December 22, 2016, Afternoon News

My position on Donald Trump, by Jon Rappoport, December 22, 2016 . . . Jon’s serious reality-reality gives us all lots to consider, and so I hope everyone will take time to read and remember it. We can see the many complicated situations with which Trump will have to deal . . . and, yes, as Jon says, we must hold his feet to the fire. In order to do so, however, we must be well informed. These words from Jon go a long way to helping us to do just that:

I’ve written many words about the man and what he’s been doing. To repeat a few of them, his two most important achievements are: he’s contributing, in a major way, to the ongoing destruction of the credibility of big media; and he kept Hillary Clinton out of the White House.

Concerning the media— I am tremendously enthusiastic about what Trump has done. I pop champagne corks on that one. He’s provided a public service for the ages. We would be light years beyond where we are now, if the world of conventional journalism hadn’t sold its soul, its morality, its intelligence, and its hunger for getting to the bottom of things so long ago. In his own improvisations and riffs, Trump has turned the media stars on their heads looking out of their asses. He has been merciless. He has worked acrobatic tricks worthy of a Salvador Dali. When they thought he was here, he was there. When they thought they had him pinned against the wall, he vanished and there was no wall. When they thought he was done, he was starting. When they assumed they were occupying a higher position, he was poking them in the solar plexus of their pretensions and exposing them as rank amateurs. They go sober-serious, he laughs. They deride and mock him, he reminds them they’re supposed to be professional. They scream and go ballistic, he walks away. He’s supposed to be in Washington, he’s in New York. He’s supposed to lay out his schedule for them, he vanishes. He shouldn’t talk to a foreign leader, he talks to a foreign leader. The Washington Post reports the Russians hacked the election, he says the CIA is making it up.

Make no mistake about it, Globalists of every stripe and disguise infect Washington like the plague. Their goals, reputations, connections, and paychecks are on the line. They want to neutralize Trump by any means possible. He has hammered the TPP, and said he’ll cancel it (Chuck Schumer has already said it’s dead). He is raising the banner of nationalism, not Globalism, and he promises to bring back jobs to America…everything he promises in this regard is running counter to the Rockefeller agenda of destruction.

Will he change the pernicious culture, which is devolving to the point where “free-everything” for nothing is considered the most illuminated version of political philosophy? He will try, but indirectly, by opening up new levels of employment.

Will he continue to slam major media control of the information flow? Yes. In that regard, he has already done more than any president in modern history.

And if language is important (and it is), his communication with the American people, in its direct colloquial style, is a distinct departure from the polished, empty, grotesque media/politician mechanical mind-numbing bullshit that has all but taken over the landscape.

Will he try to curtail the divide-and-conquer “race-war” mentality that has been heavily promoted over the last eight years? Again, his basic strategy is: give people jobs. Renew the economy. Float all boats.

Will Trump curtail open borders and reduce the reality of terrorists and criminals entering the US? Will he knock aside the unproven claims of global warmists and erase the absurd and dangerous carbon-tax plan? Will he rebuild the fading infrastructure of this country? Will he put Common Core out of its misery? I believe he will make progress in all these areas. How much progress? Impossible to predict.

Will he refuse to launch wars and covert ops of Empire? Will he bring massive numbers of US troops stationed abroad back home, kick the neocons out on their asses, and scale back the enormous influence of the military-industrial complex, which, after JFK, encircled America with its dream of a forever World Empire? This would be one of the most important actions he could launch as president. And the effort is like trying to turn an oil tanker around in a small space. To the degree he rebuilds the military, he’ll keep pouring $$ into the maw of the military-industrial machine. I think it’s possible that he and his advisors see, from a purely pragmatic viewpoint, that American Empire has reached an end-point. It is a failure. It can’t go further. The blowback on America has outflanked its lists of Empire-conquests. However, until Trump shows he’s really going to try to cancel the neocon American Empire, and means it, I’m not making any assumptions whatsoever.

Is Donald Trump more than a puppet in the hands of Globalists? I believe he is more than that. . . continue reading

Snoped: Fake news arbiter accused of defrauding site to pay for prostitutes, embezzlement

‘Common sense coming back to Washington; Russia not top US threat’ – ex-Pentagon spokesman

School to prison pipeline: New hysterical Missouri law makes schoolyard fights a felony

Trump Calls For Expansion Of US Nuclear Capability, Hours After Putin Urges Russia To Do The Same, Zerohedge

“We need to strengthen the military potential of strategic nuclear forces.” Vladimir Putin, December 22, 2016

“The United States must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability” – Donald Trump, December 22, 2016

The West directed killer’s hand in assassination of Russian ambassador, by Finian Cunningham

Coincidence? CIA hawk called for ‘painful blow’ to Putin a week prior to assassination of Ambassador

Trump Refutes Gingrich: “We Will Always Be Trying To ‘Drain The Swamp'”, Zerohedge

Trump: Attacks in Berlin and Ankara prove Muslim immigration ban justified 

Tump plan for Muslims not going to include a complete ban

Snowden Lashes Out At Congressional Report He Is Colluding With Russia, Zerohedge

The anti-Russian propaganda launched into overdrive today with the release of the full Congressional report claiming that “since Snowden’s arrival in Moscow, he has had, and continues to have, contact with Russian intelligence services”, in other words the former NSA contractor is a traitor. Snowden, however, had a few things to say about the report.

