January 14, 2017, Evening News

Bradley Loves at Love Truth has been posting up a storm today, I always find his thoughts to be of  value, and I hope you will check his posts out HERE

‘We’re Ready for War with Russia’: Military Press Briefing Given by US and NATO Generals (Video)

Jim Stone: ASSASSINATION ALERT: WEAPONS BEING FOUND ALL OVER DC . . . Also, scroll down for info on the California drought – not :)h

Bradley Loves at Love Truth has been posting up a storm today, I always find his thoughts to be of  value, and I hope you will check his posts out HERE

US Deploys Third Carrier Group In Asia To Boost “Naval Air Forces” In Disputed South China Sea, Zerohedge

The 5 signs that show something may be going down on Inauguration Day (2 VIDEOs)

Anarchists Plan To “Stop The Trump-Pence Regime Of Grave Danger Before It Starts”, Zerohedge

“In the name of humanity we refuse to accept a fascist America,” the group’s slogan reads at the top of their website. Anarchists from the group Refuse Fascism plan to “take to the streets” on Inauguration Day and “bring D.C. to a halt” after claiming that Donald Trump has “assembled a regime of grave danger.”

The group says that a Trump presidency is “illegitimate” because he did not win the “popular vote” but rather won the Electoral College which the group claims “is an institution set up in 1787 to protect slavery.”

Mad As Hell, Zerohedge . . . the reality of our healthcare system is amazing . . . so many lies have been told to us

Why it’s time to eliminate the BLM forever… and return millions of acres to the people

(NaturalNews) In recent days, as he rushes to ‘cement his legacy’ before he leaves office Jan. 20, President Obama has signed a rash of executive orders and initiated several executive actions. Among them: Grabbing more state property and designating it federally-protected lands.

The most recent grab, as reported by The National Sentinel, involved designating 1.6 million acres of land in Nevada and Utah new national monuments, to prevent them from being developed commercially.

These come on top of earlier land grabs by Obama—the most ever for a president, using the century-old Antiquities Act—which now total enough to  form the state of Texas three times over.

As reported by The Hill, reversing Obama’s latest (and previous) land grabs may prove difficult, legally, with Christy Goldfuss, managing director of the White House Council on Environmental Quality, telling the newspaper that the Antiquities Act does not contain any language specifically allowing a follow-on president to undo federal land designations made by previous presidents. (RELATED: See more news on Obama’s treason against America at Treason.news)

. . continue reading . . .  and remember this video? Please memorize this info!  We can no longer afford to be ignorant of our ‘real’ truth. ~J 🙂

Map shows locations of underground sex-slave bars in the United States


Beijing Responds: Tells “Relevant Parties” In The U.S. That “One China” Principle Is Non-Negotiable, Zerohedge

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One Response to January 14, 2017, Evening News

  1. Captain says:

    Excerpt: With the former highly respected US Congressman Ron Paul now warning that “if President Trump takes his rogue populism too far, he will suffer the wrath of the same people who took out Kennedy”, and his further stating about the CIA-led “Deep State” that “there is an element of chaos present during this unprecedented transfer of power to the 45th president, and a wounded animal in the defensive-attack posture”, this bulletin says, the American people are being left in total confusion about what this now deadly “civil war” is all about.

    6 Children Dead After Trump Sends Brutal Message To CIA: “Your Families Are Next!” – http://www.whatdoesitmean

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