UPDATEs: January 14, 2017 Afternoon News

Shadow play: the New Great Game in Eurasia, by Pepe Escobar . . . and what a great read it is!!!

So, right in the heart of Bali, spellbound after a serious conversation with a dukun — a spiritual master — it struck me: this should be the new Yalta, the perfect setting for a Trump-Xi-Putin summit setting the parameters ahead for the ever-evolving New Great Game in Eurasia.

Balinese culture makes no distinction between the secular and the supernatural — sekala and niskala. Sekala is what our senses may discern. Niskala is what cannot be sensed directly and can only be “suggested”. Massive geopolitical shifts ahead could not be more shrouded in niskala.

The Trump presidency in an era of American destabilization

Of course, this is not to say that Trump is not part of the establishment. Rather, it is to say that there is an agenda afoot.

After observing the behavior of the corporate media, the outgoing administration, the defeated candidate, the Hollywood/entertainment industry, NGO network, and intelligence community, it is apparent that the ruling elite are now embarking upon a domestic strategy of tension. After years of constant propaganda and provocation by corporate media organizations and the NGO community, Americans are now more divided than ever in modern history, with race, religion, gender, and class divisions worse now than they were decades before. Many Americans – regardless of their preferred identification – have been radicalized by their media and entertainment industrial complex.

From years of constant media attention and “debate” regarding instances of “racism” (real and imagined), races were gradually divided as the debates filtered into general society. Racial identity groups, once relegated to the fringe, and (so long as they were non-white) were given attention and credibility by the corporate media. In turn, whites, finally tired of being labeled responsible for all the ills of society, have grown increasingly radicalized as well. As a result, many on both sides are more entrenched and radicalized in their beliefs that the “other” is the enemy. Indeed, all identity groups, not just racial identity, in the country have become more and more entrenched in their ideologies, from religion and politics to gender identities, orientations, and even genders themselves.

Thus, the stage is now set for confrontation between these varying groups inside the United States. For the first time since the first Civil War, the United States seems primed for a domestic upheaval on a massive scale. If the establishment continues to push for such an upheaval, there is little doubt that a television-saturated American public could indeed be provoked into turning on one another in a physical manner that begins in riots and random acts of violence but which culminates in a much bloodier organized version. .  .

We are at a crucial point in human history where we must choose the direction of humanity – peace or war.

Freedom or slavery.

Ignorance or enlightenment. . . .

* * *

!!!!!!! UPDATE, PART 3

* * *

Yet again a Western MSM failure: China did NOT threaten the US with war in South China Sea

UPDATENo need for US interference: China and Vietnam pledge to settle differences over South China Sea claims

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