January 4, 2017, News Special on the reality of Ireland, Part Two, Veronica Keen

This important Comment, a suggested comparison of our country with Ireland, was left by a Reader on Part 1 of this post:

Seems to me there is a great deal of truth to be uncovered in this historical summary of a great nation usurped — from
452. The Trading Companies, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 13  http://annavonreitz.com/beingstupidpart1

Is this not the very same storyline running in parallel to the revelations of Veronica Keen? Irish or American, has it made any difference to the greedy, controlling interests who suffers, or how greatly? No, this has been a world encompassing tragedy. But their ‘game’ is up. Humanity is slowly, surely awakening and it is leaders, like yourself, who are showing the way forward.

What are my true core values and how do I, as a sovereign individual, choose to express them? That is the light of honest enquiry I see you living. On behalf of all, I thank you for your courageous, enduring efforts. That light of compassionate, informed action shall prevail.

My response: For over 20 years as I healed my difficult past, I fought to regain my sovereignty. Maybe that is why I recognize that Putin understands true sovereignty. (To understand Putin’s value system, please watch this Russian Documentary, President that describes the 16 years it ha taken to clean out the cesspool in his own country— and it’s not done yet.) I also recognize the value that can only come when we create that sovereignty, each one of us, for ourselves and our country — even our planet. Gradually, I believe we will get there. Our reality is being revealed to us in such a way that it will soon become obvious to us all the truth of how our reality has been controlled. All we need do is be patient and wait for others to feel the pain, in some way, of the matrix. It will not take them long, I am thinking to understand how badly we have been lied to and deceived.


 * * * 

On Dec. 3, 1154, the day after the death of Pope Anastasius IV, the freshly gathered conclave of cardinals unanimously elected the Bishop of Albano as Anastasius’ successor. The bishop of this Italian see, 25 miles southwest of Rome, was not Italian, though. His name was Nicholas Breakspear. The new pope had been born 54 years earlier in or near St. Alban’s, in the county of Hertfordshire, England, where he was given the name Nicholas by his commoner father, Robert Breakspear,. Nicholas took the name Adrian IV, and to this day remains the only English-born Pope, and, for the Irish, one of the most controversial.

The year after his accession, Adrian issued a “Bull,” or “Laudabiliter,” that authorized English King Henry II, who had petitioned him for it, the right to invade Ireland “for the correction of morals and the introduction of virtues, for the advancement of the Christian religion.” Adrian is known to few people for anything he did other than issuing this Bull.

Adrian IV’s father, Robert, was not a wealthy man, and Nicolas set out to the continent to better himself, like many intelligent commoners of the period, using the church to better his education and position. Nicolas eventually received the see of Albano about 1146. In 1152, Pope Eugenius III sent him to Scandinavia. On his return, Nicholas was hailed as the “Apostle of the North” for reforming what Rome considered abuses in Norway and Sweden.

He was the right man in the right place at the right time. . . . continue reading

* * * 

Click on the link below to read/download the free ebook:
Ireland: Land of the Pharoahs



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  2. Captain says:

    roypotterqa: THE TIME IS NOW — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m8i_8qt0ja8

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