January 9, 2017, News Special, A Commentary from ~Jean

After reading this that I posted this afternoon: 

[THE NEW ATLANTIS: Master Plan Of The Ages from SOTN  . . . I haven’t had a chance to read this almost book length article, and I invite you to check it out. Looks to be good . . . ]

. . . I found that going as far back as 2009, when a wrote the following paper, a portion of which is presented below, I developed some very different ideas than those people writing at SOTN. As some of you may know, I did some editing for them, but we developed a difference of opinion on the presentation of their ideas, and I stopped my editing help. I’ve tried very hard since then to keep an open mind towards their work, but with this presentation today, which in effect seems quite Orwellian to me, I cannot keep quiet. As I have begun saying, the truth is simple, not complex— and always easy to understand. As I read their article, I became more and more confused. What are they actually telling us?

I invite you to read this small portion of my informal paper to compare the difference in our thinking.  Let me say that I use the word informal, because my paper was only delivered once and has never been published. When I wrote it, I did not annotate it properly, because it really made little difference. At that time, I was so very excited at what I was discovering about quantum theory, the understanding of which was the basis of my healing, and I was anxious to share what I was learning. Had I realized that I would quote it time and time again, I would have taken the time to annotate my sources properly. Still, if it would become necessary, I have all the materials and I suppose I could very laboriously reconstruct it, although I must say that I am loathe now to do so. I, therefore, ask forgiveness of those authors who may be unmentioned or not properly quoted.

The part of my paper that I’m presenting to you comes largely from spiritually-oriented material and much of it was inspired by the movie, What the Bleep Do We Know. After having seen the movie, I remember calling my therapist, whom I was no longer seeing, and her response was, “Yes, I’m asking all my clients to see it!” (Before I left her, she had told me I was fortunate to be warehoused on drugs for all those years, because only recently was real healing available for people like me, and that without the drugs, I probably would have gone insane. Cross my heart and hope to die, those were her words.)

The other fact that Western medicine doesn’t begin to understand is that there is always, always an emotional element to disease. They can talk about Alzheimer’ cures all they want, but there is an emotional aspect to it, which I discovered, and unless it is addressed, I think a cure is impossible. The same for bi-polar disorder, which I think dogs could help to heal — at least, that was my small experience with it. The same with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome. These last three are all energy diseases of our time, and while I’ve had no experience with dogs in this regard, I have cured these lat two rather easily, and actually, as I consider the idea, I think dogs could also prove extremely helpful!

No one will listen to me. I’ve given up! A fine hospital in Durham, NC started a department of ‘spiritual’ healing, or something like that. I called them, and they had zero interest in my words: They’d already set up their double-blind study. . . This would never, ever give them an answer,  having nothing to do with spirituality, in which everything is connected, but they weren’t ready to listen.

Temporary cures may be available by cutting out parts of our bodies, taking drugs, etc., but the basic cause hasn’t gone away. There is always a mind/body/emotional connection. Heller Work’s motto is ‘If you have an issue, it’s in the tissue’, and I just spent over two years learning the truth of that statement and removing the trauma stored in my body. The reason is quite simple, so let me say it again: Nothing is separate! Everything is connected! Most are willing to accept false cures from Western medicine, mainly, I think, because they live in fear and will accept such a life. I do not judge them. It is what it is. THIS IS, AFTER ALL, A FREE CHOICE PLANET.

The people at SOTN seem to tout the efforts of Francis Bacon, rather than understanding that he was one of those very instrumental in creating the deep divisions that have caused so much trouble for humanity. Descartes is never even mentioned!!! I have never been sure about St. Germaine; I thought he was actually Shakespeare, but this is a small issue compared to my basic disagreement. Regarding the fact that Germaine is an Ascended Master, my question now would have to be: an ascended master of which planet? It is my understanding that we are all here learning to be Ascended Masters of Light, and so for me a logical question follows: indeed, how it is possible that we have created any Ascended Masters from Earth. Is there any proof one way or the other?

But where are Ascended Masters actually from, because I have never heard that they are from the Earth, so why is St. Germaine regarded as being in charge of our planet —especially if he is tied in with Francis Bacon — which is only now in the process of ascending out of the dark — and from what I see, we actually are doing it, day by day in a very plodding but steady fashion. Still, we are doing it, and we are going to succeed!

