January 2, 2017, News

Besides Simon’s always-of-interest initial update on our present situation, At 30′ he comments on the soul history of Donald Trump 🙂

Cosmic False Flag being planned? NONE of the ETS are hostile; this is a means to keep the wars going!!! Technologies are already available to clean up and create a ‘new’ the earth!!!!

Towards the end of David’s video, after interviews with Estonians,he speaks of the hidden hand of government that keeps us at war, worth your time.

 * * * 

The Truth Perspective: Interview with Douglas Valentine: The CIA As Organized Crime

Possibly Related: For The First Time Since World War II, No US Carriers Are Deployed Anywhere In The World    . . . and . . . US Notifies Russia Of Redeployment To Mexican Border Of Tactical Nuclear Weapons My question: If there is any truth to the above, is this an Obama setup for a pre-emptive confrontation of the CIA with Trump right after his inauguration? The CIA runs drugs through Mexico City (a City State like the Vatican, The City of London, and Washington, D.C.); this is the way it pays for its operations. Trump has to know this, and I would think he also has to gain immediate control over the CIA if he is to survive. 

Maria Zakharova: Obama Admin Threatened Russia Would “Feel Pain” for Intervening in Syria – Proved That Evil Is Claimed Right of Mightiest Nation

How A United Iran, Russia, & China Are Changing The World, Zerohedge

‘Uneven and unspectacular’: The global economic outlook for 2017, Reuters

U.S. Healthcare Is A Global Outlier (And Not In A Good Way), Zerohedge

With all that money being poured into healthcare, surely the U.S. must be getting better care in contrast to other high income countries.

At least, that’s what one would think.

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10 Responses to January 2, 2017, News

  1. Frank R says:

    Hi Jean……….

    As it has been with me of late I am a bit late with this comment. You know I have always been a big Greer fan and have even seen him live and spoken with him…read all his books etc..etc. I will be addressing this video with you in the information I am still working on that is just for you. It is complex and goes with the NASA stuff and other information I will be sharing.

    In brief, I believe that Dr. Greer BELIEVES everything he has been told and I know for a fact he has experienced much personally. I have recently discovered that all may not be what it appears. Remember what I learned from you? It’s what they don’t talk about that can be be telling. And their may be good reasons for it. Give me another week or so.

    Much Love and Hugs……………….Frank R

  2. JustMe says:

    None of the ETs are hostile? That’s a bold statement.

    • Jean says:

      JustMe, I doubt very much you have listened to this entire video, probably one of the most important I have published. Steven Greer has proof! If you can disprove his words, please share a link . . . It’s upsetting when people don’t give others a chance to state their case before sounding off. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  3. Captain says:

    Some follow-up: http://www.infowars.com/sitting-ducks-every-single-active-u-s-navy-aircraft-carrier-currently-sitting-in-port-against-protocol/
    Many posts regarding Pizzagate on here: http://www.philosophers-stone.co.uk/
    And some insights: http://stevepieczenik.com/obama-tries-to-look-tough-in-last-days/
    Note: I would not consider all ets to be harmless. Lot of the current problems on this earth is due to ets./aliens/ inner earth beings. Hitler and his scientists were aided by ets (even seen in photos with him on youutbe.) Perhaps the simplest explanation I heard was from Ramtha, to consider them the same as your neighbors – some you can trust, some you cannot.

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