UPDATE/s – now 5, scroll down for #5, #6 Clif High !!! add to the chaos . . . January 12, 2017 News . . . Today, it’s all about creating chaos.

Please follow the news on sott.net and zerohedge. There is more than I can keep track of, and it all speaks of the chaos being created by the neocons and their henchmen. What I have chosen below, I think is basic and critical to our understanding of the undeclared war (yes, another one of those) in which we now find ourselves for the first time personally involved. I think the time has passed for sitting on the sidelines; that is, it has passed if we want to keep our own country . . . ~J

UPDATE: ‘Russia is dangerous’: Rex Tillerson says what he needs to to pass Senate confirmation hearings . . . now, this sounds more like it!

In his Senate confirmation hearing Tillerson said Russia was a danger, it had acted aggressively against America’s national interests, and that sanctions against it should be kept in place.

However he also qualified every single one of these statements.

UPDATE: ‘Deep State’ wins….Get on with the program or else, by Finian Cunningham . . . Is Trump’s team being forced to lie—and if so what does that say about our government, and is Clif High’s prediction becoming ever more relevant?

UPDATE: The 25th Amendment authorizes Trump to be forced out of office, by Eric Zuesse . . . the stage is being set.

UPDATE: Trump’s Secretary of Defense James Mattis tells Congress: ‘Putin is trying to breakNATO, the US must push back”

Deep State neocons have declared war on Trump, by The Saker . . . what else can they do, even though it is a losing battle . . . and as the truth comes out, the chaos increases. . . what will happen in this very real WAR? Are we citizens going to bear the brunt of it?

It seems to me as the rest of the planet looks on and watches this insanity that Clif High’s October video becomes more and more relevant. It’s time we all make our preparations.

UPDATE #6: Clif High

* * *

UPDATE on Dyncorp – 

BOMBSHELL: Solving The Puzzle – “It’s DynCorp behind the mass shootings you see in America”

If you’ve been visiting SGT Report and ThePhaser.com in recent weeks, you’re probably familiar with George Webb’s You Tube series of videos titled ‘Where is Eric Braverman?‘.

Utilizing on-the-record research, documents and investigative reports from Seymour Hersh [Hillary Approved Sending Libya’s Sarin to Syrian Rebels], Eva Bartlett [ALEPPO: How US & Suadi-Backed Rebels Target ‘Every Syrian’] and other talented and courageous journalists, Webb’s series provides a quantifiable visual roadmap to the who’s who of the deep state criminal mafia. From Washington DC insiders, to the CIA to Hilary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation to DynCorp, the information conveyed in these must see video reports offers the prima facie evidence necessary to prosecute numerous individuals for crimes ranging from arms dealing to child trafficking and murder.

Webb began Day 81, Part 2 today with the words, “I think I’m ready to solve the puzzle.”

Whether you’ve been giving Webb’s videos only an occasional look, or not tuned in at all, I’m hear to tell you – today’s posting is an absolute blockbuster which almost certainly guarantees George Webb’s place in history as a patriot willing to put his own life at risk for the sake of truth and justice.

I’m willing to say today that it’s going to be DynCorp behind the mass shootings that you see in America. I’m going to tell you right now that there’s going to be a DynCorp person always involved in the pile of bodies. The other murders are just cover murders, but it’s going to be DynCorp, and I think you’ll find that’s true.“ . . . [Although I’m posting the initial video below, there are actually two more videos, and I’m sure you will want to keep reading and view those videos . . . ~J]. . .continue reading . . . 

After you watch the video below, you will understand why Cynthia McKinney’s political career was destroyed! She is one sharp lady! Since I’m afraid the videos will disappear, I’m now posting all three . . .~J

EXPOSED: Jeffrey Epstein, Clinton Foundation, US State Department & DYNCORP Human Trafficking Network

. . . and below we have more Dyncorp . . .

#2883: Can Trump Wipe Out Clinton’s 8(a) Friends With Serco Liquidations And A Qui Tam 9/11? from Abel Danger . . . here we have Serco involved. . . worth every minute of your reading

Related: What is a qui tam case? What is the False Claims Act? How does a qui tam case work?

* * *


Trump Is Set To Label China A “Currency Manipulator”: What Happens Then?, Zerohedge . . . will Trump even get to this point? With what the neocons are throwing at him, I have to wonder.  Still, I think it is a very bad move. He needs to join our country with the rest of the planet in partnership rather than try to stand again as the Lone-Bully Kingdom. In my eyes, this is not going to make America Great again. 