Remember, we are the ones we are waiting for!

So why St.Germaine’s importance, except to keep us down and thinking we need someone else’s help? Is he perhaps a ‘plant’ to confuse the issue? Years ago as I was learning, all I heard about was the money he had for us. Back then, this sounded just great, but not any more! Money is of no value, and we need to begin to understand this! And where is SOTN getting all this information about which they speak as if it is gospel?

My background and personal experience calls me to seriously question this post and to express my own personal truth, for whatever its value to others. Everyone has a choice, and you may agree with some of what I say, but not all, or you may agree with none of it, but I can tell you, what I’m sharing here is very, very simple, so that you shouldn’t have any trouble in deciding. ~J 🙂

Here then is that portion of my paper which I believe expresses best my biggest disagreement with those at SOTN (I’ve added much BOLDFACE today to help make my point clear :

[…] Following my therapist’s suggestion I had already read the book called Molecules of Emotion written by Candice Pert, a professor at Georgetown University, who also appears in the film, What the Bleep Do We Know. [Candice has recently died, and some think it was not a natural death.] She has documented the fact that our feelings create our body chemistry—not the other way around as we are led to believe. When we understand and consciously change our ‘bad’ feelings, we no longer need drugs. The implications of quantum theory concerning the healing of all disease are huge!

(The actual presentation had many slides, three of which I’ve imported here as photos.)


Dr. Joe Dispenza reflects—and I paraphrase, “Too many people are hypnotized by their environment—through the media, through television, through people who are paid to create unrealistic ideals that everybody struggles to become, and that no one can actually become—in terms of physical appearance and definitions of beauty and valor. Even though these are all illusions, most people surrender to them and live their lives with the idea that they are much less than they really are.”


Ramtha suggests that we live as we do because until now we have not had sufficient intelligent knowledge about our “beautiful selves” and how we work from the inside out. She suggests that we have addictions because until now we haven’t understood that there
is something better—we have never dreamed of anything better because no one ever taught us there is something better to dream!


Some part of the way we are now living seems to come initially from the beginnings of agriculture around 8000 B.C.E. when the dominator, or patriarchal view, appears to have developed, perhaps as an attempt to reduce the awesomeness of life to manageable proportions.

Then, in the last few hundred years, Newtonian physics seems to have fostered in Western culture the paradigm that we are alone in the universe, that our lives do not matter, that we are merely parts of a great machine, utterly separate one from the other. A paradigm is the unconscious belief system of a culture. We live and breathe these beliefs, and we think and interact according to them. It seems our present belief system has many roots in Newtonian theory—and it is beginning to crumble. [Am I crazy, or is SOTN trying to tell us this is wrong, that Bacon’s way is ‘the’ way?]

Before the 16th century when the Newtonian ideas began to develop, God and Science were humanity’s two grand approaches to The Truth. Both are searching for the truth about us and about our universe; both are seeking answers to the Great Questions. They are two sides of the coin. In the beginning, however, science and spirit were not treated as separate entities.

Our earliest known civilization, ancient Sumer (3800 B.C.E.) saw the pursuit of understanding the world around us and the spiritual world as the same thing. There was a god of astrology, a god of horticulture and god of irrigation. The temple priests were the scribes and technologists investigating these fields of knowledge.

The Sumerians understood the precession of the equinoxes, the mutating of plants to produce fruits and vegetables, and an irrigation system that fed the entire ‘fertile crescent’.

The world that people believed in before the Scientific Revolution was alive. In China, people saw the world as a dynamic interplay of energetic forces that are constantly in flux. Nothing is fixed and static; everything is flowing, changing or forever being born.

People in the West believed that the world at large expressed the will and intelligence of a Divine Creator. Its component parts were linked in a “Great Chain of Being,” stretching from God through angels to man, animals, plants and minerals, all of which had their proper place in a living whole. Nothing stood alone; every part was related to every other part.

Native peoples on every continent lived in harmonious relationship with their surroundings-—the animals and plants, the sun and rain, the living Earth. They often expressed this by finding “spirits” in mountains, streams and groves of trees, and based their religion and their science on learning to live in a way that pleased those spirits of the Earth and Sky.


