UPDATE: December 29, 2016, Evening News, Special Focus!!!

UPDATE  http://spaceweather.com

HERE COMES THE SOLAR WIND (AGAIN): 2016 might get one more blast of Arctic auroras before the year is over.  Another stream of solar wind is heading for Earth, and it could arrive before New Year’s Eve. Monitor the realtime aurora gallery for sightings.

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Voting doesn’t change anything with our present political machine! says David —and he speaks about Donald and his cabinet. If you’re into reality, this is worth your time!

!!! Wake up Trump! Putting America First And Support For Israel Are Polar Opposite Ideas . . . I think he knows what he is doing, but does he have a choice? Let’s watch and see.

Mr. Trump, stop being played as a dumb ass by Jewish-Americans. Every American soldier, Marine, and U.S. civilian who has died or been wounded or maimed since Osama bin Laden declared war on the United States in 1996 has been the victim — in significant part — of the record of slavish and largely unquestioning U.S. support for Israel’s national security interests.

This kind of policy requires the utter abandonment of all the tenets inherent in the concept of America First. Together, your selection for ambassador to Israel — a supporter of West Bank settlements; that is, the brazen theft of Palestinian land — and your promise to move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem will do four disastrous things: they will kill and maim more U.S. military personnel; decrease U.S. national security; prolong America’s Islam war by decades; and irreparably rupture the trust of your political base’s faith in your promise of putting America first. Proceed in the direction you are setting and you will be from the first day of your presidency nothing more than one more post-1945 U.S. president who is a slave to Israel’s national security interests, and the hapless pawn of disloyal Jewish Americans, their organizations, and their journals.

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DAMASCUS: The Supreme Command of the Syrian Arab Armed Forces has just announced a comprehensive cease fire all across Syrian land effective at zero hour (12:00 a.m.) on December 30, 2016.  The cease fire will not, however, include ISIS, Nusra/Alqaeda or any affiliates (e.g. Ahraar Al-Shaarm) of these two terrorist groups. I wrote yesterday about…

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5 Responses to UPDATE: December 29, 2016, Evening News, Special Focus!!!

  1. Jay says:

    Perfect Inauguration song – Carrie Underwood – Undo It https://youtu.be/ywtJYvDBKek via @YouTube

  2. Frank R says:

    Hi Jean,

    I have been SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS FOR 8 YEARS NOW. The entire political systems of government in almost ALL countries worldwide IS THE PROBLEM. They have to go….be destroyed and rebuilt from the ground up with the strictest of controls put in place by the citizens of each country. No country I know of with maybe the exception of Iceland have any real control over their Governments.

    Those forms of representative government are antiquated and outdated and were required due to the lack of communication abilities and rapid speed of flowing information required for citizens to make quick decisions concerning their governments actions.

    We are LONG past the point of eliminating Political Parties and Politicians and replacing them with employees who are subject to the same rules as the citizens. I cannot believe that here it is 2016 and we still have Political Parties (all bought and paid for), Lobbyists (all bought and paid for), Corporations who even write legislation benefiting their owners or their industry (all bought and paid for) and the people simply stand there fat…dumb and happy in the slaughter house line.


    Hugs and Much Love………………Frank R

    • Jean says:

      Frank, I hear every single word you are saying, loud an clear!!! Now, we must simply wait until others get it – and how long that will take, I really do not know. This is something people must see/understand/decide for themselves. Sometimes I get so angry, because I don’t know if I will survive to see it happen, but I believe it will. IMO, people aren’t thinking clearly, and they don’t realize we aren’t going anywhere at all here on planet earth until enough of us get it to make it happen. Everyone is still hoping someone is going to do it for us! I’m tellin’ ya’, it ain’t gonna happen!!!

      Thanks and hugs,

  3. Alex says:

    On David Icke. I like the man. That being said I think he is being a bit knee Jerk about Trump. The people Trump is bringing in are being put there for a reason. Steven Mnuchin was a very early supporter of Trump and took a lot of heat when for others it was easy to toe the establishment line. All I am saying is, Trump has not taken office yet. Yes we need to hold his feet to the fire, but can we “watch” for a bit and see what the man does?

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