by it. That’s why there is a continuing attempt to discredit such technologies, or confuse them with other things. To the extent that we don’t realize that this is what we are dealing with in this universe, we miss the mark. We get the wrong target, and spin our wheels on approaches that get us nowhere in the long run. If we cannot be successful in defending ourselves against mind control techniques, we are doomed as freedom-loving beings.

  2. Bill says:


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