The goal of science in all these cultures was to gain knowledge in order to harmonize human life with the great forces of the natural world and the transcendent powers that all cultures sensed behind the physical world. People wanted to know how nature works, not in order to control and dominate it, but to live in accord with its ebb and flow. As the physicist and philosopher Fritjof Capra wrote in The Turning Point, “From the time of the ancients the goals of science had been wisdom, understanding the natural order and living in harmony with it. Science was pursued “for the glory of God,” or, as the Chinese put it, “to follow the natural order” and “flow in the current of the Tao.”

All this changed radically, starting in the middle of the 16th century.

In 1543, Nicolas Copernicus had the audacity to challenge the Church, considered the supreme power, and the Bible. Then came Galileo who is known as the “father of modern science” because he was the first to base his work on the two pillars that have characterized the scientific enterprise ever since: empirical observation and the use of mathematics. Rene Descartes, the 17th-century French philosopher and mathematician widened the gap between science and spirit, saying, “Nothing is included in the concept of body that belongs to the mind,” and, “nothing in that of mind that belongs to the body.”

And thus the axe fell. The same coin (reality) was split down the middle. If God and Science were having a divorce, Descartes was the lawyer who made it palatable. While Descartes believed that mind and matter were both created by God, he viewed them as completely different and separate. The human mind was a center of intelligence and reason, designed to analyze and understand. The proper domain of science was the material universe—nature—which he saw as a machine that operated by laws that could be formulated mathematically. This included not only inanimate objects, but all objects. He wrote, “I consider the human body as a machine.” The separation of mind from body that Descartes made into a fundamental rule of science has caused us endless problems.

Francis Bacon, a British philosopher/scientist, was also very instrumental in establishing the scientific method. Of course, this method has resulted in tremendous advances for humanity, from the pure delight of greater understanding of nature to improvements in health, engineering, agriculture, and so on.

As Fritjof Capra has pointed out, however, Bacon viewed the scientific enterprise in terms that were “often outright vicious.” Nature had to be “hounded in her wanderings,” “bound into service,” and “made a slave”. The job of the scientist was to “torture nature’s secrets from her.” Unfortunately, this attitude that sought to extract knowledge in order to control and dominate nature (described as a “her”) has become a guiding principle of Western science. Bacon summed it up in a phrase we all learned in school: “Knowledge is Power.”

Newton, like Descartes, saw the world as a machine, operating in three-dimensional space, with events (like the movements of the stars or the falling of apples) taking place in time. Matter was solid, with tiny particles at its core; these particles, as well as giant objects like planets, moved according to laws of nature, such as the force of gravity. Newton’s linking together of two such disparate events, the falling of an apple and the motion of a planet, was utterly revolutionary. The linkage was mediated by a “force”—in this case, by gravity.

This mechanistic approach was soon applied to all the sciences:

astronomy, chemistry, biology, and so on. With few variations, it’s the world we all were brought up to believe in.

As revolutionary as Newton’s and his colleagues’ ideas were, however, they never questioned the church’s teachings. As if to prepare the ages to come against the materialistic philosophy that would dominate Western thought in the name of Newtonian mechanics, Sir Isaac wrote, “Atheism is so senseless and odious to mankind that it never had many professors.”

Later generations of scientists found they had no need of God or spirituality and saw the world as a machine. They proclaimed anything unseen and not measurable to be fantasy and delusion, often becoming as dogmatic as the Church authority. The followers of Darwin provided the final stroke in the materialist triumph. Not only is there no God, and thus no creative intelligence guiding the unfolding of intergalactic life, but we ourselves, once at the center of the world, are nothing but random mutations, carriers of DNA’s relentless quest for more, in a meaningless universe.

New scientific information is appearing practically every day that cannot be explained using the classical Newtonian model. Quantum physics seem to provide the answers we are looking for. Relativity theory, quantum mechanics, the influence of thoughts and emotions on our bodies, so-called “anomalies” like ESP, mental healing, remote viewing (now in use by the military) would include all these phenomena in a more comprehensive theory of how the world works.

It’s not just that the old model is insufficient to answer the questions the new research poses. An even more serious problem is that the old model has not done nearly enough to free human life of suffering, poverty, injustice and war. In fact, a good case could be made that many of these problems have grown worse because of the mechanical model that has long dominated our way of experiencing the world. While governments and politicians seem bent on controlling us, and enriching themselves through eternal war—with the strong possibility, underneath the media’s radar, humanity seems to be shifting to the new paradigm, one that says our lives are important, everything we do, say, feel, and think has an effect on all of creation. Many are devoting their very lives to bring about this change.

