January 18, Late Day News

!!! Will President Trump rein in the U.S. Military Industrial Complex? . . . again, we get to read about what Trump thinks —in his own words! Add to this th words of The Saker and Christopher Preble on the same topic, and we are given much to contemplate. A MUST READ!!!

’Obama’s decision on Manning very tepid attempt to address issue’ – Assange’s lawyer to RT

Julian Assange’s lawyers are “assessing” the situation, following Chelsea Manning’s commutation announcement and Assange’s comments that he’s willing to make a deal with the US should the whistleblower be granted clemency.

George H.W. and Barbara Bush both hospitalized.. . . .Sorry, but I must question if this is true, or if they in the process of disappearing.

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard makes secret “fact-finding trip” to Syria

Trump the ‘cure for spinelessness’ as Germany begins blaming U.S. for refugee crisis

* * *

The Following videos are important to the total picture . . . 

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4 Responses to January 18, Late Day News

  1. Hello Star Light Jean..
    When did you get your blog back up and running again from taking a needed brake last year , the year of the Monkey and this year is the Fire Rooster . yes two days to go and Mr Trump takes over from Obama,s 8 years of all them 5 wars going on all over the planet , Here is some good news Jean The Anunnaki also coming in to recall the fallen ones and right an ancient wrong . What you are going to see is those who are evolving adjusting to the New energies will continue those who resist will not….. they are not frequency specific to the evolution of Humanity and the earth…….So in short all the humans who have been doing Demonic doings on Children teens and people in there 20’s will not be shifting , because they have next to nothing in Divine Light in there body’s and there frequency is to low as well…….

    2017 is the year of all the wicked stuff coming to Light Jean ,and to think in the 1960,s No one could tell if they were getting fake news from the US Media or TV nightly news , or from news papers , not so now with the internet now in 2017 did you know 8 Million children went missing from around the world never to come home again i 2016 !!?? ; Pedophilia and the sex slave industry is doing this…. and it has been going on well over 100 years and most of this has it’s roots in Rome . When the over all Catholics find this out many will not believe it and many will be rocked to there very core Jean… 2016 was the year of purging and many people went through it big time…We all are living in interesting times indeed and the best is yet to come and your helping it happen Star light and i know you still have that Angel cloud photo i sent YOU ,and from 2013 to 2016 i have given out over 500 copys to people i meet out right as i feel spirit is guiding me Jean
    ET send You much LOVE & LIGHT from Sudbury by for now the Force is with YOU and millions more as with me…..

    • Jean says:

      Oh, Lorne, your Angel Cloud photo is just across the room on my bookshelves!I’ve missed you and am so glad you are back. What a year we are in for! Thanks for letting me know you found my blog again — Love to you and your wife and many hugs, ~Jean

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