January 1, 2017, Evening News, Special . . . listen up, folks!!!

Pizzagate, Occult Things Underground,

and A Possible Sarin Gas Subway Attack
In Relation To The Upcoming Inauguration?

Seems with the all over the place pedo-signage for the Golden Triangle, they are reveling in marking territory.

What do people think of the large designer images at Heathrow celebrating the London Underground?


Could someone in London go shoot pictures of them all and find out what firm did them? Even in just these few images, they are practically laughing that there is something sick going on underground and aren’t they cleverly art-y about it?

You can see a child in a strange pose. http://exopolitics.blogs.com/.a/6a00d8341c73dd53ef01bb095ce6e1970d-pi

And there is a child’s writing, saying “under where?” (Yes, where?) Or is it a play on underwear?) http://exopolitics.blogs.com/.a/6a00d8341c73dd53ef01bb095ce75e970d-pi

And others are sexual or “modern” sexual symbols (circles and straight lines intersecting) or creepy in their own way. [http://exopolitics.blogs.com/.a/6a00d8341c73dd53ef01b8d243a308970c-pi]

Here’s another. http://exopolitics.blogs.com/.a/6a00d8341c73dd53ef01b7c8b9e33c970b-pi

This one is hard to read. A better photograph would help


This much could be read from the poster.

…. the “ole mole”

revolution hollows

out chambers in a

decomposed soil

repugnant to the

delicate nose of the


So, are pizzagate investigators and normal human beings who don’t want anyone – especially not children – raped, tortured, murdered and eaten, the “utopians.”

Hollows out?  Chambers?  Decomposed?  Repugnant? Nose?  Look at those words on their own. What images come to mind?

“Decomposed soil” is not repugnant.

There were many more posters, and some with more writing that it might be good to get clear photos of.

The article begins with “Moles” in DC, in an article entitled Imagining D.C.’s underground history about a defunct Connecticut Avenue tram system running up Connecticut near Comet Ping Pong.


There are also old sections of the London Underground that are not being used.


The image across the first picture is of an abandoned prison. Somehow that was unsettling in the pizzagate context of child trafficking and rape.

The final link in the article is this one – 

Yo! Good People Looking Into Pizzagate, Better Look Into The Subways and Water Systems, too

and is also about what’s underground, this time across the US – its subway systems (and what’s been done there recently by DHS) and its underground water systems (which they appear to have been tampered with by unknown parties. These underground systems have potentially been set up for horrific things. Could this be done before or used during the inauguration to prevent Trump from taking office?

And what do you know, ISIS is said to be planning to use sarin gas in subways. ISIS Subway Nerve Gas Attack in US, EU, West’s Nightmare

An Israeli intelligence researcher says a successful nerve gas attack perpetrated by a Japanese doomsday cult, which killed dozens and wounded over a 1,000 others could be a working template for ISIS, and like-minded terrorists against the United States or Europe, Israel Defense wrote on Sunday.

Basing his thesis on the triple release of sarin nerve gas on the Tokyo subway system, carried out by five members of the Aum Shinrikyo cult in 1995, Ronen Solomon noted recent threats by ISIS to carry out similar strikes deep within the New York and Paris subways.

Solomon is a widely quoted intelligence analyst, and regularly appears in a number of Israeli and international publications, focusing on the nexus between information-gathering, terrorism, and the mideast.

“The emerging concern is that ISIS activists holding western nationalities will be able to lay their hands on unconventional weapons (chemicals and biological toxins) from Syrian stockpiles and possibly smuggle them into Europe in order to carry out attacks in subways,” Solomon said.

Such an attack was “imminent,” according to Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, ,

Expert warns ISIS have stash of sarin and mustard gas

Thanks to George Webb’s work we know it was Hillary Clinton, not the US government who was shipping stores of sarin gas to ISIS and who would have a reason to not want Trump inaugurated.

Yo! Good People Looking Into Pizzagate, Better Look Into The Subways and Water Systems, too

shows the CIA has used subways to deliver toxic stuff before though it was more concerned with ebola-rabies, made in the US and coming with vaccines produced by one of Hillary Clinton’s very top-run donors, Bill Gates. Rockefeller is another big donor and together they run the WHO, and it’s the WHO that is shipping arms to Syria in UN trucks and the WHO which would declare a pandemic emergency that allows the UN and WHO to take over the US. They appear to have already hellishly fiddled with Obamacare in preparation. http://exopolitics.blogs.com/ebolagate/2014/11/to-attorney-generals-of-all-states-opposing-obamacare-it-includes-illegal-foreign-coding-for-beheadi.html There’s martial law to be achieved and billions to be made on vaccines.

