UPDATES (more): December 29, 2016, News

UPDATE on Russian Sanctions:

US Announces Sanctions Against Russia, Expels 35 Diplomats In Retaliation For Election “Hacking”, Zerohedge

As promised (or threatened), the Obama administration has just unveiled – via US Treasury – new sanctions against Russia over election hacking allegations (that as yet have not been supported by any actual evidence). Despite president-elect Trump’s comments that “we ought to get on with our lives,” the sanctions apply to five entities and six individuals. In addition, US officials are reportedly expelling 35 Russian diplomats, for what could be unrelated actions. . . .

UPDATE on Syria:

Russia, Turkey & Iran ready to be guarantors in resolving Syrian crisis – Russian defense minister

Commenting on the development, the US State Department described it as a “positive development” and expressed hopes that the truce would hold.

“Any effort that stops the violence, saves lives, and creates the conditions for renewed and productive political negotiations would be welcome,” spokesman Mark Toner said, as cited by Reuters. “We hope it will be implemented fully and respected by all parties.”

The US was not part of the trilateral talks between Russia, Turkey and Iran that resulted in the peace deal. Toner was previously grilled by journalists, who asked him whether the US’s absence signified dwindling influence of Washington over the situation in the Middle East.


Trump’s choice for Israeli Ambassador makes Netanyahu look like a left-wing defeatist . . . I’m recalling now that someone has said that Trump likes to fight, and it looks like with this appointment there is great potential for just that.

By Israeli standards, Donald Trump’s designated Ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, is an extreme right-winger. He might find a place in the settler movement or with Naftali Bennett’s Habayit Hayehudi Party, but only on its right-wing fringes. He makes Benjamin Netanyahu seem like a left-wing defeatist. From where Friedman stands, most Israelis, never mind most American Jews, are more or less traitors.

. . . Friedman would be a different kind of envoy altogether, on the assumption that his appointment is approved, which, to my mind, is far from certain. Friedman has expressed opinions that are considered radical even in today’s more right-wing Israel. He opposes a two-state solution, supports settlements and advocates annexation, has denigrated President Obama as an anti-Semite, questioned the citizenship of Israeli Arabs, compared J Street to Holocaust-era kapos and so on. It’s good he’ll be coming with diplomatic immunity: For some of his articles and statements, Friedman could get arrested by the Israeli police on suspicion of incitement.


There will be no partition of Syria, by Sharine Narwani, RT- Op-Edge . . . this extremely articulate article is a MUST READ

East Aleppo is liberated, and regime-change has lost its luster. It’s no surprise Syria’s foes are ready to promote the next big goal: partition. Like most Syrian conflict predictions, of which few have materialized, the ‘partition’ of Syria is not going to happen.

In February, when East Aleppo was still bulging with Western-trained, Al Qaeda-allied militants, Syrian President Bashar Assad was asked the question: “Do you think that you can regain control over all Syrian territory?” 

Well, yes, said Assad: “This is a goal we are seeking to achieve without any hesitation. It makes no sense for us to say that we will give up any part.”

Western politicians were having none of that.

Agreement reached on ceasefire in Syria & readiness to start peace talks – Putin

Syria ceasefire deal: What we know so far

‘Syria ceasefire: New realities on ground before Trump takes office’, RT Op-Edge, various analysts

A new Syrian ceasefire organized between Moscow and Ankara is the beginning of a turnaround by the Turks and a setback for American diplomacy, experts told RT.

Russian President Vladimir Putin confirmed Thursday an agreement has been reached on a ceasefire in Syria and the start of peace talks. The truce will come into force at 00.00 December 30.

“Great work has been done in cooperation with our partners from Turkey. We know that only recently there was a trilateral meeting in Moscow of the foreign ministers of Russia, Turkey, and Iran, where all of the nations made obligations not only to control but also to act as guarantors of the peace process in Syria,” Putin said.

The truce will include seven major opposition groups with over 60,000 opposition fighters across Syria.

Moscow also hopes US President-elect Donald Trump’s administration will join other countries in their efforts to settle the Syrian crisis, said Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Americans admire Obama more than Trump; Clinton most admired woman – [Gallup]  poll

Anti-Russia sanctions? Trump says ‘nobody knows what’s going on’

His [a Russian diplomat’s] statement comes amid media reports that the incoming administration may take steps towards mending Washington and Moscow’s badly bruised relationship. According to German magazine Bild, Trump is looking to lift sanctions on Russia, as has been recommended by American political heavyweight Henry Kissinger recommendations.

The article adds that Kissinger, who was secretary of state and national security advisor during the Nixon administration, has “clear ideas” about the future relations of the two nuclear superpowers.