Often I have considered why all this knowledge is coming to us now, at this critical juncture in history, and I have concluded that it is no accident. I believe we are being given the tools to bring ourselves through the rough times we all sense are ahead, although, as always, we are being given a choice. Many of you have heard me speak of Blessed Unrest, the name of a book written by Paul Hawken about the largest democratic social movement in the history of our planet in which each of us in our own way is involved on a daily basis in an effort to save our species and help our planet. […] . . . again, I wrote this all back in 2009. and there was so much more for me to learn, but these basic ideas haven’t really changed, just increased in understanding.

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19 Responses to January 9, 2017, News Special, A Commentary from ~Jean

  1. lecox says:

    I can only suggest that readers consider what could be understood and developed if we had a clearer memory of all that has gone before. Analyses and conclusions based on Earth experiences are good, but not good enough. For those who really appreciate the fact that we have lived before, the questions should be obvious: Where did we live? What did we do? What were our mistakes? Can we learn from them?
    Some of the ET groups have claimed that their civilizations are millions, even billions, of “years” old. (Translating to our current concepts of time may cause inaccuracies.) We know that Earth has not been inhabited by humans that long. If we on Earth now were being humans (or humanoids) that long ago, then where were we?
    The answers to these questions should lie in human memory, and from what I know at this point, they do. And they paint a rather bleak picture of the past. No wonder so many are disheartened by our prospects for the future. However, total apathy is not justified at this point. We still have a planet to walk on, even if huge sections of it are under siege. So there is still a possibility that we can use what we have learned to turn things around. A few are working on this. Perhaps it is just as well that their work remain a “secret” in the eyes of the somewhat ignorant. But it isn’t a secret. They are trying as hard as they can to publicize their work and their existence. The big problem IS the apathy.
    Other researchers are making some headway independently. Your body IS your subconscious mind. Emotions are a mechanism for manifesting physical actions out of thoughts and intentions. The mental/emotional element in body health is actually the primary element. There is something wrong with our concept of time. But all these truths are fought. And in the lead are beings who have fallen all the way through apathy to a place where they are willing to fight for our ultimate spiritual demise!
    I don’t think it is necessary to wait for the various modern researchers to come up with solutions. After all, they need funding, and these creatures of death control most of that now. It would be enough if more would work with the materials that have already been developed. They are no secret.

  2. LaRae says:

    What does SOTN stand for?

    • Jean says:

      State of the Nation – a website, whose material I hav published in the past, and just recently, and it is their article with which I took exception -. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  3. Jay says:

    Inauguration 2017: Road Closures, Protests, Checkpoints and 90 Minute Pa… https://youtu.be/awsu8y5Hsng via @YouTube

