UPDATE: December 18, 2016, News. . . a bit of news and a series of videos to inform you — as we wait!

UPDATE: And so it already begins? 

Enjoy the videos today and be sure to check sott.net, zerohedge, and RT.com for news. ~J

 * * * 

9/11 Justice Campaign: It’s Time for Indictments of Key Suspects  . . . this site, new to me, has some extraordinary support/help/resource information! What you will read below is only a tiny part of it. Please find the time to familiarize yourselves with it!

My question: What will it take for us to demand the ‘real’ truth in a public forum? How much death and destruction will we continue to permit in our names, because I still believe that ‘we are the ones we have been waiting for’. ~J

Introduction to 9-11 Justice: The 9-11 Justice Campaign… Now or Never!

. . . Since the psychopathic criminals behind 9-11 continue to manipulate international events based on the lies of 9-11 and seem hellbent on preemptive nuclear strikes against at least Iran, Russia and China, the fate of humanity and our world hangs in the balance.

As we pull the thread of 9-11 Justice, all the machinations of the Globalist New World Order will come to a grinding halt. Humanity will finally free itself from the endless wars, corruption, debt slavery, and lies that have plagued us, the People, for generations.

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9 Responses to UPDATE: December 18, 2016, News. . . a bit of news and a series of videos to inform you — as we wait!

  1. Deborah says:

    Bill Cooper Shares His Story

  2. Jay says:

    OAN Special Report: Clinton’s Pay to Play Scheme https://youtu.be/PV_WXUpM-0k via @YouTube

  3. Jay says:

    Erin Brockovich on 1st episode of ‘America’s Lawyer’ https://youtu.be/GiD8gIhp34k via @YouTube

  4. General Zé says:

    ‘we are the ones we have been waiting for’. ~J


    A few years ago I´ve lost my family and got plenty of time to think, to ask questions, to find answers.
    Money? Wars? Debt? Greed? Why? Why things are the way they are? Who´s in charge?
    And suddenly the name ´Rothschild´ was the only answer.
    The answer to ALL evil around us was being revealed to me.
    Then the rest of all evil unfolds: who created the satanic and murderous State of Israel?
    Who the evil Vatican (the REAL source of ALL evil on Earth) trusted all their VAST fortune?
    Who are the Rothschild?
    Who invented Jesus?
    From where the ´Bible´ book of lies and the filthy ´Quran´ came from?
    Debt, usury and the creation of money from thin air ´black magic´ comes from?
    Who owns the satanic ´Talmud´?
    And the lie, the deception goes on and on, hidden in plain sight.
    There will be no Messiah because Jesus is a lie created by the ones who control the MATRIX.
    It´s all deception and lies to keep us waiting and waiting and waiting for the saviour Messiah.
    We are awaken. ALL contracts are NULL and VOID. This Earth is OURS by Divine Birthright. There is no place here for the (((Jews))), the (((Rothschild))), the (((Vatican))), and all the others who keep us slaves. It´s GAME OVER for them. Their time is up. TIME OUT.
    We are the ones we have been waiting for.

    • Jean says:

      I certainly can’t disagree with you . . . look at the facts! Don’t duck them. It’s all there.
      Why are people even hoping there will be any ‘real’ change! I know this makes me very unpopular, but unfortunately I’m a truthseeker, painful or not. There will be no savior; I agree! It will continue until we awaken enough to change it ourselves . . . The people in Trump’s cabinet are products of this reality – maybe not the worst, but we still do not need such people to manage our lives, when it is clear we are moving into a multi-polar world; all I see ahead is conflict. We need to take responsibility for ourselves, and while there are many of us who are willing to do this, there aren’t enough — not yet! I’m beginning to wonder now if we aren’t seeing a division develop here between those who will assume responsibility and those who won’t. Will this be where the divide is made when the earth shifts? I really don’t know . . .

      I’ve listened to enough of Trump’s astrology to understand that he is a ‘king’ and so I do not think he can be a transitional figure. I simply give up trying to see what is ahead . . . Do we really want a my-way-or-the-hghway leader? Or is this all we are ready for? How in the world are enough of us ever going to get beyond this? I confess I do not yet have any idea . . .

      Thanks and hugs, ~Jean


  5. Helene says:

    sharing this with you, came across it last night; apparently Findhorn Scotland community is also tarnished by the “pizzagate” brush https://www.reddit.com/r/HarbinHotSprings/comments/5gqrq9/the_beginning/

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