December 15, 2016 News . . . The Headlines alone often tell the story. ~J

Majority Of Americans Believe Russia Had No Effect On Presidential Election

Report: House Intelligence Committee Abruptly Cancels Briefing After CIA Declined to Attend, Zerohedge, by The_Real_Fly, Dec 14, 2016 11:16 PM

The current hysteria over Russian interference doesn’t infer that they hacked the voting itself, but instead made available true information about the Hillary Clinton campaign, by way of Wikileaks, which then swayed public opinion to vote in favor of Trump. In other words, Podesta, Clinton and their media shills are still corrupt bastards, beholden to Saudi Arabia and China — but had the American people never learned about it via the Wikileaks, well then, they might’ve voted for her instead of Trump.

In a nut shell, that’s the democrat argument for fomenting war against Russia and to overturn the will of the people. Again, no one is questioning the validity of the votes, but the souls of men and how they felt after reading the Wikileaks.

Fox News is reporting the House Committee has abruptly canceled a briefing scheduled for tomorrow — due to the CIA not making anyone available to attend. As of now, the CIA is refusing to comment on the matter, until their full assessment of the situation is made available to President Obama before 1/20/17. . . . continue reading

Celebrities Unite to Ask Electors to Vote Against Trump on December 19th, Zerohedge, by The_Real_Fly, Dec 15, 2016 12:18 AM

Keith Olbermann Loses It: US Military Will Soon Be Controlled By ‘Scum’ Beholden To ‘Russian Scum’,Zerohedge

Media reporting on hacked DNC emails acted as ‘arms of Russian intelligence’ – White Houseses

MSM using children in Western information campaign against Syria – RT report

Civilians making social media pleas from Aleppo actually bloggers with MSM primetime access (VIDEO)

You haven’t succeeded once’: AP reporter grills State Dept on lack of progress in Syria (VIDEO)

Evacuation of 5,000 militants with families from E. Aleppo begins – Russian General Staff

Finally free: Aleppo residents ‘No longer afraid of being killed’ after liberation of city

 * * *  

SOT, Vitali Churkin, Russian Ambassador to the United Nations (Russian): “I do not want to remind the Western Troika which called for today’s meeting and carried it out on a raised voice, about its role in the creation of ISIS as a result of US-UK intervention in Iraq and US policy in this country. I do not want to remind about the role that these three countries played in unwinding the Syrian crisis, which resulted in such a dire consequences and gave the space to terrorist organisations on the territories of Iraq and Syria. But the speech by US representative is particularly strange to me, which built her statement as if she is Mother Theresa herself. Please, remember which country you represent. Please, remember the track record of your country.”

 * * * 

ISIS seized weapons in Palmyra, US might strike them if Russia doesn’t – US general

US ‘ready to confront’ Beijing over South China Sea, as satellite photos show ‘militarization’

The Federal Reserve And The Destruction Of The American Dream, Zerohedge

Not by chance – Russophobia and anti-Trumpism running wild in America

Promises, promises: Russia liberates Aleppo and sends massive amounts of humanitarian aid, where is the UN aid?

Finally free: Aleppo residents ‘No longer afraid of being killed’ after liberation of city

Iran ‘to stand by Syria’ until final victory

Obama declines to sign Iran sanctions bill

Chinese sovereignty ‘not a bargaining chip’: China’s Emvoy to US

GM shares slide as China threatens to slap unnamed US carmaker with antitrust fine

Putin meets Japan’s Abe to talk peace treaty, closer ties

Eurozone suspends Greek debt relief over Christmas bonus for pensioners

Park’s Stunning Fall May Open the Door for Opposition Victory, by Nile Bowie

The Iranian Motives of Donald Trump, by Victor Mikhin

Iran, Russia to establish joint Islamic bank

Iran, Indonesia sign 14 agreements3hr

The Conspiracy To Shut Down Truth, Donald Trump, & The American People, by Paul Craig Roberts, Zerohedge

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4 Responses to December 15, 2016 News . . . The Headlines alone often tell the story. ~J

  1. Helene says:

    Christopher Hitchens exposed the hypocrisy and lies of Mother Teresa decades ago so great comparison imo

  2. beLIEve says:

    Mother TEAR-RAZOR & the Western TROIKA……..


  3. Bill says:

    Jean – Interesting position on the Fed.

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