December 21, 2016, News, SPECIAL

I don’t know what to make of this, except to say I felt the energy the other day and it was devastating.  Now, they are saying a second wave is coming in on the 26th. Many may choose to see this as a ‘Christian’ event, but I do not, I cannot. To me, thinking we will be ‘saved’ by this energy keeps us as disempowered children. I do not believe this is what the Universe has in mind for us. I think it wants us to grow up, take our power back from those who would enslave us, and take responsibility for our lives. I’m quite willing to believe, however, that this positive energy could help our efforts to do so. 🙂

The Event

The “Event” is the moment of the “Compression Breakthrough”. It is a cosmic EVENT HORIZON created by big solar waves reaching the Earth from the Galactic Central causing the activation of  “The Compression Breakthrough”, this is when the light forces from above the surface of the planet and from below the surface of the planet meet in the middle, that is on the surface of the planet.

The date of this Event cannot be predicted. There are many groups involved worldwide, and many informations have to remain secret for now to guarantee the safety of the operations. All we can say, is that we are getting close. This is why this information and support networks is being put in place so that the population can be prepared.

It is the End of a Long Era of Captivity:

Earth and the inhabitants have been in 25,000 years of imprisonment and quarantine (black hole). We have been controlled and manipulated by the dark side – or as we call them, The Cabal. We are now to exit the black hole after 25,000 years of prison. Our planet is the last one in the galaxy to be liberated. This exit is the EVENT HORIZON, or THE EVENT.  THE EVENT will be a moment of breakthrough for the planet which will be physical and non physical.

On the non physical plane:  there will be a “big wave or flash of Divine energy and light coming from the Galactic Central sun going towards the surface of the planet”. (The galactic central sun is an object in the Sagittarius constellation.) The energy from the Central Sun will stimulate a flash or special kind of light from the Sun that permeates the earth and humanity, raising the frequencies of all living entities on the planet.

It will calm humanity in the light of love energy and end duality. It’s a magnificent energy not seen or felt before on earth. Everyone on earth will feel and know something has happened. It will be a surprise as to when it will happen, even for us. It’s never happened before. It will not be a major shock event, it will be a positive event . . . continue reading.


Recommended: The video below is referenced in the video above:

Dutch’s original video:

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5 Responses to December 21, 2016, News, SPECIAL

  1. lecox says:

    In my reading of how life works, what the “universe” intends or thinks has no bearing on any issue, as it has no mind, nor any intentions. If matter and energy have any intent or thought at all, it is to be as inert, thoughtless, uncreative, and predictable as possible. The universe and its masses and energies are created things. We, and many other beings like us, are its original creators (or at least its most recent inhabitants).
    If we want to be anything more than animals, ultimately dead animals, then we will have to decide for ourselves what more it is that we want. There is no one else there to decide this for us. There may be no one really there to help us carry out our decisions. If there are, they won’t help until we have decided. So the first step is to comprehend the actuality of the situation and decide how you (or we) would like to change (improve) it.
    My general conclusion is that freedom works better than slavery and life works better than death. We at this point are not very free nor very alive, compared to what we are capable of. The desired change, for me, is to become more capable of being alive and being free. It is a simple thought and a difficult action.

  2. 1EarthUnited says:

    Looking forward to the experience, come what may.

  3. Captain says:

    This goes along with the Sorcha Faal report posted today, which I mentioned earlier.
    More regarding rumored Russian mercenaries aiding Trump: garylarrabee: Kent Dunn: D Trump has Russian Mercinary Grp RDS Dispose Nuke Planted Under Trump Towers: Much More! ..
    And: Anonymous TRUMP Begins Move 370 Elite Troops From Russia To Protect His Life And Family ..

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