December 31, 2016, Afternoon News

U.S-Israel foreign policy collision

How will all this impact the new Trump administration?

Having tweeted, “Stay strong Israel, January 20th is fast approaching,” and having named a militant Zionist as his ambassador, Trump is certain to tilt U.S. policy heavily toward Israel.

Politically, this will bring rewards in the U.S. Jewish community.

The Republican Party will become the “pro-Israel” party, while the Democrats can be portrayed as divided and conflicted, with a left wing that is pro-Palestine and sympathetic to sanctions on Israel.

And the problem for Trump in a full embrace of Bibi? . . . 

Israel’s never-ending crimes: It’s not just settlements . . .Ever since I was in these camps in 1958 in southern Lebanon, I have followed the horrible crimes of Israel, who always gets away with it. Why? Who is allowing it? What sort of people permit this? Will Trump continue Israel’s support — Obama just gave it $38 bn?  Please, take the time to read what has been going on there endlessly for the last 68 years.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just declassified 400,000 documents that expose child trafficking and a child sex ring in Washington. 

Following Obama’s decision to abstain at the U.N. Security Council earlier in the week, Netanyahu has warned him that he is willing to release information that will potentially damage powerful people in Washington.

From now on,” Netanyahu said, “with one touch of the keyboard everyone will have access to the documents and can trace what happened to the children.”


Israel on Wednesday made public for the first time some 400,000 pages of documents related to the fate of the missing Yemenite children of the 1950s, something Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said was meant to “correct the historical injustice” of hiding the fate of the children.

“It is difficult to believe that for almost 70 years, people did not know what happened to their children,” Netanyahu said. “And as difficult as the reality may be, we are not willing for this to continue.”

The video above is played twice – the second time with a more accurate translation. . .

* * *

Bombshell: Court Rules Trump ‘Required By Law’ To Pursue Clinton 

The militarization of America – Army, Navy, Air Force, EPA

From the halls of Montezuma to the shores of – EPA? If sending Marines, Navy Seals, and Delta force to the world’s trouble spots doesn’t work, we could also send the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), or the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS). Both agencies have military equipment, weapons, SWAT teams, drones, and highly trained “Special Agents;” so do many others not traditionally considered law enforcement agencies.

A new report from transparency watchdog group Open the Books documents an explosion in the number of federal agencies with gun-toting, badge-wielding law enforcement divisions. The report, called “The Militarization of America” details the astonishing scope of federal police power. There are now over 200,000 federal officers with arrest and firearm authority, in a whopping 67 different federal agencies.

That is remarkable when you consider there are only 182,000 U.S. Marines. Those 67 federal agencies – 53 of which are not law enforcement agencies – spent a total of $1.48 billion on guns, ammunition, and military-style equipment between 2006 and 2014.

UN Security Council unanimously approves Russian-drafted resolution on Syria ceasefire

New Year’s present: Russia gives Syria airborne hospital . . . and what has the West contributed . . .

Locked Out . . . nightmare time for Levoy Finnicum’s widow and for the Bundys, political prisoners, all

Her husband will never return to trail the cows to winter range again, but Jeanette Finicum is determined that she will get the job done, eventually.

Although she’s provided a check to fully cover fines assessed over the last year, the Arizona rancher continues to be locked out of both her winter and summer grazing ranges.

Jeanette, whose husband Robert “LaVoy” Fincium was shot and killed by Oregon State Troopers last January, has managed grazing decisions on their northern Arizona ranch alone since his Jan. 26, 2016 death.

Pounding staples, doctoring sick calves and putting out mineral are on Jeanette’s list of tasks to complete throughout the year. Those are the easy jobs. She can soon add a much more painful item to the list: filing suit against the Bureau of Land Management. She plans to file suit within the next two weeks.

“My husband is dead because he went out to help the Hammonds. He stood for them and now they (the federal government) are trying real hard to make an example out of my husband. This is what will happen if you dare stand up. It’s like they are saying ‘you get in your place and don’t get out of it again or we’ll put you in solitary confinement or we’ll kill you.’ That’s what I see happening — innocent people are in jail right now.” Jeanette Finicum

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8 Responses to December 31, 2016, Afternoon News

  1. beLIEve says:


    • Jean says:

      Thanks, BeLIEve! I’m going to try to take it easy for the ret of the day. They mesed with my electrical system, and I had to reset it. Not nice . . . sick, but it could be worse 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  2. JustMe says:

    That Jerusalem Post article on the documents Bibi released doesn’t say a thing about a Washington pedophile ring. Very misleading.

  3. says:

    Hi Jean, Do you know anything about the iraqi dinar revaluing? Thank you, Keith Frank

    • Jean says:

      No, Frank, I’m sorry, but I don’t. I do know there is lots of speculation about it even being viable anymore . . but this is something to which I cannot speak. Sooner or later, currencies are going to have to be revalued . . . and what that will actually mean, I don’t know. It may be a wait and see situation. Hugs, ~Jean

  4. Captain says:

    It seems folks need to chill out regarding their speculations of what Trump ‘will do.’ The man is a strategist, rarely revealing his final move until all the chess pieces are in position. He has been known to mis-lead people until his final move. He’s not the tiddly-wink dink currently playing at being president.
    Meanwhile, more evidence that Obama is intent on leaving the WH (and the USA) in total chaos:

    • Jean says:

      Captain, like everyone I really want Trump to be the real deal. So far, I am not reading that he is. Whether he is, or isn’t does remain to be seen, but as things unfold, we will have an important record of what has been said to which we can refer, things we won’t have to dredge up again, or try to reconstruct if confusion and chaos begin to develop. The record will be there for all of us to look at. If you can find positive stories, please link them here. I’m sure we are all interested.

      BTW, being a truthseeker isn’t easy for me right now: I’m losing friends over this . . . 🙂 but then I have to ask myself what sort of friends are they – really?


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