UPDATEs !!!!!!: January 13, 2017, Early News

UPDATE: I’ve been very careful about releasing what I consider to be co-intel, but when all the related factual news mentioned in this article is put together, I believe it might at least be factually based.

Putin Orders Combat Alert After SVR Warns Of CIA Plot To Assassinate President-elect TrumpBy: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers 

A truly grim and foreboding Ministry of Defense (MoD) report circulating in the Kremlin today states that yesterdayssudden activation of hundreds of S-400 air defense systems to combat alert statuswas due to President Putin receiving a “grave warning” from the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) stating that “Deep Stateelements within the United States were preparing to assassinate President-elect Donald Trump in order to keep him from taking power on 20 January—and which the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) afterwards will then blame on Russia and cause a war. [Note: Some words and/or phrases appearing in quotes in this report are English language approximations of Russian words/phrases having no exact counterpart.] . . . continue reading . . .  

and  . . . from the much respected Health Ranger . . . all this thanks to a Reader . . . God Bless you all!!!

 . . . and . . . !!!!!!

DC National Guard chief fired days before Trump inauguration: ‘The timing is extremely unusual’,  Zerohedge

. . . and . . .
FAR LEFT PROTESTERS Announce Plans to Shut Down Trump Inauguration (VIDEO)

. . . and  . . .
* * *
Going away gift: Obama just expanded surveillance powers for Donald Trump

Trump Tweetstorm Promises Full Hacking Report In 90 Days, Slams “Guilty As Hell” Hillary, Zerohedge

Israel’s attack on Syria is an attack on Donald Trump’s Middle East policies

* * *

Russia and China announce new ‘unspecified’ measures to US’ anti-missile system in S. Korea

Russia new S-400 anti-missile shield over Crimea operational

Only ‘large-scale war’ would allow US to block Beijing from S. China Sea islands, state media warns

Breakup of EU could be chance to save Europe – former Czech Pres. Vaclav Klaus

 * * * 

DynCorp Disgrace, by Kelly Patricia O’Meara,  

Related to this article is this comment from a reader:

Dyn Corp fits in with the UN sex slave trade in Bosnia as well. For more on the United Nations sponsored child trafficking see:

Is the U.N. Running Brothels in Bosnia? http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,43603,00.html

British firm accused in UN ‘sex scandal’ http://www.guardian.co.uk/Archive/Article/0,4273,4230203,00.html

U.N. Halted Probe of Officers’ Alleged Role in Sex Trafficking http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/articles/A28267-2001Dec26.html

So, this is what the loving UN does for fun? And this is what the New World Order promises, treating of human beings, especially children, as slaves. The maximum penalty for slave trafficking in the EU is five years. That is the maximum. I happen to know of people who got more jail time for abusing a dog. The UN refuses to punish its police who are involved in this slave trade as well. As we progress into the New World Order of the fascist EU, we will see even more injustice and evil. Also you must know that you may go to prison for questioning the legitimacy of the EU. You can also go to prison in the UK for lobbying to abolish the Monarchy there. Europe is now offiically under the sway of totalitarian domination by NATO, the UN, the Mafia, Nazis, Corporate Fascists, Monarchs, Papists and Communists. To them it make no difference as long as they get a cut of the profits and a place in the power structure of the Unholy Empire of the EU.

U.S. Stalls on Human Trafficking, by Cam Simpson, 

WASHINGTON — Three years ago, President Bush declared that he had “zero tolerance” for trafficking in humans by the government’s overseas contractors, and two years ago Congress mandated a similar policy.

But notwithstanding the president’s statement and the congressional edict, the Defense Department has yet to adopt a policy to bar human trafficking.

A proposal prohibiting defense contractor involvement in human trafficking for forced prostitution and labor was drafted by the Pentagon last summer, but five defense lobbying groups oppose key provisions and a final policy still appears to be months away, according to those involved and Defense Department records.

* * *

Trump’s Secretary of Defense James Mattis tells Congress: ‘Putin is trying to breakNATO, the US must push back”

Trump’s CIA chief nominee Pompeo grilled for advocating ‘metadata collection

UPDATE: Convenient excuse? Race to make vaccine for the plague amid fears ‘terrorists could be turning it into a weapon’ to wipe out millions

!!! The Biggest Public Health Experiment EVER . . . see . . . Email from Josh at Take Back Your Power, plus link . . .

When someone sends me video or research material to check out, usually I’ll listen in background, or watch for a few minutes to get the gist.

Right now I’m 48:00 into this new interview with Dr. Andrew Wakefield, and I’m absolutely riveted. Glued to the screen (in no-blue-light mode, thanks to flux.) One of the most profound & comprehensive interviews I’ve ever seen.

Today, the new 9-part doc series “Vaccines Revealed” launched, appears to have been immediately hacked, and their site went down. Watch episode 1 on their backup site tonight & tomorrow, free with an email address:


There are new episodes available daily Jan 10-18.

