UPDATE! December 10, 2016, News, Evening

UPDATE, by Jean: Please Scroll Down!

The Next Two Articles Demonstrate The Reason They Are Attempting To Control The Alternative News By Calling It FAKE!!!

They know it will bring them down!

Child Trafficking Today: How the Crime Continues,
by Kevin Annett

This Sunday December 11 on Radio Free Kanata

3 pm pacific, 6 pm eastern at www.bbsradio.com/radiofreekanata

Attorney General Kathleen Kane (at podium) accuses three Catholic officials of concealing in-house child rape

The recent shutting down and jailing of Kathleen Kane, the Attorney General of Pennsylvania who exposed child abuse networks in the state government and Roman Catholic church, shows the power of institutionalized child torture.

Like the 2014 arrest of Belgian Member of Parliament Laurent Louis for naming child traffickers in his government, the assault on Kathleen Kane is the latest desperate counterattack by clerics, politicians and judges who are part of a global criminal syndicate that preys on the innocent.

Today’s show will discuss the rising movement to expose and stop this syndicate which includes the Catholic Ninth Circle. Drawing the lessons of Kathleen Kane’s case with us will be our featured guest Alanna Hartzok, a Pennsylvania-based political activist.

With your regular hosts Kevin Annett and Ryan Gable.

See http://www.itccs.org and http://www.murderbydecree.com

Here is the link to last week’s opening show on institutionalized child trafficking:

UPDATED by ~Jean with stories from my old blog. concerning what Kathleen Kane discovered — and the reason she went to jail. Be sure to check out the links that they haven’t yet pulled! ~J

Top Judge Joked About Raping, Tasing Women

RELATED: Pennsylvania Porn Email + Scandal – Quote by Rusty Davis from FB “However the form in which the materials were used to demean secretaries and others,… they were depravity to dehumanize women and minorities.” DN Editorial – Porngate: More … Continue reading

DN Editorial – Porngate: More than dirty pictures

Maybe we will begin now to realize that these grand juries are not apart of the laws we should he observing. I can’t speak well to this — and maybe someone else can, but I know they are put there … Continue reading

Mainstream Media Goes Global In Attempting To Kill PIZZAGATE Story

* * *

The Carrier deal sounds so wonderful to our minds, but remember nothing is as it seems — and they know it!

* * * 

Was the mysterious death of Andrew Breitbart connected with his investigation of Pizzagate in 2012

The Tyranny at Standing Rock: The Government’s Divide-and-Conquer Strategy Is Working, John Whitehead, Newsbud

Protesters begin Washington rally in support of Standing Rock (PHOTOS)

We are now watching the long game to total censorship play itself out (VIDEO) I’ve already published this video, but I’m delighted to say that it made it to sott.net . . . Congratulations and Hurray!

 * * * 

Pharma execs arrested in shockingly organized scheme. . . My question: Are these arrests being used to distract us from the great number other criminal activities that the CDC is allowing? Sounds like a situation meant to put us back to sleep!

On Thursday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released data showing that overdose deaths caused by synthetic opioids such as fentanyl—the drug that killed Prince—rose by nearly 75 percent in 2015. On the same day, federal prosecutors in Massachusetts announced the arrest of six former employees, including a former CEO and two former vice presidents, of the Phoenix-based and NASDAQ-traded fentanyl producer Insys Therapeutics. The individuals are charged with bribing doctors and otherwise conspiring to induce the overprescription of a fentanyl product called Subsys. e to overprescribe notorious opioid.

Washington Post admits article on ‘Russian propaganda’ and ‘fake news’ based on sham research

Facing threats of legal action, the Washington Post has been forced to add an editor’s note distancing the paper from a dubious website, PropOrNot, which it had initially endorsed as a group of nonpartisan experts on “Russian propaganda.”

Game over for the US in Syria, by Danielle Ryan, Op-Edge, RT

FAKE NEWS – ISIS militants enter Palmyra city after surprise clashes with Syrian army: Update, attack repulsed, Reuters


HOMS:  The news is all about Palmyra.  During the last 48 hours, a dense, almost impenetrable fog enveloped the area of Palmyra in eastern Homs Province.  The ISIS rodents used the opportunity to launch a last-ditch offensive against the army in order to reclaim the oil and gas fields in the area which they must have in order to financially support much of their activities.  The loss of these fields was a disaster for a criminal organization dependent upon its confederates in Turkey.

ISIS mustered 3,800 rodents, mostly from Iraq who were themselves desert dwellers.  Three (3) trucks were loaded with sufficient TNT and C-4 to blow holes in the firmament.  All suicide drivers were reportedly foreigners.  Another 11 foreigners were given suicide belts for use once the trucks blew a hole in the SAA’s defensive lines.  The number of vehicles used in the attack numbered in the hundreds most of which were Toyota trucks provided by Saudi Arabia and armored cars brought to Turkey by the British weasels.

I have been told that ISIS was alerted to the meteorological situation by agents of the CIA and MI6 who planned the operation.   ISIS has no technology capable of predicting weather conditions.

As Syrian troops sat behind their fortifications amidst the layers of mist, all they could do was listen to suspicious sounds.  The SAAF was essentially grounded during this natural phenomenon.  It was reported also that ISIS did not disclose its location or plans by using cellphones.  Therefore, it could be said that the operation was planned months before its implementation awaiting the green light from terrorism’s greatest advocate, the rodent in the White House.

