December 27, 2016, Evening News

Note from ~Jean:

I’m hearing from more than one person that when you try to access my blog (through my email announcement) you can’t get to it – OR – some of my videos’ links don’t work, particularly the one about the incoming helium. 

Apparently, this is important information, and so it is being blocked. I tried to access the helium videos in an effort to select the best — and the site last night because of a message left by a reader, and they wouldn’t allow it – and I mean they really messed with me, so I just shut down and went to bed. Field McConnell probably has info the Russians would appreciate regarding the downing of their flight, combined with that of Sorcha Faal, all of which I posted yesterday, and I think somebody doesn’t want this info known.

I don’t think there is much anyone can do about it, excpt memorize the link to my blog and try to come here directly, and if you can’t access something on my blog, copy the title and try to access it separately — because it’s probably important. I apologize, but my blog is run by Google, and they are going to do whatever they want, regardless of how honest it is. Hugs, ~Jean

Russian military aircraft crashes en route to Syria – entire Alexandrov Ensemble choir presumed dead (UPDATES)

‘The flaps, damn it!’ Last words of doomed Tu-154 flight crew leaked to media

Nation’s Second Largest Union “Prepares To Fight-Back Against” Trump’s “Extremist-Run Government”, Zerohedge

“As we prepare to fight-back against the forthcoming attacks on working people and our communities under an extremist-run government, we know we must realign our resources and streamline our investments to buttress and broaden our movement to restore economic and democratic opportunity for all families,”

 * * * Bankrupt Sears, Brexit Becomes Bremain, & Bye-Bye ‘Peak Auto’ – Doug Kass’ 15 Surprises For 2017, Zerohedge . . .  a viewpoint on what is in store for us under the Trump Administration. . . if this is correct, do you think we will finally learn our lesson? I think it’s assessment of Trump’s personality and behavior is more accurate than I have read or heard anywhere, sad to say. The rest of the general picture he paints, I can’t speak for, because I don’t know if this writer has the larger picture of what is happening now on this planet; he may only be speaking from a financial/economic viewpoint. Generally, it ‘feels’ right to me, but  because the specifics of the companies mentioned are not something I am knowledgeable about, I can’t speak to them. After a terrific read, the writer ends with these conclusions, which also speak for me:

Conclusion: My outlook for 2017 is more gloomy than in years.

To me, the biggest surprises are (1) the abundance of complacent sheep that populate our financial markets today, (2) the rapidity in which the bloom comes off the Trump flower next year, and (3) that the market actually may do what is unexpected in 2017.

The Republican Party becomes divided and Trump’s policy support loosens. Even the newly elected president’s “A Team of Rivals” cabinet with vastly different philosophies and backgrounds becomes splintered, full of tension and conflicted, much like an episode of “The Apprentice.” Unlike President Lincoln (who neither lacked for self-confidence nor needed to be the only voice in the room) and his ornery set of advisers, Trump’s management style of an “Apprentice-like” administration does not produce constructive and cohesive policy.

With little strategic vision and a limited ability to effectively govern, the Trump administration’s popularity quickly wanes as the trade-off from a slower growth world to a late-cycle policy experiment to stimulate growth fails.

Off of Twitter, absent regular press conferences and the delay/failure of policy, Donald Trump by year-end 2017 will be less ubiquitous and harder to find than he has been for the last 18 months and more like Where’s Waldo? (see picture above — can you find the young Trump?)

All of which gets me back to the three questions that I have asked myself every morning over the last two to three years. These questions seem more appropriate to ask today than ever:

  • In a paperless and cloudy world, are investors and citizens as safe as the markets assume we are?
  • In a flat, networked and interconnected world, is it even possible for America to be an “oasis of prosperity” and a driver or engine of global economic growth?
  • With the G-8’s geopolitical coordination at an all-time low, how slow and inept will the reaction be if the wheels do come off?

— Doug’s Daily Diary, I’m Bearish in Word and Deed (March 24, 2016)

No USSR replay: ‘Russia will focus on affordable asymmetric measures’ if NATO wants arms race

I missed the following story twice, starting a week ago – simply ‘lost’ it, I guess . . .

Media blackout on death of NATO auditor – was he assassinated to cover-up NATO’s black budget?

. . . and . . . 
Newsbud Breaking News — The Coverup Begins: “NATO Chief Auditor in Charge of Terrorism Funding Murdered in Belgium” (audio interview)

Turkish President Erdogan accuses US-led coalition of supporting ISIS & other terrorist groups in Syria . . . so what is going on here? Did the US say no? Both this article and the one below are dated the same day . . . hmmm . .

Defeated by ISIS in Syria, Erdogan calls on the US

Defeated by ISIS, frightened of Russia, Turkish President Erdogan asks the US for air support to take Al-Bab.

Days after its humiliating defeat by ISIS in the struggle for the strategically important Syrian town of Al-Bab, Turkey has called on the US led international anti-ISIS coalition to provide its troops who are fighting ISIS near Al-Bab with air support. . . 

. . . The imperative political need to capture Al-Bab, combined with the reluctance to challenge the Syrians and the Russians in the air, or to confront ISIS and the YPG with Turkish conscripts on the ground, explains the request to the US. Whilst Turkey may fear the consequences of sending its own air force into action over Al-Bab, it probably calculates – almost certainly rightly – that the mighty US air force can operate there, and provide the Turkish army with the necessary air support, without having to fear interference from the Russians.

Whether the US will accede to this Turkish request is another matter. .

‘US intentionally giving weapons to extremists in Syria’

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9 Responses to December 27, 2016, Evening News

  1. Helene says:

    yes being blocked as well…cheers

  2. lecox says: is not part of the Google empire – yet.
    But all these sites face similar pressures, both economic and political.
    I think we could all benefit from moving up and out of all this Mideast muck now and again. I feel for the people who are at the center of all that violence. And I fear it could find its way to our backyards some day. But that doesn’t mean there is nothing we can do about it. We just have to rise above it now and then, as I’m sure many in the Mideast try to do.
    I also consider this whole Trump versus The World melodrama highly overrated. I certainly don’t know what Trump and his people are actually going to do or accomplish, but if it goes down as it has in the past, it won’t be much. And if it goes down differently, that will add some interest and surprise to life – I hope.

  3. Frank R says:

    Hi Jean,

    What “Helium” are you speaking about? I went to Abel Danger and saw nothing on that site ref “Helium” or did you see it at You Tube? What about “Helium” did you see…can you tell us?

    Hugs……………………Frank R

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