January 15, 2017, Early News

Please Note: I’ve put a new PAGE Up, (listed next to HOME as the first PAGE  – on the very top of my blog in the photo), that is called  — *** Necessary Information’ — and  among other posts that I’ve included there, you will find Joachim’s article on Antarctica.

This is a repost, but I think it’s a great change for us today, as it looks forward!

If you haven’t taken time to read Joachim’s recent deep background article on Antarctica, you need to take the time to do so. Antarctica is about to burst on the scene!

Unveiling the Antarctic Mysteries and Exposing the Cover-up, by Joachim Hagopian

* * * 

Deep State

Has Been Defeated, The New World Order Has Been Halted

There are no more options for the NWO ruling cabal!

Hear ye! Hear ye!

Starting the hot phase of World War III,
Triggering a worldwide Stock Market Collapse,
Engineering the Second Great Depression,
Staging an Alien Invasion via Operation Blue Beam,
Manufacturing a global  Pandemic and Depopulation,
Geoengineering a Global Warming “Extinction Level Event”
Inducing a series of catastrophic Earth Changes,
Steering an Asteroid into Russia, etc., etc., etc.,
NONE of these harebrained schemes will work anymore
for the  Illuminati and their omnipresent Axis of Evil.

Just as Pizzagate is catching up with the
U.S. Establishment,  Pedogate will catch
up with the World Shadow Government

[…] “May the patriotic nationalists of the world rise up quickly to consolidate the gains that have been thus far been made.   Only through a concerted effort will a complete emancipation from these warlords and wardens be possible.  Deep State must be dismantled so that the New World Order can be terminated, once and for all.

Were the people of good conscience to coalesce around the same Earth rehab plan, the serial obstructionists wouldn’t have a chance to sow their seeds of discontent.  Why is it that the bad guys are always working together more efficiently than the good guys?  One would think that a righteous cause like saving Planet Earth would galvanize a movement like no other in modern history.

Let’s get busy! 

The Millennium Report
January 12, 2017

CAVEAT: Author’s Note

Even though Deep State has been effectively defeated does not mean that humanity is out of the woods.  We are still moving through exceedingly perilous times.  The next year is sure to bring the most unforeseeable series of “3 steps forward, 2 steps back” events ever witnessed.  In fact, the doings of Donald Trump will continue trigger extreme reactions from the vestiges of Deep State which continue to operate—EVERYWHERE.  Their extreme desperation is palpable and impactful, vengeful and unpredictable.  Hence, it has never been more important to remain vigilant … like sentinels guarding whatever space and time you were put here to safeguard.  In the sweet aftermath of victory, dangers alway lurk, especially in 2017.  Much more context and deeper understanding will be provided in Part II of this analysis.
… continue reading…

Dodgy dossiers: The U.S. intelligence community’s unprecedented assault on Trump

Is a military coup in the works? Or are U.S. intelligence agencies laying the political groundwork for forcing Donald Trump from the presidency because they can’t abide his rejection of a new cold war with Russia? Not long ago, even asking such questions would have marked one as the sort of paranoid nut who believes that lizard people run the government. But no longer.

Thanks to the now-notorious 35-page dossier concerning Donald Trump’s alleged sexual improprieties in a Moscow luxury hotel, it’s clear that strange maneuverings are underway in Washington and that no one is quite sure how they will end.

Will The CIA Assassinate Trump? Ron Paul Warns Of “More Powerful, Shadow Government” (RT video with Ron Paul), Zerohedge

It isn’t just that Donald Trump routinely thumbs his nose at the establishment, insults media figures he sees as unfair and bucks conventional wisdom.

It is that President-elect Trump is defying the will of the deep state, military industrial complex base of ultimate power in the United States. That is why he is treading dangerous waters, and risks the fate of JFK.

Trump publicly dissed the intelligence community assessments on Russian hacking; they retaliated with a made up dossier about the alleged Trump-Putin ‘golden shower’ episode.

Who are the real democracy hackers? The U.S. track record of manipulating political movements around the globe

In berating Russia for alleged interference in the recent U.S. election, the U.S. intelligence community ignores the extensive U.S. role in manipulating political movements around the globe, observes Jonathan Marshall.

The Director of National Intelligence’spublic report on allegedRussian hacking opens with a “key judgment” that “Russian efforts to influence the 2016 US presidential election represent the most recent expression of Moscow’s longstanding desire to undermine the US-led liberal democratic order.”