In the initial phase of the operation, the 3 trucks were vectored toward SAA positions at Al-Hayyaal Mountain, the Palmyra grain silos, and Al-Kateebat Al-Mahjoora perilously close to the important airbase at Tayfoor.  The trucks got close to the perimeters of the SAA’s positions but were detected by spotters who could hear the tell-tale chugging of unauthorized heavy vehicles.  I was also told that SAA officers anticipated terrorist exploitation of the fog and doubled the number of rangers and spotters around the various strongpoints, thus, at the very least, preparing a response to a phantom army coming out of the desert.

SAA reaction to the attack at multiple locations was ferocious.  All SAA strongpoints are defended by tanks some of which use thermal detection making it easier to spot targets in a fog.  The terrorist snakes were able to initially take over the following positions because the SAA commanders pulled forces back tactically:

Al-Kateebat Al-Mahjoora (close to Tayfoor AB)

Al-Hayyaal Mountain

Palmyra grain silos

Al-Hallaabaat Palace    

‘Antar Mountain north of Palmyra

Araak Village


Al-Mahr Oil Field

All engineers and technical employees were pulled out of the Al-Mahr oil field so they would not be forced into working for ISIS.  As the SAA retreated to more defensible positions, the fog lifted on Friday opening up the skies for the Syrian air force and the RuAF.  They did not disappoint us.  The number of ISIS vehicles destroyed as of this Saturday is 66 with more to come as the ISIS force is now largely exposed.  Another report I received by telephone from a friend whose brother lives in Homs provides that the Russian navy fired cruise missiles at the rodents killing a large number.  (Not confirmed).  As of today, a major counterattack has been launched by the Syrian Army and PDC after reinforcements arrived from Homs.  The terrorists are being ejected from all the positions they occupied at the beginning of this operation.  The ISIS plan is a major flop.  The SAA sustained very minor casualties. Do not believe the Western narrative concocted by the lying British.

Enormous earthquakes occur on both sides of the Pacific: Experts warn that San Andreas could “unzip all at once” . . . My question, and I don’t have an answer: Are these destabilizing events being caused by those who would control us? We know they have that possibility.

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6 Responses to UPDATE! December 10, 2016, News, Evening

  1. Kevin Annett is definitely a fake; we have personal experience there; and, witnesses;
    90% of bloggers create more dis-info than good due to ignorance; maybe they are right?

    • Jean says:

      As far as Kevin is concerned, I think differently from you. I sense he was set up big time, and that he may well have fallen for it, but I don’t know. Certainly, his life hasn’t been easy . t have read a lot of his material, listened to some of his video/audios, and I think they are quite ‘real’. Apparently, Kathleen Kane thinks he’s the real deal, and I think we need to hear what she says, no matter who interviews her, don’t you?

      Let me also say this: we have been told that Putin is forever bad because he was KGB. No one sees it as a learning experience: I mean he really knows how these fellows work! In our society, people aren’t allowed to make mistakes – and learn from them (not that Putin made a mistake by joining the KGB). We lost Zen Gardner, a terrific fellow, who understood what was being done to him – not that it made it any easier for him – because he felt the need to say he’d belonged to The Family. What a gift he with his insight and knowledge might have been to us, but people judged him and destroyed him – or so they thought, because he is forever bad in their eyes. In my opinion, they are the losers.

      • Jean, the whole itccs is fake; it never happened; KA created personas which do not exist; the hearings, everything; and, he is good at suckering people; especially women;

        This is not just an opinion; ask people who also have their own experiences; such asTony Butros, John Deagan from Ireland, Heather Martin etc.

        There was a hearing by, for and of the people in 2013; we never went public because KA left the stage; last year, he was exposed by Alfred Webre; every year he raises his evil head and one of those in the know blow the whistle on him;

        He is funded by the cabal to infiltrate and discredit common-law juries of the people; and, he preys on innocent women; ask yourself, how else does he fly around and since the 90s, never worked a day in his life? Do you know of ANY activist FULLY funded by anyone? the money trail leads to em eye siks…

        Plus, the Toojn family in Holland publically accused KA of the very things he is accusing Rome and Westminster of; sordid, we say; there is much, much more, stretching back to 1994 and involving his family; meet the Clintons; when KA was summoned to appear by his own rules he ran;

        Maxim – He who flees judgment confesses his guilt. 3 Inst. 14; 5 Co. 109b.

        We rest our case, your honour; however, do not believe us blindly as others do him; do your own homework;

        Our only motive is to speak the truth as first-hand witness to his deceit and fraud;

        Maxim – Fraud vitiates everything;

        it is our ethical and moral duty to protect the good people from the bad; bad things happen to good people when they do nothing… when they say nothing;

        Maxim – Right and fraud never dwell together. 10 Coke, 45a.

        in peace, administrator – UZA

  2. Captain says:

    Six (foreign owned) corporations own nearly all US News media. Their CEOs are tied to zionists/israeli factions. Time for that to change.
    Anonymous Offical: Anonymous – Message to Corrupt Media and the World — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zP8N4hWdOVE

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