  4. Light I AM says:

    Hi Jean
    Quantum Physics is how the physical and non-physical system is made, created, CONstructed, de-CONstructed.
    As above, so below. i.e. it repeats itself like a Mandela, or it is Vibrational States, up and down in frequency, as like in Music.
    And as many can attest to harmonies and dis-harmonies in music, so it is the same with all matter that abounds about us, the behaviour of people, including self.
    So how does move about in consciousness? Alter this, or (re)create this? Simply through the thought process.
    Previously I have made comment that the best methodology to verify this is to consider yourself as layers of Energy (which you are) and to then look to refine and perfect aspects, or to “purify” your harmony.
    Consciousness is a state of being. It is the state of Being that reflects the vibration that one operates at and what befalls or “appears” in one’s life. To a large degree it is dictated by what one came to do in this current incarnation and this depends upon you previous record, Akashic, or karma, so to speak and this aspect resides in your own Energy Field, being at the highest level within the “fallen consciousness” Octave Band (as in quantum physics).
    The expression “By the fruit, ye know the tree” is most apt to garner one’s understanding of this principle.
    You demonstrate the level of your consciousness by what ye do (or do not), say, (or do not). It is how you CONtribute (or not) to the grander scheme of things. i.e. you are a work in progress and that progress has differing rates, dependent upon one’s current level of consciousness and the desire to accelerate the raising of your own consciousness.
    Raising your consciousness is another word for “Ascension” which merely means “raising your vibration”
    The layers (sub-octaves) of operating consciousness in this one main operating Octave Band on the “earthly plane” can best be grouped as follows, in ascending order.
    ALL these sub-octaves are DISCONNECTED from Source, hence why it is called “fallen consciousness”.
    1. Physical (not the physical body, but the connection to it, via your consciousness)
    2. Emotional (drama)
    3. Mental (intelligence-mind)
    4. Memory (Etheric = this & past lives stuff)
    All the above layers are associated, or termed the “Ego”, or the “me, me, me”, in operation!
    The next higher layer, or shell (quantum physics), is connected to Source. = “The Father and I are One”
    Now all people operating in the physical plane can be operating in all these sub-octaves simultaneously and also in the next higher Octave Band. In fact people are moving about up and down like a yo-yo in all these sub-Octaves all the time, even into the next Octave Band (bet that surprises a few of you!).
    Some people choose to remain stagnant and in the lower levels = Free Will, in operation (perfectly valid). Those who move towards higher levels, get sponsorship and a whole lot more to assist them to be of greater service to the ALL.
    The whole lot is governed by the THOUGHT process and your “INTENT” (as Edgar Cayce was oft quoted for).
    There are “Ascended Masters” who operate at higher frequencies (minus the physical body needed to operate on this Plane, or Octave).
    A good Quantum Physics analogy to use is the boiling water in the kettle.
    A liquid state of water, input energy, vapour state created. The electrons move into outer shells, thus expanding the volume x300. The difference between a kettle and a person is the energy of one is electricity creating heat and the other is thought creating/altering Energy Field = manifestation. Thus INTENT is everything. You cannot do it operating at the “fallen” level of vibration (no ego), you simple think it, and it is so. Now this requires a great deal of Purity and Harmony in your own vibration. So it is in small steps that you go forward and upward by application and self-regulation/monitoring/refinement, a continuous input is required until sufficient momentum builds until it is like walking ….less thinking and more doing it, without the intermediatory stuff.
    It in essence means, one needs to drop the ATTACHMENT to any CONcept and indoctrination of thought that you have limitation. Your thoughts make, or break you.
    “Hypnotised by the environment” is another way of saying – Mind (mined) CON-trol which is relentless by the black magicians in all walks of human affairs.
    Do also look very closely at the English language and the use of words (swords) = vibration and trickery (black magic-net – mag(net)ic = Your Magnetic (Torial) Energy Field + Merkabah (Drunvalo)
    Ascended Masters DO NOT rule this Planet (Cosmic Law does), or any planet, for that matter, they are merely custodians whom choose to help raise the planetary whole and all consciousness residing thereon. And for which they have prior agreements with incarnated Beings to assist, thus they are “sponsors” for them to “do the greater works” in order to lift the collective whole. It is always about SERVICE. “If I be raised, I AM then raising the ALL”.
    Selfless service to raise the collective whole is the essence and I speak of consciousness, not earthly materialistic thinking stuff.
    If I could recommend one brilliant book of the assistance of Ascended Masters it is this one…
    “Lords of the Seven Rays” (Mirror of Consciousness) Mark Prophet (600 packed pages – great value)

    And for another insightful look at Creative Cosmic Harmony in Action, read this 2 pager…
    Think I covered all the necessary points, cheers.

    • Jean says:

      Let me add something here, if I may, something I neglected to say in my Commentary 🙂 Why do we need these funds from St. Germaine, when we know of the enormous slush funds being hidden away in the Corporations into which every state, city, etc. is organized and the CAFR funds? These are enough to help us through the entire transition to a ‘real’ Constitutional government, one that we decide on!!! It has all been laid out for us, but right now we are totally divided! I even read from Jon Rappoport about how awful the democrats are . . . with no mention of the Republicans being just as bad. if you read the pdf, you will understand clearly that the Bush Family, Republicans all, were deeply involved in all that has gone wrong in our country, from the murder of JFK, to the attempted assassination of Reagan (Bush , who was VP, wanted to ascend the Presidency sooner), and the fact that he is deeply involved in the ClintonBushCIA crime cabal is now obvious. IT IS TIME FOR AMERICANS TO STOP THINKING IN DIVISINVE TERMS. THEY ARE ALL IN ON IT!!! There is more I could say on this topic, like the fact that neither Ted Cruz nor Mitt Romney are eligible according to the Constitution for the Presidency, but that was conveniently fudged. . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Light I AM says:

