Decembet 21, 2016, News

Apparently, my post last night wasn’t appreciated. I couldn’t get on my blog and while I could reach all sites, they were completely blank. Today, I hope I’ll fare somewhat better 🙂

There is so much news today, that I can’t keep track of it all’ however, I want to get this news out now — and I feel certain I will be back later 🙂 ~Jean




Wednesday, December 21 – Thursday, December 22, 2016


Third Quarter Moon Phase:  revise, realign

Moon in Libra

Aspect of the Aeon Sophia (Wisdom): Bhuvaneshvari, Goddess of Peace; Shodashi, Goddess of the Drums; Matangi, Goddess Who Purges Negativity; Chinnamasta, Goddess Who Expands the Mind; Kali, The Goddess of Time

Aspect of the Aeon Thelete (Will): Elias, God of the West

Skill:  hold the line

True Alignments:  see below

Catalysts for Change:  see below

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Month:  “deep within the depths of the Earth, new elements are being formed”

Sabian Symbol for the Solar-Lunar Year: “the magic carpet of Oriental imagery”

Today and tomorrow’s reports are combined because the energetics of the two days blend together for a potent combination.

Calling all wise owls, your skills of “holding the line” by maintainingcentered, grounded states of mind and emotion amidst whirling dervishes of energy are requested.

As I list the Sabian symbols that are in effect, please keep in mind that these energetics are much stronger this year because they are happening with a super massive wave of “cardinal” astrological forces.  Cardinal energies affect CHANGE in all ways — changes in direction, location, vocation, relation, communication, realization, clarification, dedication, and on and on.

The heavy hitters of the solar system, the Sun, Pluto, Jupiter, and Saturn, as well as the main players Mercury, Venus, and the Moon are ALL WORKING TOWARD RECTIFICATION, REVOLUTION, AND REBIRTH.

All of these planets’ energetics are pushing or piling on or directed at one thing that has the power to change our world: URANUS CONJUNCT THE ERIS POINT.

Wise owls, if you are feeling the “load in” of energetics, know what it is all about — at both the personal and collective levels.  Understand that changes must be made in order to end struggles.  Understand that shadow sides wrestle against change because shadow sides are based in fear.  Fear of change and fear of the unknown are very effective at keeping things locked in place (where they then begin to devolve).

The unraveling control system is attempting to induce fear, making moves because they are in a desperate situation.  Desperation falls back to instinct, which pushes the button in the human brain marked “aggression.”  So, understand that a large measure of “wildness” and “instinct” is being stimulated, but ULTIMATELY RESULTS IN THINGS BECOMING BETTER.

All of this said, potential for conflict and false flag operations/hijinks is VERY HIGH.


SUN: “an Indian chief claims power from the assembled tribe” (leadership, leadership issues, clashes, power struggles, standing up for self or something, taking one’s rightful place, recognizing self, self respect, ego centricity, doing what others will not, stepping up, potential for aggression)

EARTH: “on a ship, the sailors lower an old flag and raise a new one” (changing one’s mind, changing allegiance, symbolism, turning points, changing standards, rejection of unworthiness, manipulation, changes in the air and shifts in the wind, changing conditions, potential for conflict)

VENUS: “a watchdog standing guard, protecting his master and his possessions” (alerting, pointing, guardianship, protection, assurance and the need for assurance/self assurance, exposure, derailed, tenacious, suspicious, potential for confrontation)

MARS: “squirrels hiding from hunters” (exposed, overpowered, outsmarting, deft,  seeing and planning ahead, protected, unstoppable, resourceful, taking aim, potential for endings)

 * * *

American ‘Anger’ Reflects Washington’s Failure in Syria, by Salman Rafi Sheikh

`Is there nothing you will not lie about? Do you have no shame?’ demanded a frustrated Samantha Power, the US ambassador to the UN, accusing the three allies, Russia, Iran and Syria, of ‘barbarism’ and continuing atrocities as rebel territory fell to pro-Assad forces. While this expression of ‘anger’ clearly ignores the havoc American interventions and wars have wrecked in the past 60 years or so, its immediate significance lies in the American failure to impose its notorious ‘regime-change’ policy in Syria, the kind of which it was able to impose in recent years in other countries such as Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. But for Russian military campaign against the Western backed ‘moderate rebels’ and ISIS–the by-product of American policies in the post-American withdrawal Iraq— Syria, too, would have fallen a prey to this policy and become yet another story of destruction brought in the name of ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights.’

West Overplayed Its Hand, Now Things Are Going Moscow’s Way

Not along ago the American journalistic, academic and think tank elite were asserting in unison as usual that Russia was at best a regional power isolated globally as a result of its ‘invasion’ of Ukraine and resulting Western sanctions. I suggested Russia is both a regional and global power and was never isolated with the onset of the Ukraine crisis (see Gordon M. Hahn, “REPORT: Putin’s Asia-Eurasia Pivot: ‘Isolation’ from the West Spurs Eurasian Integration and Russian Globalization,” Russian and Eurasian Politics, 31 July 2015). As things have turned out, in reality the West overplayed its weakening hand and allowed Russian President Vladimir Putin to consolidate foreign policy gains outside the West and make inroads inside it as well. Although not all of Russia’s wins are of its own making, there can be no doubt that things are going Moscow’s way.

Report: Fourteen US Coalition military officers captured by Syrian Special Forces in Aleppo!

According to two reports coming out of Aleppo today, at least 14 US Coalition military officers were captured this morning in an East Aleppo bunker by Syrian Special Forces.

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9 Responses to Decembet 21, 2016, News

  1. The Incoming energies will raise people’s consciousness, such as to make the “waking sleep” impossible to perpetuate. This has made it possible for human weakness and illusion through the Cabal’s use of lies (some call it propaganda) to dominate us through use of their Magick.

    All these Dark strategies to employ Universal Law to Dominate us all to their own ends. With a opening of perspective will the Long Night of Humanity at last be over.

    “There shall be a threshing of wheat and a trampling of grapes until the truth is known to the least of men”

    That day is coming……that day is Coming In on The Tide.

    We are all going to Wake Up now that we will be able to See In The Light.

    There is much Healing to be done…..and much to be done to clear away the Dark’s Servants.
    Michele Baillie

  2. Captain says:

    Given that all Federal Agencies are compromised due the Bush klan’s supporters, this may be a wise move on Trump’s part. Also one of the ladies appointed to his Cabinet apparently owns Blackwater(?), and some of those mercenaries have moved to the States to protect Trump as well. If you remember Jackie Kennedy’s comment – when she was asked if she wanted to change out of her blood spattered cloths, she refused and replied, “I want them to see what they did.” (Note: “them”)
    Trump Begins To Move 370 Elite Troops From Russia To Protect His Life And Family ..
    Another report on this site: Turkish Assassin Of Russian Ambassador Tracked To American CIA Base In Iraq ( Maybe this is related to Obama’s threats to Putin, and why Obama fails to addresss the TWO assassinations of Russian officals – See Dahboo on youtube for that.)

  3. Captain says:

    Guilliani tells all? Faked account or not, what is reported is true.
    Guilliani page:

  4. WILLIAM BOYD says:

    Jean This seems to be in concert with your information above and although it doesn’t fit into my concept of reality, it appears to be something with which you can relate.

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