January 4, 2017, BREAKING News!

From a Reader who said “can’t wait to see this all come down.”

I think it IS going to come down – what George Webb is saying, I think, is that Clinton/CIA are operating outside the government in a pay/play scheme that involves taking over the Middle East via murder (Chris Stevens and many others), drugs, sarin gas, pedophilia. It appears Trump understands this and isn’t going to openly go after her, but will remove her funds . . .

It occurs to me that Assange is working with Trump’s people  (that he’s been working with Trump is not a new thought) and they have removed and hidden him for safety reasons, so this means Julian Assange may not be dead  . . . dunno. Anyway, it makes sense to me. This last is just a new thought at this very moment.

Then we have Steven Greer’s efforts coming to a head . . .

(As I was preparing this, my computer completely froze, and the video was having trouble with interference. It might be that I was playing the video. 🙂 ~J

 Wikileaks is going to sue CNN!

Published on Jan 4, 2017

John Podesta, whose emails were published by Wikileaks, is an alleged pedophile in the view of thousands of researchers who have independently reviewed his emails. Not even one law enforcement source is willing to refute my claims regarding Podesta. John Podesta was most recently Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, and Bill Clinton’s former chief of staff. Now, Wikileaks plans to sue CNN if they don’t issue a one-hour expose of “the plot” within 48 hours: Julian Assange is absolutely not a pedophile. They’re attacking him of that which THEY ARE GUILTY OF, in my view—a classic and quite overplayed Clinton distraction tactic.

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5 Responses to January 4, 2017, BREAKING News!

  1. lecox says:

    I learned this about criminals many years ago. It was written in 1981:

    “The criminal accuses others of things which he himself is doing.”

    This is just one line out of a much longer article on the subject. There is a lot of good data in the article, yet that data is largely unknown. I think there are even studies by real psychologists which have discovered the same things. I have seen such data discussed by a few who wish to “wake up” others.
    In the near term, and particularly in our current position as part of a biosphere on a somewhat fragile planet, criminality amongst us (I have never heard of a criminal elephant, or lion, or even ape) is our most pressing problem. It exists as an internal counter-intention to Mankind’s desire to survive in some form and to have time to evolve better ways of life. It despises anything spiritual or any aspirations we may have in that direction. And yet, we seem to refuse to learn about it, confront it, and deal with it. And all that amounts to is “getting in ethics.” It’s the first step in any program of planetary improvement. Get the roadblocks to improvement out of the road! It should be our top priority.

  2. Captain says:

    Update: Dunn also mentions of the cia fire fight with nsa today: Kent Dunn; Names Names and tells the rest of What Needs to be Told as things are uncovered!! — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aEH1YSaHTUQ

  3. Helene says:

    IMO the Clintons and their criminal associates’ best idea is “reverse blame” which is ironically transparent to those who have been following the published emails and other docs via Wikileaks Guccifer 1 & 2 and Judicial Watch and even the US State Dept and other DC Leaks and DNC Leaks. All of these people have perverted progressive political ideas through their greed corruption and above all child trafficking/raping/pedophile activities which they are trying to “normalize” via Hollywood and the culture and legally. The Dems have largely been bought/sold/blackmailed and they are no longer the party of working people, they are sick individuals have co-opted it and weak individuals who choose not to stand up and expose them are allowing it. The GOP is same as it always is besides the Tea Party folks who have moved it to the “Right”; however at this point in US politics, I believe “left” or “right” no longer apply, and people have to study inform themselves and make decisions on each individual politician and on each issue apart from parties and other artificial organizations. Bernie won the Dem nomination and if he had run against Trump it’s likely he would be the Pres-Elect now.

    • Marilyn says:

      My guess this will be the end of the parties after all they want a one world order, what a joke because they can’t even get these two parties to agree on anything so how are they planning on putting it all together as one. Bernie stood a better chance then HIllary, but he has his own ways and is not so evil, he never would of fit in. Times are going to be tuff til Trump is in office, if he gets there, Obama, Hillary and team are not going to make it easy for him, this agenda is very important to them, but why. What would this country do with a queen Hillary? This government as we once knew will crumble. Hold on tight its gonna be a scary ride.

  4. Captain says:

    Has anyone heard any confirmation about this gun fight? Obama is not going out quietly.
    Trumps tweet about the briefing being delayed until Friday has been in the news. Anyone hear anything to confirm the gun battle?
    Trump Explodes In “Cold Anger” After CIA-NSA Gun Battle In Lower Manhattan – http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index2199.htm

    Regarding the odd (and dangerous) situation of all US warships being in ports, and remaniscent of the ‘set-up’ at Pearl Harbor: http://www.thecommonsenseshow.com/2017/01/03/treason-of-the-highest-order-why-is-obama-still-in-office/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=treason-of-the-highest-order-why-is-obama-still-in-office

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