December 9, 2016, News, Very Early Morning . . . much here to take in!!!

Understanding Evil: From Globalism To Pizzagate, Zerohedge

Most people are readily equipped to recognize evil when they see it directly. What they are not equipped for and must learn from environment is how to recognize evil disguised as righteousness. The concept of globalism is one of these ideologies that crosses the line of conscience and pontificates to us about a “superior method” of living.  It relies on taboo, rather than moral compass, and there is a big difference between the two…

* * * “Then We Will Fight In The Shade” – A Guide To Winning The Media Wars

“So let me end this with a warning to Facebook, Google, and all the other tech behemoths. You start this fight at your own risk. Any disingenuous attempt to smear genuine, independent media websites via blacklists and censorship will ultimately harm you more than it harms us. In a misguided attempt to destroy us, you will destroy yourselves. Tread carefully and be on the right side of history.”

Media Should Avoid Covering Scandals ‘Even If They’re True’, Says Catholic Pedophile King Pope Francis

The Coming Purge: Tech Giants Prepare to Shut Down Dissident Thought on Internet, byMac Slavo

Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter Become the Gatekeepers, by Phil Butler

News that Google, Microsoft, and Facebook will collaborate to censor their definition of terrorism on their collective networks signals Orwellian times to come. New EU legislation, hints at McCarthyism in America and Europe, and the proven collusion in between Silicon Valley and governments should signal a counter-revolution. Here’s a look at why. . . . 

Congress must take action against ‘fake news’

Hillary Clinton has called on Congress to take action against the “epidemic of malicious fake news.”

Hillary Reemerges, Slams “Dangerous Epidemic” Of Fake News

“This is not about politics or partisanship. Lives are at risk, lives of ordinary people just trying to go about their days to do their jobs, contribute to their communities,” Clinton said addressing the “fake news epidemic.” “It is a danger that must be addressed and addressed quickly.”

Are we going to let them call this story fake news and put the story of pedophilia on the back burner? (Video not for children.)

 * * * 

As I’m listening to this video below I’ll this info could well be from the team that put Trump in office. They don’t need Assange now to put this info out, do they?

  * * * 

Washington state sues Monsanto over ‘omnipresent and terrifically toxic material’

In Unprecedented Move, Dallas Pension System Suspends Withdrawals

“Merry Christmas, mayor.  Hopefully you have a good Christmas because you have successfully screwed over the retirees, the firefighters and the police officers.

Heroin deaths exceeded gun murders for 1st time last year – CDC . . . the British destroyed China by making opium too available! This is how they’ve operated, over and over again! A word to the wise. 

Critical band aid: Congress to vote on funding bill as government shutdown looms

The strategy behind Jill Stein’s recount effort (the road ahead + Condition 5). . . interesting food for thought.

Georgia Accuses Homeland Security Of Attempting To Hack State’s Election Database, Zerohedge

“At no time has my office agreed to or permitted DHS to conduct penetration testing or security scans of our network.  Moreover, your department has not contacted my office since this unsuccessful incident to alert us of any security event that would require testing or scanning of our network.”

Congressman Calls Fox’s Tucker Carlson A Russian Agent On Prime Time Television, Zerohedge

“Ronald Reagan would be rolling over in his grave… You’re carrying water for the Kremlin… you’re gonna have to move your show to Russian Television… you’re an apologist for the Kremlin.”

Paranoia Alert: The Trump Trap Has Been Laid. Zerohedge

2017 NDAA ups aid to Ukraine, gives arms to Syrian rebels & lets Trump sanction the world

Obama’s Last Chance to Redeem Himself was Wasted on Russia, by Jean Perier

Nearly 8,500 civilians flee militant-held areas of Aleppo – Russian MoD

Source claims militants destroying northern Syrian towns in revenge for Aleppo losses

Turkey to deploy 300 commandos to Syria

Turkey is dispatching hundreds of more soldiers to neighboring Syria to reinforce its first major US-backed incursion of its conflict-ridden southern neighbor.

Obama grants waiver for military support of foreign fighters in Syria

‘US weapons will absolutely end up in the wrong hands again, by Paytivk Hennigan, Op-Edge . . . and, if I may, allow me to add that this is already the plan.

Conflict instigators must foot humanitarian crises bills – Russian Emergencies Minister to UN

Trump’s Biggest Test So Far, Zerohedge

Donald Trump said several times during his campaign, that if elected as President, he would seek a new, less-hostile, relationship between the U.S. and Russia. Now the moment has come when he must either make his first move forward with that historic commitment, or else – by his own inaction when the circumstances (such as right now) demand immediate action on this very promise – set his future U.S. Presidential Administration onto exactly the opposite path.

Russia-Europe Relationship: On The Threshold Of A New Era

The calls to lift the sanctions and improve the relationship with Moscow are growing stronger. The EU has started turning toward Russia. The trend is becoming increasingly apparent. The recent events clearly demonstrate that Russia and Europe are on the threshold of a new era in the history of their relationship.