That’s a strong claim. The assertion suggests a fundamental and sustained Kremlin challenge to Western freedom, reminiscent of the early years of the Cold War. That such an unqualified and ideologically charged claim should lead the report speaks volumes about the politicization of the U.S. intelligence community’s leadership. That such a claim has gone mostly unchallenged, aside from Donald Trump, speaks volumes about the powerful ideological consensus in Washington for escalating political and military conflict with Russia.

Yet arecent reviewof relations with Russia during the Obama years by former U.S. ambassador Michael McFaul — a harsh critic of President Putin — puts the lie to the notion that Moscow has consistently sought to undermine U.S. political interests. At the same time, however, McFaul’s article illustrates the blinders shared by many American policy makers regarding the counterproductive impact on Russian behavior of repeated U.S. electoral and military interventions.

Will Obama Get Away With It, After Spending Two Terms Knee-Deep in Human Blood? by Grete Mautner

[…] It should be recalled that because of the aggressive propaganda campaign launched by the White House against Saddam Hussein, Muammar Gaddafi, a number of prominent political figures of the destroyed Yugoslavia, that had allegedly been committing bloody crimes, the International Court of Justice started a veritable hunt after these politicians.

However, for some odd reason, the International Court doesn’t seem interested in the war crimes committed by Barack Obama, who is directly responsible for the murder of thousands of civilians in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and other countries, even though there’s more than enough evidence against the Nobel Peace Prize laureate.

However, foreign citizens were not the only ones “to feel the light of Obama’s political genius on themselves”, since a great many of American families lost their sons and fathers due to the questionable decisions taken by the outgoing US president. No wonder that WorldNetDaily notes that Obama has been blithely watching coffins float by his entire presidency. In turn, a recent Gallup research shows that 60% of Americans believe that racism against US blacks got much worse under Barack Obama. And there’s a good explanation for this phenomenon, since there’s reports that the Obama administration hides rising murder rates in large US cities.

The question is will Obama be able to get away with all the crimes he has committed and will he be able to retain the Nobel Peace Prize laureate title after all?

Jim Stone: Clinton Global Initiative SHUT DOWN – This layoff report from the New York Department of Labor PROVES IT even though the fake media has not said a peep!

The Clinton Foundation Is Shutting Down The Clinton Global Initiative, Zerohedge

Trump plans to hold summit with Putin in Reykjavik, Iceland: Update, Russia and Trump aides deny any plans

“They Are The Opposition Party” – Trump May Evict Press From The White House, Zerohedge

Trump Team Will Not Attend Davos: “Would Betray Populist-Fueled Movement”, Zerohedge

Obama ends economic embargo on ‘terrorism sponsor’ Sudan, prolongs sanctions against Russia, Iran

We Are Getting Worried About Paul Krugman, Zerohedge

When a delicate snowflake is suddenly faced with a perceived reality so devastating as to be an existential crisis, the mind’s reaction to dealing with this cognitive dissonance can be disabling for some. Certainly for The New York Times’ flip-flopping, hate-mongering, fact-twisting, Keynesian poster-boy Paul Krugman it appears coping with “no” is not going well and his tirade last night in Twitter has us gravely concerned for his mental stability, which is ironic given how he began yesterday…

Western amnesia on WWII as NATO replicates Nazi Germany, RT, Op-Edge

A bolder, stronger Iran: Obama’s true legacy in the Middle East has yet to be written, RT, Op-Edge

‘No food, no medicine, no money’: Yemeni town faces mass death by starvation

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5 Responses to January 15, 2017, Early News

  1. Helene says:

    re Fulford I agree, nothing I’ve ever read by him has ever shown to have happened lots of hot air waste of time other than understanding who he represents and where he gets his info

    • Jean says:

      There is so much I could say, Helene, that Clif clearly doesn’t know —even though he is totally o the right track — that would back him up. I simply decided, regarding them all, that I’m not going to open that can of worms, because that is exactly what it is with all of them. There are more important things taking my energy . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  2. DET says:

    Hi Jean,
    to the article about “We Are Getting Worried About Paul Krugman, Zerohedge”

    Well, I have found Paul Krugman belongs to the
    Committee of 300. Perhaps this is the reason
    about getting worried?

    Here the Link from Fulfords 19 Dec. article.

    • Jean says:

      I don’t trust fulford, DET. It is difficult to know if what he is putting out is true or is meant to confuse the issue . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  3. Jay says:

    Interesting video – Humanity VS The Banksters — The Political Art of David Dees https://youtu.be/59XykJS5eiI via @YouTube

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