December 12, 2016, News

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Deep State’s Final Solution: The Death of Alternative News. by Joachim Hagopian

Right after mainstream fake news humiliated itself falsely inflating poll numbers and wrongly predicting their crime boss candidate owned up to a 99% chance of winning the presidency, only to have their nemesis Trump triumph, ever since that November 8th shocker, deep state’s been feverishly ratcheting up its longtime objective to completely control the outflow of information and news to the world. Fast closing in on a little more than a month before Trump’s January 20th inauguration and representing the Clintons-Obama-Bush-Soros-Rothschild crime cabal, deep state is currently waging an all-out war against America’s First Amendment rights of free press and free speech as well as warring against any further exposure of government scandals like Pizzagate. By any and all means necessary, the ruling elite is now quickly honing in on silencing the main deliverers of truth that expose the elite’s scandals – independent and alternative news media.

Pepe Escobar – Obama out with a pathetic whimper

FBI Disputes CIA’s “Fuzzy And Ambiguous” Claims That Russia Sought To Influence Presidential Election, Zerohedge . . . infighting, or something bigger?

“The bureau, true to its law enforcement roots, wants facts and tangible evidence to prove something beyond all reasonable doubt. The CIA is more comfortable drawing inferences from behavior.”\

Trump Officially Nominates Retired Marine General John Kelly As Homeland Security Secretary
, Zerohedge

“The American people voted in this election to stop terrorism, take back sovereignty at our borders, and put a stop to political correctness that for too long has dictated our approach to national security.  I will tackle those issues with a seriousness of purpose and a deep respect for our laws and Constitution.”

Getting In Bed With Government
, Zerohege

The recent deal to keep Carrier jobs in the United States is not at all unusual. It only received so much press because Trump made it a campaign issue and saw an opportunity to record a big early PR victory before he even took office. In reality, the intertwining of government and big business meets the definition of fascism.

China Hits Back: Warns Trump “Nothing To Discuss” If “One China” Policy End, Zerohedge

Overnight China responded and expressed “serious concern” after Donald Trump said the United States did not necessarily have to stick to its long-held stance that Taiwan is part of “one China”, calling it the basis for relations. Beijing warned Trump that the two countries will have “nothing to discuss” if the incoming administration decides to discard the four-decade old “One China” policy.

Chinese state media says ‘inexperienced Trump subject to hawkish advisers’ regarding Beijing

China Flies Nuclear Bomber Above South China Sea In Response To “Ignorant Child” Trump, Zerohedge

China flew a long-range nuclear-capable bomber above the contested South China Sea territoties for the first time since Donald Trump spoke with the president of Taiwan. The dramatic show of force was meant to send a message to the new administration, and marks the second time Beijing flew bombers in the region since Trump was elected. Meanwhile, China slammed Trump for being “as ignorant as a child in terms of foreign policy”.

Eurozone Day Of Reckoning Coming Soon: Showdown Between Italy And Germany Looms, Zerohedge

The eurozone cannot survive without Italy. The serious problem at the moment is the Eurozone also cannot survive with Italy.


New ISIS offensive on Palmyra proves terrorists should not be given chance to regroup . . . !!!

Russian MoD State Department frontrunner is Exxon Mobil exec honored with Russian state award by Putin

Egypt’s Precarious Balancing Act, by Ulson Gunnar

In 2011, the United States successfully overthrew the government of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak amid the regional so-called Arab Spring. In…More►

Russian & Syrian actions in Palmyra a ‘service to mankind’ – former US ambassador to RT

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  1. beLIEve says:

    China Flies Nuclear Bomber Above South China Sea In Response To “Ignorant Child” Trump, Zerohedge……..

    Maybe China should negotiate with ….The First Nation…..rather than the…..INFESTATIONS…in DC !

  2. Jay says:

    #PIZZAGATE : Everyone Must Watch This ! Very Important Message for All R… via @YouTube

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