Troubled waters: Trump, Taiwan and Beijing

Get to know Trump’s selection of fast-food exec Andrew Puzder for Labor Secretary

US Court of Appeal, Ninth Circuit confirms judges to hear argument on legality of Iraq War

Defying Trump? Shell signs deal to explore oil development in Iran

Racism and discrimination alive and well at CNN: Black employees file class-action lawsuit against company

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5 Responses to December 9, 2016, News, Very Early Morning . . . much here to take in!!!

  1. beLIEve says:

    EU will give Assad money if he allows Al Qaeda jihadists to rule over parts of Syria

    The Times UK is now reporting that the EU is preparing a sinister offer to Assad, which will be the EU’s special way to “end the war” in Syria, while preserving the huge financial investment the EU globalists committed to funding and training jihadists to overthrow the Assad government.
    RT reports on the EU bribe to save Al Qaeda……..
    ……“There’s a transition, but the details are vague. In return, if all sides agree and everyone does what the EU says, there’s a huge pot of money.”

    Another …..DISINGENOUS ….CLAIM…..for this …..Al CIA duh…. PROTECTORATE ….in the SOVEREIGN Nation State of Syria ….is.. it will reduce the flow of MIGRANTS to You-ROPE ! $$ £ !

    BUT…….as we all know the MIGRATION of African & Middle Eastern peoples into The SOVEREIGN Nation states of Europe & USA is ….ALL PART of the SATANIC AGENDA known as the ….Coudenove-Kalergi Plan.

    The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan – The Genocide of the Peoples of Europe

    The ….SATANIC MONKEYS…aka…the…..NEPHILIM NEANDERTHALS….need to ….BASTARDISE/DEBASE…….Man-KIND in order to …..EFFECT a TAKEOVER of Mankinds DOMINIONS of the Planes Domains and DOMINIONS of Earth.

    GENEsis…..Chapter 1 verse 26 – 28
    [26] And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.
    [27] So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.
    [28] And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.

    AND ….another thing to remember is ….so-called current RELIGIONs are around 1500 years old ….aka …..RELIGION has NO CONNECTION to the CREATION of MAN-KIND.
    The creation of Man-KIND occured thousands if not millions of years before……….PAEDOPHILE King FAKE Frankie……and the satanists appeared on the scene.

    So…. The PRIME CREATORS gift to Man-KIND of the Planes Domains and Dominions of Earth…. is a GIFT …..UNALIENABLE …and ……FREE of ASSOCIATION….with the …….FILTH in Rome & Elsewhere.

    • Jean says:

      Wow! 🙂 Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

    • beLIEve says:

      Reference the RKM disguised as …Al CIA duh….and the EU offering MONEY to President Bashar Al Assad in exchange for ….SYRIAN TERRITORY……..

      Apparently, according to the article linked …..THERE IS A PORTAL IN THE MIDDLE EAST…possibly in the …REGION of MESOPOTAMIA….which is the…. SECTOR that the so-called USA….COVETS !

      AND, according to the article, whoever …CONTROLS this SPECIFIC area/PORTAL …….CONTROLS the FREQUENCIES of EARTH.

      AND….whoever controls the frequencies ……CAN ENSURE that ManKIND FAILS to ASCEND……i.e…..REMAINS ENSLAVED.

      The following ARTICLE is allegedly, I hesitate to mention it a ….Pleydian channeling session !!
      I am aware such things are controversial but, the situation is so desperate that I read everything these days and the mention of a PORTAL in MESOPOTAMIA, which I am aware is an area the…….. Al CIA duh CREATORS & FINANCIERS….are desperate to CONTROL….rang a bell with me.

      Also, there is mention in the article of …….EVIDENCE in Antarctica of Highly Advanced…possible…… CIVILISATIONS or ARTIFACTS…which might explain the current interest in the area.

      ‘Genetic Changes’ by Barbara Marcin1ak

      The following was in the Question and answer section.
      Question: Then, what is going on in the Middle East would be an excellent way to provoke a lot of food…

      Answer: Yes. Very good. Also, since you have mentioned the Middle East, let us give you a little tip on the Middle East. As we said to you in our story, the area of what would be called Mesopotamia was where the story was launched, where these creator gods made their home base some 300,000 years ago. Understand now, that there are portals, or what would be called energy chutes, where one must enter onto planetary existences. There is a gigantic portal in the Middle East, a pathway of entry onto your planet, that certain creator gods have owned and occupied for 300,000 years.

      There have been raids, there have been fights, there have been all kinds of things over this portal. Through this portal, the frequency of mankind can be controlled. It is not the only portal, there are many other portals, although this is the prime portal that is being fought over at this time. Those creator gods who were here 300,000 years ago are returning.

      Finally, in the Bucegi Mountains, Romania, there appears to be a …HALL of RECORDS….relating to a past Earth civilisation….

      Peter Moon – Buscegi Mountain Hall of Records I of III

  2. beLIEve says:

    LOSING in Aleppo…….the ….RATsCHILD ashkeNAZI khazars….have moved ….THEIR PROXIES…..back to Palmyra.

    Syrian War Report – December 9, 2016: ISIS Advancing On Palmyra Amid Ceasefire In Aleppo

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