The corruption being uncovered here is SO, SO SIMILAR to what’s happening in the ‘smart’ meter and the EMF issues. Houston, we have a pattern.

More about our own forthcoming project, soon.

Josh del Sol



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8 Responses to UPDATEs !!!!!!: January 13, 2017, Early News

  1. KH says:

    Hi Jean. It’s so good to see you back here in this context! Thank you.
    In the comment about Kremlin and trump assassination plot, the “continue reading” link is missing. Should here be one?
    Blessings, Keith

  2. lecox says:

    All these people are seeing that something is wrong. But when the the Health Ranger starts deriding the “Left” and CNN becomes a “communist” news network, it is clear that some confusion has been developed that pits different “political philosophies,” or approaches to life, against each other. Remember the Soviet propaganda against Western capitalism and commercialism? Well…maybe you don’t. But isn’t CNN corporate media? Don’t they run ads exhorting us to “buy this,” “buy that,” the products of Western corporations, now (except maybe for the arms, which you can’t buy – legally – in the U.S.) most of which are made in China? So, I see confusions here – big confusions, us-versus-them types of confusions. And we’re going to have to get over that unless we all really want to drown in a pool of blood.
    We have to stay really clear on who the real bad actors are. They are people who live a total lie. They are arms dealers who sell “security” but deliver mayhem. They are doctors who sell “mental health” but deliver addiction to dangerous and overpriced drugs (until your insurance runs out) or “physical health” but instead have delivered super germs and death by hospital visit. They are bankers who are supposed to loan people money so they can do things but end up destroying whole economies. They are people who tell you they are only trying to help, then spread false and alarming stories about you behind your back.
    The real bad actors need to be able to keep secrets, and weaken or subvert the physically, morally or spiritually strong. The aboriginal peoples of Earth were spiritually strong. The West – and the U.S. in particular – became physically strong. And the East, you might say, were experts at moral strength. All these strengths terrify the real bad actors and they work to undermine and subvert them. Having strong religious beliefs, strong political views, or access to one’s own spiritual abilities are all different kinds of strengths. And they are all under attack by the real bad actors, usually by attempting to pit one strong group or individual against another, thus weakening both.
    Liberalism is a strong approach to life that has been around a long time. Conservatism is another strong approach to life. Each has its place in a society. But the bad actors have attempted to make them into opposites – Right and Left – and have thus weakened and subverted them both. Today both of these affiliations are full of bad actors – in both senses of those words. They have managed to get a lot of good and strong leaders killed, often in the name of some political agenda. But remember, these subversives are afraid of strong people. The reasons we think of for why those people died are not the true reasons. The truth is more likely buried in the insanity of the bad actors: The ones killed were just too strong-willed, too unwilling to be controlled. The ones left alive were the ones who were willing to be compromised. And Trump is likely among them, though he is playing a somewhat convincing act to the contrary. But if he ever really said anything that hit the nail directly on the head, then followed those words up with action (such as that “drain the swamp” promise) he’d be out of the game in a minute, unless he had actually managed to figure out how to outwit and defeat the bad actors.
    And the same goes for all the rest of us, too. We may feel strongly that we have found the truth or at least some essential portion of it. But if we don’t figure out how to outwit the bad actors, we will some day die, forget all about it, and get recycled back into the game in no better shape than when we started. So it is important to me that we see clearly what we are actually up against, and what we can actually do about it. I did not live this life with the intention of the next one being twice as bad.

    • Jean says:

      Larry, thank you for this statement The sooner all Americans realize it isn’t us vs. them, as in Democrats and Republicans, the sooner we will get ourselves out of this mess. They have successfully divided us against ourselves, and when we buy into this idea, we enter a dead end street. What’s more, the criminals are laughing all the way to the bank as they continue to steal from us . . . all of us!!! Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  3. The Vaccines Revealed video series is amazing. What has happened to our children is nothing short of horrific. The corruption and greed (evil too) behind the vaccine industry makes me sick. They have had respected doctors, Robert Kennedy, Jr., parents, a lawyer and more on each day detailing documented falsehoods. I didn’t know the CDC actually is actually part of the vaccine industry. They purchase approximately $4.6 BILLION in vaccines annually to resell to public agencies throughout the US. A huge part of their funding comes from these sales. And they are promoting vaccines (through lies and corruption) so they will have the money they so badly need to keep their organization alive. It’s just ugly. There is more, much, much more.

  4. Captain says:

    In 1989, Ramtha, a channeled entity and warlord who became an Enlightened One, said, “Your government needs to be cleaned out.”
    The book, THE LAST WALTZ OF THE TYRANNTS, gives his predictions for America. This is a time to keep Trump in your prayers and thoughts. Because…..
    Putin Orders Combat Alert After SVR Warns Of CIA Plot To Assassinate President-elect Trump
    Also: Inauguration Day WARNING: Communists-leftists to attempt overthrow of U.S. government — http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zcIL9eR_D1A

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