January 17, Early Evening News

‘This is awesome’: Twitter reacts as Obama cuts Chelsea Manning’s sentence LIVE UPDATES

Obama commutes much of Chelsea Manning’s sentence

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Graham comments (below) on the infamous TED talk that TED removed from the internet.

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This video deals with the spiritual, masons, religion . . . a different take from Graham’s direction of research, but they are complementary to one another.

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!!! Pepe Escobar: Trump, Kissinger and Ma play on a crowded chessboard

!!! The issue is not Trump. It is us, by John Pilger, RT, Op-Edge

!!! Donald Trump’s interview: a red light to Angela Merkel, the EU and NATO; a green light to Russia . . .We learn about Trump’s interview by reading his own words! Very interesting and very hopeful — and very helpful to my own understanding!

Brief Commentary, by ~Jean

Here is the problem as I see it at present and its simplest terms: Both Trump and Hillary ‘stole’ the election – this is a proven fact — and Trump did a better job and he won. He was most definitely the best choice from those we were given. Now, Trump is almost assuredly  beholden to those who did the stealing, which included the releasing of info via wiki, etc. What will these people want in return? As Trump assumes the Presidency, I think his financial independence is not going to be quite enough to make him completely ‘his own man’.

Trump already speaks negatively about China, but is this coming from him, a businessman who loves to make deals, or is this from those like Kissinger and Rockefeller behind the throne who may still want to control the planet? I want to learn more about our recent history with China, because they are certainly no more evil with us than we have been with them. They are known as our bankers! What was/is this relationship all about — really? Why did we have it? Where did it go wrong? Was it because, like Russia, China refused to knuckle under?

We are now reading about Chinese hegemony, but is this ‘real’? If you saw John Pilger’s Documentary in which he showed how the US has China ringed with military bases, are they wrong to try to protect the South China Sea, their clear avenue of travel  to the waters of the world? Is this hegemony or merely China protecting itself from the USA’s desire to control the planet?

It is my view that the Chinese are not warriors — like Iran, what wars have they actually started in the last couple hundred years, yet how many times have they been invaded?  No, by nature (and history) they are traders, who most recently were invaded by the West/Great Britain (and Japan as proxy for the West)  — and so suffered  the Opium Wars and the resulting degradation of huge numbers (I believe 25% is the figure being used) of their people. Their keen interest in developing the New Silk Road demonstrates their intense interest in commerce and trading, and if you have followed, their chosen methods of creating this road they also demonstrate their belief that a rising tide lifts all boats.  If we were to leave them alone, and better still, join with them in their efforts, I think we would find them willing to be peaceful, rather than merely protective to the extend the US makes it necessary. 

I have to wonder how much of this Trump realizes, and if/when he does, if he will be permitted to act on it. Like China, he is a trader, a businessman, a dealmaker. I think he would be a great President if he understood and were free to act on these ideas in an honest way.

I do not believe the Chinese ever had any intention of invading the USA — and do not have that intention now, as we so often of late have been reading. I believe like Russia, they want us to ‘get our heads on straight’ and to rejoin the world community, so they, as a people, instead of being caught up in ceaseless wars, can trade with us. Russia, I believe, understands deeply what sovereignty means because they have been fighting for it for many, many years, and they want to live in a world where the rule of law abides and they are free to be who they are (sovereignty in a nutshell), while allowing others that same right. Where differences emerge, they simply want to negotiate those differences. They do not see the world as a rowdy schoolyard of immature children, where the biggest bully reigns. It all seems so clear and simple to me!

I will be looking to update and modify my views as developments warrant. ~J

PS  As I read the news one final time before publishing this post, I want to say that I can’t believe that Trump/his people haven’t anticipated what is happening all over the country, like people saying they want martial law declared in order to keep Trump out of the Presidency. These people are still living in the matrix-controlled dreamworld. The moment he takes office, I can’t believe he isn’t preparing to rein in the present operations which then will have become rogue operations. If it gets away from him — and he can’t be subtle about it — he must do it in a public way — then we are in for more trouble than I already anticipate. The team of his that I in many ways fear surely, surely is well aware of this. Although booby-trap preparations to trip them up are surely being made, these people are more than capable of dealing with the situation.

!!! Speaking of China . . . 🙂 . . . 

The Chinese Just Did a Soft Disclosure on Free Energy (two videos) —and five interesting related articles!

Russia seeks invitation for US to Syria peace talks in Astana, Iran ‘against’

Trump meets with MLK’s son to discuss national voting ID cardmTrump taking office with lowest approval in recent history: Poll [by CNN/ORC]

The incoming president dismissed the survey’s results on Tuesday.

“The same people who did the phony election polls, and were so wrong, are now doing approval rating polls. They are rigged just like before,” Trump tweeted.

Americans’ impressions of Trump have worsened across three measures since he was elected, the poll found.

Lithuania & Estonia sign ‘milestone’ deals on status of US troops on their soil

Western ‘messiahship’ bred Ukrainian crisis, Arab Spring, & refugee flood – Lavrov

North Korea burns Obama after Kim Jong-un’s sister was blacklisted – “Get packing”

Taiwan holds military drills simulating Naval invasion by China. . . and who do you think is really paying for this?

Snowden’s lawyer scoffs at former CIA chief’s conspiracy theory that Putin would ‘gift’ his client to Trump to make Obama look bad

Trump meets with MLK’s son to discuss national voting ID card

North Korea burns Obama after Kim Jong-un’s sister was blacklisted – “Get packing”

Taiwan holds military drills simulating Naval invasion by China . . . and who do you think is paying for this?

Moldovan President turns toward Russia, seeks to scrap EU agreement

French presidential candidate urges France to lead policy independent from NATO

‘Dissolution of NATO, military alliance with Russia’: German Left leader echoes Trump

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4 Responses to January 17, Early Evening News

  1. Bly says:

    The link about the soft disclosure of free energy by the Chinese doesn’t work/isnt actually a link, just wanted you to know.

    • Jean says:

      Bly, they’ve just messed with my comments, but I am getting them, and I see my response does come through . . . they are doing their best to drive me crazy, but all they are doing is helping me to learn more about my blog. . . 🙂 i’e just corrected that link . . . 🙂 Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  2. maja says:

    Jean, just a heads up – the China soft disclosure on free energy link isn’t working…

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