UPDATE: December 28, 2016, News . . . more to come :)

I feel like Bradley Loves read my ‘Day-After-Christmas’ I’very grateful that he published the following:

Mark Passio & Max Igan

This video interview – has some good information in it.

The part right up front that you will want to take note of is that there really IS a difference between right action and wrong action.

Mark gets into how reality is created IN THE AGGREGATE…, and that when many human beings are “choosing” immoral behavior (and the rest of us TOLERATE and ALLOW that…) then we COLLECTIVELY bring into manifestation a very dark world and reality.

We are all responsible FOR THIS…, because just like the BIBLE suggests:


We are there to help and guide…, but we are also there to put a STOP to what is clearly WRONG ACTION!  (Coming from our fellow humans)

We are NOT supposed to just tolerate and forgive EVERYTHING, because allowing EVIL to continue creates horror as a manifested result.

The “New Age” teaching of endless “tolerance”…, (for all things) is actually a very DESTRUCTIVE teaching from this standpoint!  And, (thanks to the Channelers) we have a lot of clean up work to do now!

 * * * 

UPDATE: OKAY!!! They actually changed my blog post/video, even removed my own comment: Check at about the 4-minute mark where he notes that this helium is the ‘classic signature of a brown dwarf!’ Here is the correct video that my Reader, F, questioned me about;

For Those With Strong Stomachs Only! (Video)  from Bradley Loves

[No matter how I try to access it, this video is being BLOCKED, but keep on trying, because eventually you might get lucky! This, of course, invites the HUGE question: WHY do they feel the need to block it? ~J]

Bradley says: This video is a collection of all of the information so far on Pizza Gate!It is well done and very informative…, yet contains ideas which some people could find disturbingIf you are a real TRUTH WARRIOR…, then you will want to know!  Use Caution.

 * * *  

Another view on Trump

Published on Dec 27, 2016

Will the Trump Administration be going on the offensive against the Clintons? Wall Street analyst and financial expert Warren Pollock contends, “When you have a school of piranhas circling you, it’s hard to attack them because they are all over the place nipping at you. What he has to do is kill the leader of the school. He just has to do that, and there is no doubt in my mind. With the Clintons, he offered an olive branch, and he said look, they are not bad people, go away so I can conduct the business of this nation and of the people. That’s exactly what he said to them. . . . The Clintons just totally ignored that olive branch, and they are going to impede his progress at every turn. Therefore, he has no choice . . . and he has to kill one of these large players. . . . He needs to make an example of someone large so the nipping goes away. . . . If they won’t shut up and let him do his job, then he has to kill them, and kill them he will because he won’t leave them wounded. If the Clintons are wounded, then there is nothing stopping them from coming back at him. It’s a fight to the death, and the Clintons are driving that fight.”

Pollock also predicts a “9% yield on the 10-year Treasury, and it will happen sooner than you think.” Pollock also contends that the real estate markets in the so-called blue states are “75% overvalued” and will crash in the next recession. That, too, according to Pollock, will happen sooner than you think.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with analyst and Wall Street financial expert Warren Pollock.

All links can be found on nUSAWatchdog.com: http://usawatchdog.com/trump-inherits…

If you need a little light in your life this morning—thanks to a Reader:  

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12 Responses to UPDATE: December 28, 2016, News . . . more to come :)

  1. Frank R says:

    Hi Jean,

    A bit late for a comment on the Helium Video but I need to reiterate that if the Cabal KNEW this was coming then why would they have started so many long term programs to kill us off? It may well be true that Nibiru or Planet X or whatever you wish to call it does come by every 3,600 years and that it indeed causes some local havoc in areas around our world.

    That being said I am MORE concerned that just as the Cabal says……..”Don’t let a good crisis go to waste” I believe they also might say “Don’t let a good natural catastrophe go to waste” and they may use all the weapons and secret technologies at their disposal to increase this natural catastrophe’s magnitude in their favor to obtain the outcome they desire and thus blame it all on Mother Nature.

    Hugs…………………Frank R

    • Jean says:

      I’m not sure about Nibiru, but I’m not worrying about it. That is the leat of our problems, as you say, because the cabal will use it, just as you say, to work their nasty deeds on those who are still asleep. It may be too late, however, for them to awaken. I just don’t know anymore! Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Frannie Robinson says:

    * * *
    Hi Jean, did you see this one on Pizzagate? OMG! ! !

    This exposé could be titled “Everything you ever wanted to know about Pizzagate (and Pedogate), but were afraid to ask!”

    PIZZAGATE: A Special Report on the Washington, D.C. Pedophilia Scandal


    The Cover Is Blown Off The Ongoing Worldwide C.I.A. Black Pedo-Operation


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  5. Naomi says:

    Thank you for speaking of tolerance and forgiveness. I came to the same conclusions about the New Age a while ago. I have been troubled and resistant to forgiveness. There is something built into it that is an escape clause. I believe the abuser escapes the karmic debt and passes it on in the form of ancestral karma.

    • Jean says:

      Naomi, instead of answering you personally, I decided to offer my thoughts to everyone . . . see my recent post. . . Forgiveness is a task we set ourselves. It takes a long time to achieve it – many months, or even years. When I had gotten enough of the picture of my life to understand that it has literally been stolen from me, with no thought for me at all, the rage I experienced was a terrible thing. It came in waves and went on for days, to the point I thought it would kill me. My therapist said it would not, nut when it was over, it would be over, and she was right. The understanding of my parents and their took longer, because it became necessary for me to gradually distance myself from my past before I could begin to see clearly.

      The fact was that my parents also had choices – and they didn’t choose wisely. Yet, particularly for my mother, there wasn’t much choice for her. . . but that would take a book to explain. After my father raped, abused, and tried to kill me, he could have repented, but he did not. Instead, he chose to blame me for the destruction of his life and tried to destroy my own life (probably unconsciously) every time I tired to free myself.

      My healing, which has taken many, many years felt like I was on a cross, and not of my own making. All of us who suffer are a result of the sick sexual dynamics that exist in our lives, and as I have already said, the cabal knows well what they do. We bear the brunt of their Satanic beliefs, and I truly think it is time for us to stop tolerating this ways of life that has been inflicted on us.

      So, yes, while forgiveness is important, because with it comes understanding of how and why it has happened , I really don’t want to live around abusive people, and maybe you can begin to understand my thinking. Give yourself the gift of freedom to say that enough is enough!

      Love and hugs,

      PS I have been forced to live pretty much in isolation, but I am at peace with myself and keep busy. It is far easier than trying to dance around the many issues that people present – in order to maintain friendships that aren’t reality based. 🙂

  6. DET says:

    Hi Jean,
    have a look at this video; it is only a few seconds and
    I think you would not regret it.

    • Jean says:

      No, I don’t regret it, DET, and I advise everyone else to view it as well. When will humanity think about its fellow human beings in the same way? I published a video about humans saving animals – so beautiful that I couldn’t add there what I will add here: Why is it that we find it so easy to open our hearts to animals, but not our fellow human beings? Something is very wrong here, don’t you think? Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      PS If I could import it easily, I would 🙂

      • Hildegard says:

        Something IS wrong here Jean. SO much.We’ve been conditioned and taught to believe LOVE is the greatest most valuable thing in the world yet prevented at every single turn from a young age to express it’s the surest way to break the spirit if a human being and make him sad and easy to manipulate. Osho talks a lot about this in the book “The Koan of Relationships; Love, Freedom, and Aloneness” HIGHLY recommended. It’s a book you can open up and start reading any where and be enlightened and encouraged.

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