        Hi Jean …you are in the right way of thinking..
        The whole lot is compromised = corrupted = black magicians, aka wizard of oz stuff.
        You do not need any of the corrupted (fallen) system, and certainly not government systems. But as a tangled web was woven by all of consciousness (when we first practiced to deceive) here on this plane, we have to extricate ourselves from our own creation.
        Go your own pathway, do what you know is right and the rest comes unto you = Consciousness in Operation.
        So you deal with what is in front of you, SPEAK your TRUTH, all the while, remain detached and the Energy moves (with the Father, all is possible). It is all thought based vibration. Thus operate from the highest altruistic level…being next Octave Band (Quantum Mechanics from a Cosmic perspective), simply by being in a Pure State of Being. (This is where the “sponsorship” steps in). You are the conduit for it to happen.
        One cannot play their (crooks/govt/agents/deceivers) game and expect change (Einstein)., even the “channeled” messages such as St Germain’s “Future Funds”. This is all deception…ALL of it.
        Now it is quite possible that it may be so, but the fact one looks outside of themselves and hangs onto it like grim death, for the “saviour” is not the way forward, you have gone back into “Fallen Consciousness” mode and as described on my higher post – a SIGNIFICANT TEACHING on the Cosmos’s Operation lays in those few words.
        Merely Live and Speak and have the Purest Ideals and Musings and it comes into your path. You benefit/receive and this expands to those about you.
        RESONANCE is how one describes this process of Cosmic Expansion. It comes through you.
        Many “yous” = many changes,

  5. jan steyn says:

    Love this site. Thank you.

  6. Jay says:

    I am sorry that I have not provided this info sooner but I need to let you know that I have personal info regarding the following: There is a tunnel from L’Enfant Plaza to the Smithsonian Castle on the National Mall. At least one business on Connecticut Avenue near Dupont Circle has a door leading into the underground tunnels on Connecticut Avenue. The Chrystal City tunnels are massive and open to the public. Pentagon City also has an underground mall. L’Enfant Plaza, Dupont Circle, Chrystal City, Smithsonian, and Pentagon City are all Metro stations. Also Union Station is massive and has many upper levels not open to the public.

  7. Frank R says:

    Hi Jean,

    You are absolutely right in all that you you wrote. You should do this more often. To support what you have stated which I KNOW is correct I have focused my last 3 years on Quantum Physics, Quantum Mechanics and The Holographic Universe Series. It has now been PROVEN that our reality is Holographic….no more guessing or being told.

    Why do you think they tell us as little children WHAT TO BELIEVE IN? WHAT WILL HURT US? WHAT WE SHOULD AND SHOULD NOT DO? AND then it continues as an adult. Their agenda is “Do as we tell you….DON’T THINK………… WE WILL DO THE THINKING FOR YOU.

    I could give you dozens of examples where my wife and I using Gregg Braden’s system of “The Language of The Divine Matrix”, a 4 hour seminar he did in Milano which is no longer at You Tube, ACTUALLY WORKED FOR US EVERY TIME. And how it has helped me to heal.

    I implore readers to read and/or view anything by Braden, Joe Dispenza or Dr. Bruce Lipton. I offer you and my fellow readers the following free e-book by Dr. Lipton…..”THE BIOLOGY OF BELIEF” I have attached the link if the link still works. If not got to “Hay House”. I am 100% behind you Jean. Everyone needs to see “The Language of The Divine Matrix” seminar if they can find it and watch a woman’s cancerous Bladder Tumor disappear in less than 3 minutes……PERMANENTLY…..WE ARE ALL HOLOGRAPHIC.


    Hugs……………..Frank R

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Frank. I’m not feeling well and so will not respond . . . except to say thanks and release this for other folks to read. Hugs, ~Jean

    • susanna says:

      Thanks Frank for the ebook and your comment , over the last couple of months i came to realize that we are living in a holographic universe , not that i didn’t read about it be for but it sunk in ,mainly perhaps because i started listening the one people show , when we realize this fully we can change the world and ourselves , ascension is i belief going home to our original state of being which is creators , let them have their stories we don’t have to play along or create the world according to their wishes anymore .

  8. Deb says:

    THANK YOU Jean for sharing this! THOUGHT CREATES.

  9. naomi says:

    Ass-ended masters. Artificial intelligence and certainly not in our best interest. It goes with the New cAge.

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