Russia: Mass Graves Full Of Tortured Civilians Discovered In Aleppo, Zerohedge

Liberation of Aleppo represents US’s most serious setback in 15 years- Professor Tim Anderson

Many things have changed during the war on Syria. The Syrian alliance has beaten back powerful NATO-GCC forces. The Muslim Brotherhood and its patrons in Egypt, Qatar and Turkey have received another beating. Egypt and Iraq now support Syria. The Saudis have joined with Israel

 * * * 

Is 100% Of “US Warming” Due To NOAA Data Tampering?, Zerohedge

When presented with my claims of fraud, NOAA typically tries to arm wave it away with these two complaints.

  1. They use gridded data and I am using un-gridded data.
  2. They “have to” adjust the data because of Time Of Observation Bias and station moves.

Both claims are easily debunked. . . . 

Latest feat of Chinese engineering will leave you dizzy (VIDEOS, PHOTOS)

Beijing targets economic growth with $500bn rail expansion

Winter wonderland: Russia gets in New Year mood with amazing festive-themed transport (PHOTOS)

Major Russian bank wipes out Tu-154 plane crash victims’ debt

again Iran and Syria. Russia has built stronger bonds with Syria and Iran. The Arab league, having backed the destruction of two Arab states, seems all but dead. Will the new, enhanced ‘Axis of Resistance’ take its place?

 * * * 

PIZZAGATE: A Special Report on the Washington, D.C. Pedophilia Scandal 

The Cover Is Blown Off The Ongoing
Worldwide C.I.A. Black Pedo-Operation

Pizzagate Represents Only a Single American Franchise Within
a Worldwide Child Trafficking Operation Known As Pedogate

PizzaGate Citizen’s Investigation Cyber-conference
State of the Nation

Special Note:
This important message is meant for members of the Seen.life Pizzagate public group, the VOAT Pizzagate investigation, the former contributors to the Pizzagate sub-reddit, and the many citizen journalists, researchers and investigators dedicated to exposing Pizzagate truth.  The following “Special Report” provides a big picture context that is necessary to correctly understand what Pizzagate is really all about.  What has been uncovered thus far is certainly HUGE by any standard.  However, compared to the global Pedogate crime syndicate, Pizzagate is just one of many similar pedophilia rings that dot the globe. The crucial point is that now that Pizzagate has been blown wide open as a CIA operation, it is time to direct precious time and attention to the many other pedophile scandals around the world.  Yes, Pizzagate is the key, but they have cleaned up that particular crime scene so much that further clues will be more difficult to unearth.  That was the very purpose of the false flag gunman who showed up at Comet Ping Pong–to provide cover for law enforcement to scour the premises of any evidence that might be found by an on-site investigator.  Nevertheless, every journalist ought to be aware that it is Pizzagate that will ultimately take down World Shadow Government that unlawfully controls the US Government and every other Western power.

The Internet is now overwhelmed by misinformation, disinformation and false information about the Washington, D.C. scandal known primarily as Pizzagate.

This alarming report has been prepared to provide both the global context and additional perspective for concerned people throughout the entire planetary civilization.  Pedogate is going on practically everywhere.

For newcomers to this subject material, it is especially urgent to read this entire “Special Report” so that the Pizzagate lexicon and Pedogate back story can be properly understood.  We also highly recommend the following excellent ebook: PIZZAGATE FOR DUMMIES for those who are unfamiliar with the Pizzagate back story.


Pedogate is Global, Pizzagate is Local

Many have complained that Pizzagate should be called Pedogate.

In fact, Pizzagate is just one of many Pedogates occurring around the world at this very moment.  As the title indicates, “Pizzagate Represents Only a Single American Franchise Within a Worldwide Child Trafficking Operation Known As Pedogate“.


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7 Responses to UPDATES (more): December 29, 2016, News

  1. Jay says:

    “Of course the people don’t want war. But after all, it’s the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it’s always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it’s a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger.”
    — Herman Goering at the Nuremberg trials

  2. Pamela Brant says:

    Dear Jean,,

    I am writing to express my gratitude to you for ALL you do to publish the real news. Your efforts in this endeavor are exceptional.

    When you had to take a break a year so ago, looking for legitimate news was nearly an impossibility.

    May the new year bring you good health and happiness!

    In grattude,


    • Jean says:

      Pamela, thank you so much for these words! I do appreciate them!

      I posted a second post a couple hours ago for today, and they simply disappeared it. So much for freedom to speak our minds. This is so utterly sick!


  3. Bill says:

    Jean – This is part of the same “black” operations going on in Syria that resulted in the missile into a “Rebel” command post bunker killing 3 US and 2 Israeli soldiers. It’s pretty evident that everyone in the international arena is aware of the support the ISIS/Al Whatever/rebels have been getting in the attempt to overthrow Assad, coming from the US administration/State Department/CIA. The Russian special forces working with the Syrian troops have repeatedly told of finding weapons, missiles and artillery shells marked made in the USA among the battle debris.

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