UPDATE: December 23, 2016, News

UPDATE: Victims at Argentinian school for deaf say entire church hierarchy knew about pedophile priests yet did nothing

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Trump Doubles Down On Nukes: “Let It Be An Arms Race, We’ll Outlast Them All”, Zerohedge

“Let it be an arms race, we will outmatch them at every pass … and outlast them all.”

Federal Reserve Initiates End Game As Trump Heads To White House, Zerohedge

The election of Donald Trump was inevitable and would precede the triggering of the final stage of our ongoing economic crisis. The Fed’s timing of their latest rate hike is highly strategic, not only setting the stage for a series of hikes that will crush U.S. stock markets this coming year and finally shock the public out of their fiscal stupor, but it also maneuvers the crisis right into the lap of Donald Trump and the conservative movements that support him.

Ron Paul: “US Interferes In Foreign Elections All The Time”, Zerohedge

The U.S. Interfered In Foreign Presidential Elections 81 Times From 1946-2000, Zerohedge

Moscow says dialogue with U.S. ‘frozen;’ no quick thaw expected.

SHOCK CLAIM: Russian ambassador ‘killed by NATO country’s secret service’, Claims Putin ally

Putin talks arms race, US election & Syria ceasefire in year-end Q&A (IMAGES, FULL VIDEO)

‘So correct’: Trump responds to Putin’s holiday letter

Ours is waaay better: US reacts after Putin praises Russian military

Retaliation Promised: Russian Ambassador’s Murder Justified, Even Praised Across the West, by Ulson Gunnar

In the week leading up to the brazen, cold-blooded murder of Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov in Ankara, Turkey, the United States repeatedly and publicly threatened “retaliation” against Russia for allegedly “hacking” the 2016 US presidential elections.

During the same week, Syrian forces backed by Russian airpower and Iranian ground support, finally ended the occupation of the northern city of Aleppo by armed militants who invaded in 2012. The inevitable liberation of Aleppo was accompanied by apoplectic hysteria across Western political, policy and pundit circles calling for everything from additional sanctions on Russia to threats against the lives of Russians themselves.

While the Western media has since attempted to dismiss murmurs across Russian and Turkish media in the aftermath of Ambassador Karlov’s assassination implicating US involvement, they simultaneously appear incapable of concealing what can only be described as delight over the tragic attack. . . . continue reading

China “Shocked” By Navarro Appointment, As Trump Team Proposes 10% Import Tariff, Zerohedge

The appointment of Peter Navarro to a formal White House post “shocked’ Chinese officials who had hoped that Mr Trump would tone down his anti-Beijing rhetoric after assuming office. China will be even more shocked, however, if as CNN reports, Trump is about to implement a 10% import tariff, leading to an all out trade war with Beijing.

Obummer: Majority of jobs created during Obama Admin. part-time or temp, 1 million fewer people working steady jobs since 2008

There are several new Anonymous videos on the web right now, and as I listened to them, I kept asking myself who is saying this, and why are they saying it. All of them seem to favor Trump, and they all seem knowledgeable about our situation in the United States, knowledgeable, that is, from our point of view. So later on, can we use this information to hold Trump’s heels to the fire? Or will he duck? I find it all very confusing! Is this what theses videos have all been about: pushing Trump’s agenda and/or subtly confusing the issues and us so we favor Trump? If they are for Trump, why don’t they just say so?

Published on Dec 12, 2016

[“We also examine the fascist and authoritarian character of the corporate oligarchy.” I find this info in the video of great interest! Perhaps you will, too. ~J]

[from Newsbud, whose quality continues to impress me!  I was led to this article after reading The Paris-Berlin-Moscow Axis Will Shatter the Atlanticist Narrative in EU that I published yesterday — also from Newsbud~J]

On this episode of The Geopolitical Report, we look at Donald Trump and the alt-right movement and the attempt by the establishment to portray them as dangerous fascists. Behind the sensationalistic and misleading headlines designed to frighten the American people and widen the political divide, there is another story: how the United States has consistently supported, enabled, and coddled real fascists in Europe under Operation Gladio and backing fascist dictators in Latin America. We also examine the fascist and authoritarian character of the corporate oligarchy.