And the CDC, which is run by the CIA (which is itself controlled, a top donor to CF) is already Johnny-on-the-spot with massively unconstitutional regulations around vaccines and seizing people (and which could also be used to take children).  These regulations actually increase the already outrageous asset stripping of people and the country’s resources built into Bush’s pandemic laws, which are in no way related to health.  And who declares a pandemic? – the WHO run by two of CF’s biggest donors – Gates, and Rockefeller – both involved in producing vaccines.

Things keep coming back around to the Clinton Foundation, to Hillary, and to her donors and their rapaciousness and if one watches the Webb videos, it’s hard to not come away stunned by their apparent willingness to kill anyone for what they want. Maybe as people realize that the WHO – a “health” organization, is shipping arms to terrorists (and possibly sarin gas, not just stingers) in UN trucks, it makes it more possible to believe that the WHO inserted something heinous into Obamacare, with special attention paid to the one means of “legal execution” they list that says “specified means” but is left unspecified. What is worse than beheading that it needs to be hidden or done underground?  Pizzagate investigators concerned about satanic ritual abuse of children might have an idea.

And why beheading? It seems it has occult value for bringing in the NWO

If we don’t think the NWO is the way to good things for anyone, including little children, the subways and water systems might need to be checked out by the FBI and loyal military and by everybody else able to help or whistleblow. The inauguration may not be pleasing some people and while some are on the lookout for bombs and other such things, these occult satanists seem to have an affinity for underground harm.

Perhaps someone might reach George Webb?

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13 Responses to January 1, 2017, Evening News, Special . . . listen up, folks!!!

  1. beLIEve says:

    I posted a “comment” here 3rd January reference the UNDERGROUND focused articles.

    My comment included a brief synopsis of Mr Cati’s recent ANTARCTICA video, reference the possible INTENTION of the EL-iteS to…MOVE the SOUTH POLE a few degrees WEST aka hundreds of miles.
    Antarctica and the Lost Ancient Civilization Discussion

    The resulting CARNAGE may be PERPETRATED under the COVER STORY of a non-existent NIBIRU and the only SAFE place will be UNDERGROUND.

    The UNDERGROUND references may well be LUCIFERIAN PROTOCOLS aka ….
    WE told you the UNDERGROUND was the place to BE….thereby ABSOLVING themsELVES from
    all blame reference the GENOCIDE of ManKIND.
    THEY are apparently obliged to WARN VICTIMS of the FATES about to BEFALL them, in advance of all “events”.

    • beLIEve says:

      THEY are INTERFERRING on a GRAND SCALE with my ACCESS to the INTERNET, including what is VISIBLE to me from your site !

      I can only imagine THEY are CONCERNED about the QUALITY & QUANTITY of INFORMATION being REVEALED.

      My ORIGINAL Mr Cati comment was posted @ 4:59 pm January 2nd.

      When I first checked if my comment had been posted by you THERE WAS NO SIGN OF MY COMMENT.

      When I posted a SECOND COMMENT …….
      asking if my first comment had been received……….

      MY FIRST Mr Cati …COMMENT….has been AWAITING MODERATION for …48 HOURS.ish…..ACCORDING to the SCREEN……. displaying the postings on your site.

      ALTRNATIVELY……the “intell” MUSHROOMS……are presenting me with a FALSE REPRESENTATION….of what is on your site.


      YOU ARE HITTING the NAIL on the HEAD and …themsELVES….are ….UPSET……HA HA HA.

    • Jay says:

      I would like to make a comment on the inauguration and the threat of sabotage. I live near Washington DC and in 2016 the Metro tunnels were shutdown on many days for “improvements”. The number of time work was done was clearly excessive. With the world the way it is we are all becoming suspicious.

      • Jean says:

        Jay, this info was forwarded to the author of these articles, who has responded that she hadn’t yet spoken with anyone, was wondering, and appreciates your input. This is how we get info out . . . by sharing . . . as you have done. Many thanks and hugs, ~Jean

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  3. paulagloria says:

    Not sure what you mean Patricia, I only glanced through it but I do not trust the whole Pizzagate thingThe real story is about Franklin and the Omaha Nebraska child trafficking to DC during the S&L bail out decades ago

    THE FRANKLIN SCANDAL – A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & BetrayalFrancisco Figueira1 year ago29,952 viewsThe Franklin Scandal: A Story of Powerbrokers, Child Abuse & Betrayal: http://franklinscandal.com/ The FRANKLIN SCANDAL is …

  4. Jay says:

    Uber driver helps rescue girl out of sex trafficking. How to identify & Rescue a Victim http://prepareforchange.net/2017/01/02/19763/ via @pfc_net

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