December 21, 2016 Evening News

Putin declares 2017 Year of Ecology in Russia

Trump’s OMB pick seems poised to ignite a worldwide financial crisis – The Washington Post

“Whatever their differences on line-item details Mulvaney and the president-elect have at least one major thing in common: an alarming openness to defaulting on the federal debt.  Mulvaney will be responsible for producing the federal budget, overseeing and evaluating executive branch agencies and otherwise advising the president on fiscal matters. It’s a position with tremendous, far-reaching power which is why it’s so con… Read More

Trump creates National Trade council to deal with trade pacts & US jobs

Swamp here to stay: Newt Gingrich says Trump disclaims ‘drain the swamp’

Trump Appoints “Death By China” Author Peter Navarro To Head Trade Office, Hints At Trade War With Beijing, Zerohedge

Another day, another shot across the bow from Donald Trump aimed squarely at China.

Trump Taps Icahn As “Special Advisor” On Regulation, Zerohedge

Well this was a “no brainer.” The Wall Street Journal reports that billionaire investor Carl Icahn is expected to be named special adviser tothe president on overhauling federal regulations, according to people familiar with the matter.

North Carolinians irked that ‘bathroom bill’ not repealed in House special session

Jury convicts 2 Dakota Access pipeline protesters

Egotistical, sociopathic U.S. journalists who ‘danced’ on Russian Ambassador’s grave

US to continue diplomatic ties with Russia

The US is determined to continue diplomatic relations with Russia, despite the Kremlin’s view that ties have been reduced to a minimum.

From Jim Stone’s site. . . Remember, there could be other reasons for this, none of which may be good, but they may not be about going to war. 

Remember the back channel communications censorship I talked about? I bet this is why!

America suddenly stopped all fuel supplies to Mexico, and it has created a crisis. This would be done in a run up to an ENORMOUS WAR.

Mexico suddenly ran out of gas this evening. There was no warning. Due to government policies, Mexico decided to remain dependent on American oil and gasoline. Pemex does not do much (if anything at all) with actually getting oil out of the ground. So Mexico is dependent completely on foreign oil and TODAY, WITHOUT WARNING, EVERY SINGLE GAS STATION SUDDENLY RAN COMPLETELY OUT OF GAS. THIS WOULD HAPPEN IF AMERICA SUDDENLY STOPPED SELLING OIL TO MEXICO TO BUILD UP SUPPLIES IN AMERICA FOR A HUGE WAR AND THE MEXICAN GOVERNMENT SAID NOTHING ABOUT IT. SINCE WORD ON THE STREET IS THAT THE NEXT GAS WILL COME FROM CHINA AND THEY HAVE TO WAIT FOR IT TO ARRIVE, THAT SEEMS TO BE THE ONLY POSSIBILITY.

In the city I am in, Claudia and I went from station to station and arrived just as each station ran out of gas. And then panic set in, people started freaking out and mobbing whatever gas stations had any left. So I figured the neighboring state might have some, and have an old Fiat that sips gas like a mosquito (seriously, it is amazing) and had enough gas to drive into the neighboring state and back and still drive for a while if we found none. And it was obvious we were leading the pack out of town in a panic to find gas elsewhere.

I got to the first station in the neighboring state, and it had gas. So we topped it off totally. And then I drove into a medium sized city, bought 10 liter water bottles, found another station there AND GOT THE LAST GAS OUT OF THAT STATION. The pump was blowing air bubbles into the last bottle but we managed to get enough gas to drive at least 1500 KM. Then all the stations ran out of gas there too. We got word from that station that there will be no more gas until next year for the entire country.


AMERICA STOPPED SELLING GAS TO MEXICO ALL OF A SUDDEN AND MEXICO NOW HAS TO WAIT FOR TOTALLY UNSCHEDULED TANKERS TO ARRIVE FROM CHINA BEFORE THERE WILL BE ANY MORE GAS. There were street explanations made by common people, such as one of the refineries is having a problem but I know what refinery it is they were talking about and it has numerous cracking facilities and there is no way it could just go down. So that story is B.S.

Mexicans are also tweeting everywhere that it is just a game the government is playing and that they want to get the gas from China because it will be cheaper and the government will sell it for more and make a pile of cash. But that does not wash AT ALL because you don’t just suddenly hang a country with zero fuel. THE FIRST CARS WERE ALREADY STALLED ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD WHEN WE WERE COMING BACK. People are ALREADY running out of gas because you can’t buy it anywhere. Mexico is heading straight into an enormous crisis.

COLD HARD FACT WITH ALL OF THIS: This is a total hairbinger of war on the horizon. You could not get a better early indicator of an impending war than this, because absent the need to keep all the gas in preparation for war, why on earth would America just suddenly cut off the supply? War is the only plausible answer. WAR TO KEEP TRUMP FROM TAKING OFFICE. THIS IS YOUR EARLY WARNING, GET READY NOW.

