December 25, 2016 Instead of News, four valuable articles.

Earth Bombarded by Mysterious Galactic High Energy Waves: An Increased Risk of Coming Earthquakes? by Joachim Hagopian 

This is a balanced, well-researched, scholarly presentation, giving us the opportunity to make up our own minds about events that may well be coming our way.

* * *

Former CIA spy has a surprising Christmas message for Trump

If we want to understand what Trump has going for him and the problems that will confront him as he enters the Presidency — and if we want to follow his efforts with any knowledge and insight at all, this article helps provide both and is, again, a MUST READ.

 * * * 

SOTT Exclusive: Mohamed, Who Lost His Wife In Brussels Bomb Attacks, Delivers Year-End Message . . . MUST VIEW/READ!!!

 * * * 

Is Obama A Russian Agent?, Zerohedge . . .This is a wonderful, not to be missed, tongue-in-cheek reality check on Obama’s (and the cabal’s) Presidential efforts.

Sometimes a case looks weak because there is no “smoking gun” – no obvious, direct evidence of conspiracy, malfeasance or evil intent – but once you tally up all the evidence it forms a coherent and damning picture.

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11 Responses to December 25, 2016 Instead of News, four valuable articles.

  1. thais says:

    An earthquake of 7.7 struck Chile today.

  2. Jay says:

    Obama is up to something real bad, thousands of male immigrants being le… via @YouTube

  3. Light I AM says:

    Hi Jean
    With all this argy-bargy stuff of late, I thought it would be worthy of getting back to basics, or Mastery.
    Part of that is to recognize the CON-trol system for what it is and not play their game, but one’s own.
    Here is a relevant reminder and some further insights on the law = wall (inverted).
    Additionally on the same Site a 3 minute synopsis of more word = vibration manipulation to CON-trol you.
    U.S. Admiralty Courts Exist Because the United States is Under Martial Law
    Admiralty courts are military courts that operate under commercial law, not constitutional law. When you walk into an admiralty court, your action of walking into the court is evidence that you consent to play the legal game of admiralty. However, there are ways around this trap.
    The Judicial System is really to protect the D.C. Corporation
    Why should they allow constitutional points of law in their courts when they are actually military courts? This Awareness indicates that most entities think the judicial system is there to protect the rights of entities according to the Constitution, the law of the land, the Bill of Rights and so forth, but they are really there to keep order in society and to protect those who have the power and the money and to assure that no one disturbs the infrastructure of the corporation being promoted from London or the state rules and those that are promoted by the courts as military organizations.
    THE LAW AND YOU – Bill Turner (38min)
    Know Your Rights – Bill Turner (16min)
    THE BANKING SYSTEM AND YOU with Bill Turner (24min)
    I Declare I’m Free! – Bill Turner (1.53hr)
    Basic principles of law – Bill Turner (29min)
    Meet ‘Kate Of Gaia’ – Brief Intro To Legal Name Fraud (Good Self Empowerment info) (36min)
    Words = SPELL (3 min)

  4. Helene says:

    merry christmas & happy new year Jean to you & yours thank you for all your painstaking work…meanwhile unable to read “former cia spy has a message for trump” 🙂

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  6. lecox says:

    I first ran across Robert David Steele some years ago. In connection to exactly what I can’t remember. He’s basically an intellectual, but of the “alternative” variety. Someone hasn’t told him yet that intellectualism is dead, but perhaps that apparency doesn’t concern him.
    In his article (which needs a link – I think perhaps Zero Hedge has the best copy of it), he puts together a summary of several things he and others have been working on over the past many years. His answers are hard-headed and honest. Yet…I don’t think they go far enough to reform a planet. Good reading, though.

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