. . . and still more of this talk . . . why? . . . because (energetic) time is running out to get back in power as the ruler of the planet.

Beijing Not Amused After Tillerson Says US Will Block Chinese Access To South China Sea Islands, Zerohedge


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7 Responses to UPDATE/s – now 5, scroll down for #5, #6 Clif High !!! add to the chaos . . . January 12, 2017 News . . . Today, it’s all about creating chaos.

  1. beLIEve says:


    Clif High said the north coast of Antarctica is loosing ice whilst the other side is gaining ice.

    Clif’s statement, reference the north coast, is borne out by the linked video….’Britain’s Treasure Islands’……..
    In reality lands STOLEN by …FAUX-british ashkeNAZI khazars… and… tempLIAR knights.

    Britain’s Treasure Islands 2.Southern Ocean Documentary 2016

    Antarctica starts around 40:10

  2. bewareofserco says:

    Hi Jean,

    Here is a thought provoking presentation by former CERN Physicist Dr Katherine Horton. I think some of your readers will find it interesting.


  3. lecox says:

    My favorite presentation here was Clif’s.
    It’s good to have more info on the other stuff, but the basic pattern for that is set now and we should be able to understand it and realize that it will continue to happen unless forceful action is taken to direct those energies otherwise.
    Clif’s comments about the weather and how the Earth works were new to me. I wonder where he got his data for these ideas. I wanted to comment on his attempt to explain “plasma.” According to Wikipedia (which is pretty good for science and technology) plasma is one of four states of matter. Plasmas are high-energy states of matter that are electrically conductive. In other words, though they act sort of like gasses, they function like wires. They exist all around us as the illustration in their article suggests (lightning, neon signs, plasma balls).
    The idea that we are entering a period of increased glaciation is fascinating. The winter here in Pullman has been so harsh! (Though the snow in its natural state is quite beautiful.) Again according to Wikipedia, we are technically in an “interglacial” period within a much longer “ice age” that started 2.6 million years ago. Yes, that’s MILLION. During the interglacials the weather fluctuates, and others have predicted that there will be more snow in coming years, though perhaps for different reasons.
    The inner structure of the Earth portrayed as a plasma connecting two magnetic vortices that spin outward through the poles is unique. I have heard many different ideas for what the earth’s core is like, but never exactly that one. Was it Nassim who said that pyramids are part of a technology that is used to influence the behavior of the Earth’s core? If it were a plasma, this would make more sense than if it were solid (due to “high gravity” was the old theory) as traditional science still assumes (again, from Wikipedia – ever conservative about new theories – based on seismic evidence that goes back a long time) but those older theories agree that its temperature would be that of a plasma (over 5,000 degrees C, almost 10,000 degrees F).

  4. worldface2012 says:

    Jean…all these posts tell it like it is. wow! One thing thou … I still have confusion about many things but time will tell more. All I wish for is what you and many in the world wants and wish for… peace, comfort and a roof over our heads with our love ones in health and loving each other as it has to be. Our lives have been almost destroyed and our souls weaken by all governments with their thirst for power against others and their wars and money issues. Hey! we are all together on this planet and we must do it right this time. I do hope that Trump, Putin and all those other powers give their first step for a better world. You know I am sensitive and wish always for the best to everyone. Jane… Great year 2017 for you. Much love to you 🙂

  5. Captain says:

    Might be of interest:
    1: http://www.naturalblaze.com/2015/06/3-mineral-waters-that-can-remove.html
    2: and Dr Emoto’s work with water: http://www.masaru-emoto.net/english/water-crystal.html
    Essentially, Dr Emoto documents how thoughts change the structure of water. It is the shape of the water molecules, with its snowflake like points, that fit the receptor sites of your body’s cells. Without the proper shape, these “keys” do not fit into the cells to allow the minerals, etc carried in the water to enter your cells. This lack then causes aging, etc. There is more to this, but this is a very cut down explanation.
    ( btw: using marijuana and other drugs makes the body’s cells dependent on the drugs, and eventually the other receptor sites on the cells, when re-generating, disappear. This makes the body unable to then take in the nutrients it needs, and more and more only the drugs. Hence accelerated aging and illness. In effect, you become like a vegetable dependent on the drugs.

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