January 18, 2017 Mid-Day News . . . Headlines should do it for now!

UK, Germany, & France ‘grossly interfered’ in US election – Russian FM

Russian, Turkish Air Forces conduct first joint anti-ISIS op in Syria

Deutsch Bank and US Dept Justice reach agreement on $7.2B settlement over illegal mortgage conduct

Crimean’s would welcome visit by Marine Le Pen and other politicians supportive of the republic’s reunification with Russia

S. Korean businessman kidnapped, killed by corrupt Philippine police – Seoul

Drowning in debt, college graduates refuse to give up luxuries

‘Full history’: Secret CIA documents now available online 

Has Soros Declared a Full-out War on Trump?

George Soros: The Not So Mysterious Donor

Rex Tillerson, Biggest Gator in the Swamp

Operation Barbarossa II: The Yanks In Their Armoured Parade

‘John McCain passed dossier to make Trump look bad; now he’s trying to save his hide’

US F-35 fighter jets arrive at military base in Japan in 1st overseas deployment

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