December 17, 2016 Evening News

PropOrNot All-Star Organizers: Koch, Soros, CIA, MI6 Ukraine, All Together Now, The Daily Bell, Staff News & Analysis . . . let me post the article’s Conclusion here: This is truly a broad array of resources as might be expected for a group that wants to wipe out an entire media industry. The question must then be asked with a mixture of hope and anxiety: How does President Trump fit in? 

As a result of the story I posted earlier today, that’s now my question, too! Is this battle we are watching just one more unbelievable hoax to retain power and destroy humanity? Is this article further proof?

To grasp the possible truth of this, I believe it is necessary to look at all aspects of the situation. Line them up, as suggested HERE, and then see how they look. What do the facts actually tell you? We can’t afford to be sucked in by false hopes and wishful thinking! Even though the Staff at The Daily Bell  do not yet have the full picture, they are also beginning to ask some tough questions. Take a look for yourselves – both sides working together? How so? ~J

PropOrNot: Evidence of a CIA Psychological Operation … On November 24, The Washington Post published a story citing the anonymous group PropOrNot. The story accused the Russians of building a large propaganda operation that worked to defeat Hillary Clinton and elect “insurgent candidate” Donald Trump. It claimed a large number of alternative news websites are acting as Russian agents, dupes, and useful idiots. BoilingFrogs/Rockwell

“This article excerpted above explains the forces behind PropOrNot and identifies them from a leftist/Ukraine standpoint. But another article published not so long ago by Washington’s blog, here, makes the connection between Ukraine and the Koch Brothers.

“This article will explain briefly what would seem to be full (or almost full) panoply of influences behind PropOrNot. The Koch Brothers along with the Scaife Foundation and some hugely powerful intel agencies have been identified as supporting the PropOrNot initiative. We’ve already written about this issue here and here.

“But we were puzzled by some other articles that seemed to attribute PropOrNot to different influences, including those of the Clintons and some groups oddly affiliated with Ukraine. The Kochs and Clintons didn’t seem to fit together but as it turns out, there’s apparently a link thanks to Washington’s blog, which seems to  have solved this particular puzzle for us.

“Here are some excerpts from an article published in early November 2016. . . continue reading”

N Carolina Republicans strip power from incoming Dem governor after days of protest, arrests. . . Is the GOP using this opportunity to take control from a democratic administration? I’m wondering if this is the State that will begin to teach us that it doesn’t matter whether or not it’s Democrats or Republicans in charge: they are all the same. Under GOP control, N. Carolina was pretty much ‘owned’ by the Koch Brothers! I watched as their forward-looking education system was utterly decimated! Are the good people of North Carolina even aware of this fact? Again . . . I wonder . . . (I’m publishing this article again, because it seems to fit with the possibility that this is an effort to further divide us and take control of our country.)

Jim Stone says: A large number of people have messaged me about an attack on Russia . . . while at this point in time, I think anything is possible, I do not think this is likely. Trump has several Generals on his side, and these are men who know we cannot win against Russia at this point in time. If they are ‘with’ Trump, they have a very different agenda, an agenda which I have outlined elsewhere today. Are they so insane that they would permit such an attempt? I don’t think so, but the real question is what do you think. 

Trump Picks Fiscal Conservative Hawk Mulvaney As Budget Director, Zerohedge

Fuel Tanker Explodes; 2 Die In 55-Car Crash After “Brutal” Northeast Cold Turns I-95 Into Ice Rink, Zerohedge

The US northeast, and much of America, woke up to a brutal blast of frigid air sweeping across the United States, which has wreaked havoc on roads in Virginia and Maryland, leaving at least three dead in multi-vehicle wrecks Saturday.

China: Drone seized to insure naval safety

China Responds: Will Return Stolen Drone, “Regrets US Hype”, Zerohedge

“China has decided to transfer it to the U.S. through appropriate means…and regrets the US publicly hyping the incident.” The statement also accused the U.S. of long deploying ships “in China’s presence” to conduct “military surveying,” and in a separate report Chinese Navy officials warned “if China needs to take it, we’ll take it. (America) can’t block us.”

Tiptoeing into quicksand, China to build relations with Trump administration . . . my impression is that they are trying to get the ‘lay of the land’ with Trump

Argentina: Victims of Vatican priests’ sexual violence demand justice

Duterte: “Bye Bye America, We Don’t Need Your Money, China Said They Will Provide”, Zerohedge

“You know, tit for tat … if you can do this, so (can) we. It ain’t a one-way traffic,” Duterte said, adding tauntingly, “Bye-bye America and work on the protocols that will eventually move you out of the Philippines…. We do not need the money. China said they will provide so many.”

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2 Responses to December 17, 2016 Evening News

  1. Alex says:

    “This is truly a broad array of resources as might be expected for a group that wants to wipe out an entire media industry. The question must then be asked with a mixture of hope and anxiety: How does President Trump fit in? ”

    May I suggest this video to answer this question very concisely.

  2. Captain says:

    Dr. Steve Pieczenik: We Did The Counter-Coup Through E-mails And Assange

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