Final comments (for now)

I just spoke to other Mexicans, and they said this has never happened before EVER. There have been times when individual stations ran out of a particular grade of gas, but not all gas, and NEVER at all stations. This is a totally unique situation that has NEVER happened before EVER. Trolls will hit this topic and poke fun at Mexico and they will tell you to ignore this. DO NOT IGNORE THIS, it is a HUGE situation and a genuinely unique occurrence. Even taxi cabs are stalled now, this is HUGE.

It is like someone just suddenly pulled the plug without warning, family in another city tweeted they could not get gas, so we checked where we live and stations were closing left and right as their pumps suddenly ran dry (because the ones that still had gas were getting mobbed and drained) and then we drove out of state and the stations there were running out of gas also. We got the last of it out of the second station we got gas from (fortunately) right when we maxed out what we could get. We’re set for months because that Fiat eats so little gas, and no, I feel lucky, not selfish because we only got enough to top off a large SUV. our gas is not just going to blow out a 4 inch exhaust pipe.

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12 Responses to December 21, 2016 Evening News

  1. Alex says:

    War will not happen.

    Here is my reason why.

    There are 30 days left for the Obama administration.
    Our intelligence services and military brass are watching the “Cabal” like a hawk.

    There is just not enough time left for them to create a false flag event.
    Not to mention that Congress and the Senate would have to authorize this war. The last nearly two decades of insolvent war fixes assure, that rhetoric is not going to fly.

    Russia is not going to go trigger happy either, they see light at the end of the tunnel with Trump, and Putin has already shown the patience and maturity of Job in this manner.

    Why would Putin just all of the sudden break bad now?

    Doesn’t add up. At the very least the “Cabal” is in retreat and licking it’s wounds. Everything they have tried lately has failed… they are stymied.

    Trump has even brought in ex Goldman Sachs men that have been notoriously anti-big bank to give him inside information. If anything we are seeing the rats jump ship.

    Hey I could be wrong, but in my eyes the indicators point to the beginning of something special.

    But don’t fall back to sleep!

  2. Captain says:

    Judge Pirro – Barack Obama, Your Nothing But A “CLOSET MUSLIM” (Trey Gowdy POV)…
    Judge Pirro – Barack Obama | SHOULD OF BEEN IMPEACHED – A Long Time Ago.

  3. Jay says:

    I would not be too worried about all this. I believe that Trump is working with Russia to help him keep from being killed by the US CIA. All is not what it appears. Remember the enemy of my enemy is my friend and I believe both Putin and Trump hate the American CIA.

  4. lecox says:

    I can’t get to Jim’s website (9pm Pacific time 21 Dec) using the link provided. No one else is reporting Mexico out of gas. Jim is personally there on the ground, so he should know what’s going on. Is he over-reacting? Hard to say.
    This murder in the art museum is the most blatant anti-peace, anti-tolerance action I have seen in a long time. It shocked me; there is something wrong with it. The shooter does not look like a “terrorist.” He looks like Agent 007! I mean literally, right out of a movie. Just walk up behind a guy, empty a clip into him, give a little speech, ask everyone to leave, and walk out. There were NO SECURITY GUARDS in the room! Absolutely amazing.
    That wasn’t normal, and if this Mexico gas thing is true, that’s not normal, either.
    Meanwhile, David Wilcock is being allowed to announce that archeological digs in Antarctica have found the ruins of Atlantis.
    That’s not normal, either.
    It’s not just the Solstice; something is going on.
    Could it be just the reactions of the baddest guys who are being pushed all the way to the edge? It could just be that. I hope they fall all the way over the edge before too much longer, and that the replacements have a little more heart and soul in them. You never know for sure until it’s a done deal, though.

  5. 1EarthUnited says:

    Jean, the above Mexico story sounds fake, why would Mexico be dependent on the US for oil and gas? They have their own oil rigs off the Gulf, and refineries. Yes Mexico may be in partnership with multinational oil corps, but certainly can produce enough for their own consumption. Also buying gas from China is laughable! Gas would cost 3x market prices to ship from China, not to mention that China is a net importer of crude from Russia and Middle East… why on earth would they ever sell it??? Last I checked there are no huge oil fields or strategic oil reserves in China, like most of the far east, they are totally dependent on foreign oil imports. This is most certainly a hoax or blatant disinfo.
    This story doesn’t even mention the actual city or state where “Claudia and I” characters are situated so there’s no way to confirm their veracity. A simple phone call to ANY business in that particular region in MExico will confirm or deny this.
    It’s highly improbable that a whole country would shut down from the lack of gas all at once… that would result in a national crisis as food, medicine, electric generators would come to a grinding halt. This is a total hoax.

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