The Paris-Berlin-Moscow Axis Will Shatter the Atlanticist Narrative in EU

Defeated in Syria, NATO is now ramping up Ukraine project

White Helmets’ fake news in Syria, supervised by the British Intelligence Agency, funded by Soros

Interview with Eva Bartlett: Extracting Aleppo from the propagand

Aleppo liberated: Syrian Army regains full control over the city

Netanyahu wants US to veto UNSC resolution condemning Israeli settlements – Trump agrees, calling resolution “extremely unfair” – Egypt postpones vote

Disabled & elderly Americans shoved into poverty as Feds drain social security income for student loan debt

UPDATE from Jim Stone:

Another update on the Mexican gasoline shortage

1:30 PM update on Mexican gasoline situation.

We talked to 3 different gas stations and observed the situation at several more. Here it is:

Gas lines were up to 1/4 mile long at 2 stations that got gas overnight and vanished at around 11:30 AM when those stations ran out. We did not ask questions at those stations because they were chaos. At the other stations there were no cars and accesses on some were blocked off. We went into two that were not blocked off and one that was. CONSENSUS:

1. 100 percent unanimous consensus that the United States caused the problem. This was also the case at the stations we asked yesterday.

2. 100 percent unanimous consensus that there will be no normal gas until some time in January.

3. 100 percent unanimous consensus that the Mexican government was going to milk the situation for as much cash as possible, and that it did not need to be this bad if they did not want it to be this bad.

4. 50/50 consensus: Gas shipments will be resumed from America – other 50 – China will send the gas.

Other salient details: Claudia has direct daily contact with a Mexican billionaire family. That family said that the government is not causing this on purpose, that it was a real crisis, and that they were going to let limited gas into the system from government reserves that would normally be for other purposes. But it will not be situation normal. The Mexican government has not raised gas prices a single cent. That will change in January though.

There was no refinery issue that caused this. The normal Mexican infrastructure for distribution is fine. Gas station attendants are panicking, because they need customers for cash and they suddenly have no income. One repeated several times that they were in serious trouble because they were not making any money. Only about 15 percent of the stations received gas last night. These were mobbed until dry in the morning. One station had gas after 11:30, but they said they could only give it to people who had a “pass”, whatever that meant.

OK, so that is the situation on the ground. There is massive speculation on what caused America to suddenly stop sending gas. NO ONE has the answer. MY SPECULATION: America stopped gas shipments to Mexico so it would be available in America for a WAR. PERIOD. It is the only thing that makes any sense. I have not received any official word on this, but that would be my guess.

SUMMARY: Yesterday evening enormous portions of Mexico ran out of gas without warning. I am talking a personally confirmed MINIMUM of 18 million people, and it probably is more like 100 million people without gas. There was no explanation given other than that “The U.S. stopped sending gas” and “Now we have to wait until January for more to arrive from China” This is what the gas stations were saying. Obviously, if the U.S. really did stop sending gas suddenly, it would be a war preparation move, where the U.S. would be stockpiling gas before a huge world war to stop Trump from getting in.

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2 Responses to December 22, 2016, Afternoon News

  1. Alex says:

    Okay… I have read Jon’s article and my take on it is simple:

    Jon lists a whole bunch of “will he?”, “Would he?”, Could he?”. He even ponders the question of whether the globalists allowed Trump to get into the presidency because Hillary was too sick or dangerous.

    That is all good critical thinking and an exercise in waxing ones jocularity, however, I position that Jon is not considering one glaring fact.

    If Trump was not supported by elements within America’s intelligence agencies and government, insiders and power players that have zeroed in on saving America (and humanity) from globalist control structures then (a.) Trump would never have ran for POTUS
    (b) Would never stood a shot in hell of winning.
    This, may I say, is my opinion, but I feel it is strongly supported by the fact that he is still under fire by the globalist control structures we all have witnessed in the past perform their dirty work, raining on our moment in the sun. The MSM is still powering forward with their ludicrous narratives, launching every desperate and dare I say laughable attempt to lie, cheat and steal and otherwise discredit any movement aligned with Trump.

    Still, it is true, we MUST hold Trump’s feet to the fire and the next 12 months will be very telling.

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