Show Notes

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Jimmy Dore [comedian] on the lying media – Obama is a “f**kin liar” and U.S. is “inflicting human suffering in Syria”Video! . . . if you can get it. They are messing with my computer – again, so I guess they don’t want you to hear this one! ~J

 * * * Something Wicked This Way Comes, Zerohedge MUST READ

The narrative about an improving economy, thriving jobs market, and glorious future is bullshit. I know it. You know it. And your establishment puppeteers know it. But only “fake news” sites would dare reveal these inconvenient truths. The willfully ignorant public doesn’t want to know the truth, because that would require critical thinking and making tough choices. . . 

 . . . As I’ve said previously, I have no dog in this hunt. I don’t trust these rigged markets or the Wall Street shysters rigging them. Once the magical 20,000 is achieved and Trump takes office in January, all bets are off. The establishment is pretending to play nice with Trump, but there is nothing like a 20% crash over a two week period to show him who’s really the boss. I’m not predicting anything, but it sure looks like something wicked this way comes.

The Italian Banking Crisis: No Free Lunch – Or Is There? by Ellen Brown . . . wanna’ know the angle they are playing? Ellen has it figured!

It’s Official: Italy Will Nationalize Monte Paschi. . . the article just above by Ellen Brown explains exactly what this means – and what the game is all about . . . Thank you, Ellen!

So far, so expected. After earlier announcing the failure to attract any anchor investors for a private capital raise, Monte Paschi has announced that it will officially ask the Italian government for a “precuationary capital increase” – in other words a bailout. The funds will come from the newly decreed EUR20 billion bailout fund, and as Bloomberg reports will not trigger a “bail-in.”

Pope Francis: Malicious resistance to reforms in Vatican ‘inspired by devil’

East Aleppo Diaries: Testimony from Hanano Shatters Corporate Fake News (Video)

. . . On the 11th December 2016 I visited Hanano in East Aleppo. Hanano had been liberated days previously by the Syrian Arab Army and allies including Hezbollah and Russia. Hanano had been under a Nusra Front [Al Qaeda] terrorist regime for the last, almost, five years.

The testimonies we filmed testified to starvation, wholesale deprivation of humanitarian aid, summary executions, torture and the use of civilians as human shields. Nusra Front were the overlord of the district, controlling an estimated 22 militant brigades funded, equipped and armed by NATO and Gulf states and condemning the Syrian civilians to a life of fear and imprisonment in their own homes.

Women were married, raped and discarded en masse, children were imprisoned and anyone caught supporting the Syrian Government could be executed or imprisoned & tortured. The very antithesis of the narrative being run by the corporate media for the entire duration of the almost five years of wholesale suffering endured by both West and East Aleppo, carved into two and targeted by the Nusra Front-led terrorists and militants.

Militants like the US-funded, Nour Al Din Zinkiwho beheaded 12 year old Palestinian child, Abdullah Issa or US “moderates”, Ahrar Al Sham, who have carried out a number of vicious ethnic cleansing campaigns in and around Aleppo.

This video contains two of those testimonies, exposing the lie peddling, by corporate media, that has been allowed to permeate public opinion and narrowly failed to precipitate the devastating No Fly Zone that would have, undeniably, led to further bloodshed on an unimaginable scale.

CNN, Turncoats, Terrorists, and the Obama Plan, by Phil Butler

An op-ed allowed on CNN’s website reveals once and for all the mission of the network with regard to unrest in the Middle East. “Why we lost Aleppo”, by Abdul Jabbar al Aqidi, puts the voice of a mercenary led regime change up for scrutiny. Most people stopped trusting CNN some years back, but making space for jihadist rebels and ISIL collaborators cuts it.



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  1. Deborah says:

    Newsbud Breaking News: “NATO Chief Auditor in Charge of Terrorism Funding Murdered in Belgium”

  2. 2017……….there is going to be some switch-tacking.

    Merry Christmas everybody!

  3. Captain says:

    Worth noting: http://www.generalpatton.com/prayer/
    btw: Laws from WW1 and again in the 1950’s are still on the books banning islam from the USA. But Obozo ignores that.

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