December 14, 2016, Late-Day News

The video below doesn’t sound like a threat to me. Russia knows the time we are in at this moment is very critical and these words from her are purely defensive!

Harvard Professor Says He’s Rallied Nearly Enough GOP Electors To Block Trump. Zerohedge

Harvard University law professor Larry Lessig, who has been offering free legal counsel to “faithless electors,” says he has rallied nearly enough GOP electors willing to flip to block Trump

Rick Perry to head Energy, department he once sought to abolish

Pepe Escobar: Trump uses Taiwan phone call as bargaining chip with China

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3 Responses to December 14, 2016, Late-Day News

  1. Jay says:

    Leaked!! Retired Colonel exposes the NEW WORLD ORDER and MARTIAL LAW 201… via @YouTube

  2. The US has been photographed painting their own planes with Russian paint designs- can you say: “false flag” Given also the demand for Cease Fire Agreements, than violating with them with “mistaken” air strikes by US planes against the Legitimate Syrian Government Troops….can anyone with a reasonably functioning mind blame the Russians for acting to prevent DELIBERATE, PROVOCATIVE ESCALATIONS (intended to start a war) by Rogue persons inside the US Forces.

    This is a Defensive Measure. Not Aggressive.

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