December 26. 2016. Evening News

Alexandrov choir sings ‘God bless America’ in tribute posted by Russian Embassy in US (VIDEO)

Mourning the victims of Sunday’s Tu-154 plane crash in Russia, in which 92 people died, including 64 members of the renowned Alexandrov Ensemble, the Russian Embassy in the US posted on its official Twitter feed one particular song performed by the artists.

In the video, the choir and its soloist Grigory Osipov, who was on board the fateful Tu-154 flight, sing the classic patriotic anthem “God Bless America.”

Former USSR unites in mourning Tu-154 crash victims, with one exception (concert Video included) . . . once again, brutal destructiveness has united people—instead of dividing them, just the opposite of the intended effect! 


DAMASCUS: The president and the first lady paid a visit to the orphanage at Saydnaayaa on Christmas Eve. (photos)

ALEPPO:  . .  It horrifies me to tell you that the foreign spies who were holed up in Aleppo were allowed to leave with the other terrorist evacuees. This was a deal struck by the Russians and Iranians in in spite of the SAA’s objections.  As you know, 100+ Syrian soldiers were murdered by the terrorists even though they were hostages over whom the SAA conditioned any evacuation.  I am deeply ashamed to have to tellou this.  It’s not a happy day for us.

Blizzard, ice cripple Great Plains, leaving thousands without electricity (PHOTO, VIDEO)

‘Trump owes nothing to the Jewish community, he is a free agent’ – Haaretz columnist . . . Here is some indication that Trump is  independent of controlling interests. Do we  know yet if these interests are both foreign and domestic? What about his economic plans for the United States that certainly favor corporations? It seems no matter what his intentions may be that the Federal Reserve intends to have the last word, and this last word seems to be all about making Trump’s life as President difficult, with us the people once again — no matter what — getting the short end of the stick. Under our present circumstances, is there anything he can realistically do about any of this? And, just as important, is there anything We the People can do about this?

. . . Israel is now taking various steps to demonstrate its discontent summoning the envoys of countries that supported the resolution and threatening to freeze aid for UN bodies.

It may even be waiting for Donald Trump to enter the White House, where the bilateral situation may change.

RT: Summoning 14 ambassadors in one day is quite a message in the diplomatic world. But do you think such pressure will get Netanyahu where he wants to?

Gideon Levy: Netanyahu wants to give the message to the world that Israel will not agree to the resolution. But what really motivates Netanyahu is domestic politics and not international politics. He wants to show his people that he is still the strong leader that the world did not disappoint him, but he is going to disappoint the world, that he is going to show the world who is the strong one. He is playing as if he is the head of a superpower.

RT: What arguments do you think Netanyahu may have used in conversations with those ambassadors. What leverage does Israel have in this?

GL: I hope that the world will understand that the one to be accused here is Israel and Netanyahu. The world say the very clear word in the UNSC resolution, namely that their occupation is the issue. The settlements are the issue. And I am not sure that Mr. Netanyahu is in a position to teach the world a lesson. The world is teaching Israel a lesson. But this depends much on the individual states. I hope they will not get frightened by the prime minister of a rather small country whose policy the whole world is united in condemning. . . .

 Criminal probe called for Netanyahu affairs

Police have called for a full-blown criminal investigation into a corruption case involving Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

According to a report aired by Israeli’s Channel 2 on Monday, police have recently gained access to new document in a secret case which was opened some nine months ago.

Here’s How Your State Ranks On Credit Card Debt Per Household

U.S. Prepares To Sell Off Its Oil Reserves, Zerohedge

The U.S. is beginning to wind down one of the core energy security policies of the past half century as the boom in domestic drilling eases concerns about supply.

The Italian Bank Run: Monte Paschi Capital Shortfall Surges 75% To €8.8Bn Due To “Rapid Liquidity Deterioration”

While the big news last week was that Italy’s third largest bank, Monte Paschi, had been nationalized after JPM destroyed the bank’s chances of securing a private-sector rescue, and that Italy would issue up to €20 billion in public debt to fund the bailout of this, and other insolvent Italian banks, it appears there may be more moving parts to the story.

Recall that as we warned, the biggest danger for both Monte Paschi, and Italy’s banking system in general, is that retail depositor confidence in the Siena bank is shaken enough to lead to a bank run either in the world’s oldest bank, or worse, across the entire Italian banking sector, leading to a worst case probability outcome of falling bank dominoes as bank funding needs explode, resulting in even more deposit outflows, and so on in a toxic feedback loop.

To be sure, Monte Paschi’s deposit run is hardly new, and as the bank itself admitted last week, it had already suffered roughly €14 billion in deposit outflows, or 11%, in the first nine months of the year as shown in the chart below.

It turns out that  the bank run not only continued but accelerated. 

As Reuters reports this afternoon, the ECB has told Monte dei Paschi it needs to plug a capital shortfall of €8.8 billion, 76% greater than the previous €5 billion gap estimated by the bank, and which hole the entire recently failed bank recapitalization was aimed at plugging, the lender said on Monday. . . 

Israel Urges Jews To Leave France, Suspends “Working Ties” With Countries That Voted For UN Resolution, Zerohedge

Speaking at a meeting of his right-wing Yisrael Beiteinu party, Lieberman reportedly said: “Perhaps it’s time to tell the Jews of France, ‘This isn’t your country, this isn’t your land. Leave France and come to Israel’.”



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