January 3, 2017, News

Note from ~Jean: There is so much info beyond headlines that can’t be assimilated quickly, like Clif High’s two posts yesterday. Please review them carefully.  My two ‘listen-up’ Specials are also important, possibly in the very near future. I ask you to take them very seriously.

Below are two more important posts that take time to read and understand, along with Mark Passio’s accompanying video. I have listened to Mark’s explanation, and my experience tells me it is totally valid. We need to recognize that each of us has been abused, some more and some less, and if we want to move into higher consciousness, we each need to take the time to heal. IMO, there is no other way to get there. Yes, we have a choice, and it is yours to make.

We are here to become masters of light, and light by its nature has two components: light AND dark. We need to master both so we can maintain the balance between the two. Avoiding the dark isn’t going to get anyone to a state of light mastery, or into higher consciousness. . . . I feel sure I will lose readers over this, but that is your choice, one that I have no desire to dictate or control. I am only speaking my truth on my blog.

This afternoon, I also ope to post the first of two articles on the ‘real’ history of the Irish  — easily provable — and actually occasioned by a statement of Clif High. (I will republish Clif’s video.) These two Specials will also take time and commitment to investigate.

* * *

Another look at Supreme Court Justice Scalia’s death, by Jon Rappoport . . . Of all the articles today, I would suggest you read this one by Jon. The upcoming appointment to the Supreme Court to fill Scalia’s place is of utmost importance. In this long article, Jon explains the importance of this appointment and revisits the death of Scalia . . . need I say more?

THE NEWEST “CON” ON THE BLOCK!, by Bradley Loves

I want to commend Bradley Loves for this post, and any further posts of a similar nature. I am in total agreement with this particular statement of his and thank him for taking this kind of thing on. I made a similar statement privately to a friend about this person’s message on December 28th. It’s time to say NO to this sort of thinking, however well meant it may be! We are the ones we have been waiting for, and getting info like this from channeling, IMO,is totally bogus and meant to be misleading. If we are willing to think critically, we do not need this sort of help. Our own inner guidance is sufficient — if we are willing to do the work. Work which is spoken of in detail by Mark Passio. . . 

Obama trying to start WWIII before Jan. 20; feds “probe” Drudge Report with DDoS attack; NaturalNews and InfoWars targeted for cyber attack take downs
. . . there is important emergency info in this post. I’m sure if they take control of the internet, my blog will no longer be available, so read this and make a note of the info . . . 

Trump Picks China Critic Robert Lighthizer As US Trade Representative, Zerohedge

Trump Targets Healthcare Reform: “Obamacare Just Doesn’t Work, And It’s Not Affordable”, Zerohedge

Trump Twitter Onslaught Continues, Slams GOP For Weakening Ethics Watchdog, Zerohedge

Al-Qaeda sabotages Damascus water supply, attempts to disrupt Syrian ceasefire

. . . The Moon of Alabama has provided a detailed account of the incident, pointing out the complete indifference of Western governments and of the Western media to the plight of the people of Damascus, which contrasts with the relentless attention given to the plight of the civilians in eastern Aleppo during the siege there. . . . 

. . .  What the incident once again shows is the utterly implacable opposition the Syrian government has to face from Al-Qaeda in Syria, and the lengths to which Al-Qaeda is prepared to go. Unfortunately it also shows the extent to which Western governments and the Western media continue by their silence to collude in Syria with Al-Qaeda’s actions.

Newborn Baby Kidnapped from Alabama Hospital After Parents Decline Birth Certificate and SSN . . .This nightmare situation has been going on since early October . . . 

Pope Francis calls for zero tolerance towards child molesters
Trump [in 2012]: Pedophiles Deserve The Death Penalty . . .  so now, let’s see what actually happens . . . 

‘Trump will have opportunity to construct new multipolar system’

Global relations will improve if Trump administration achieves a more balanced relation with Russia and influences the EU to change its approach to Moscow, president of the Italian Institute for Geopolitics and Applied Sciences Tiberio Graziani told RT.

Putin buoyant, Western ‘mis-leaders’ sinking, by Finian Cunningham

WikiLeaks Hints At Huge Upcoming Revelations: “2017 Will Blow You Away”, Zerohedge

2017: When The Wheels Finally Come Off, by Howard Kunstler

Europe isn’t prepared for what 2017 may bring, Washington Post

Syria’s War Was Only Ever the Beginning, by Tony Cartalucci

‘Mosul is the next Aleppo, Iraq’s fight against ISIS will be decided there’

Clearly ISIS militants are desperately trying to sow unrest in Iraq, reverting to guerrilla tactics and trying to scare the population into submission, Catherine Shakdam, Shafaqna Institute for Middle Eastern Studies, told RT.

‘US anti-ISIS Mosul operation will likely take an entire year’ – former Pentagon official

A recent report showing that US-led forces have killed almost 200 civilians in Syria and Iraq since its anti-Islamic State operations began indicates the offensive in Mosul will likely be a lengthy affair, former Pentagon official Michael Maloof told RT.

Angela Merkel To Skip Davos Amid Blowback Against “Global Elite”, Zerohedge

Israeli Police Enter Netanyahu’s Home For Questioning Over Corruption Allegations

Philippine envoy: Duterte seeks ‘strategic shift’ from US to China

Philippines no longer seen as ‘Trojan horse of the US’ – envoy to China


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