January 20, 2017, Inauguration Day in the United States . . . Please take time out today to watch and meditate . . . Love and hugs, ~Jean

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Inaugurate 2017! Celebrate the Shift with Earth & Free Movie “Women of Today” & “Exopolitics” Book from Patty Greer & Alfred Lambremont Webre at CropCircleFilms.com & Exopolitics.com

BLAINE, WA – Award-winning filmmaker Patty Greer & Futurist Alfred Lambremont Webre inaugurate 2017 with a free movie “Women of Today” & free book “Exopolitics” at CropCircleFilms.com & Exopolitics.com.

Welcome to 2017! Celebrate the Shift with Mother Earth! Claim your free gifts here for a whole month January 20- February 20, 2017 & share these free gifts & links with family, friends and networks!

Inaugurate 2017 & Celebrate the Shift with Earth! Claim your free gifts here for a whole month Jan. 20 – Feb. 20, 2017! Share these free gifts & links with family, friends and networks!

Claim your free gifts here for a whole month and share these FREE gifts & links with family, friends and networks!

Movie: Women Of Today

Women Of Today

Watch Women of Today here: https://cropcirclefilms.com/free

“Talented. Illuminating. Brilliant! At first all I saw was their beauty…

“Not a movie to be taken lightly the “Women Of Today” film will empower & inspire women around the world (Men will smile).

“Award winning filmmaker Patty Greer focuses on a silent element of our present reality long forgotten. Rising like a phoenix around the world

“Wise Women & their Medicine are back! As one of the greatest underlying secrets of human evolution, their wisdom & true magic are unmatched.

“Women produce babies & feed them naturally & have since the dawn of time. Men have an equally important role. When men & women unite & create balance ~ grace & peace are achieved.

“Like acupuncture points around the world “Women of Today” heal in all directions. They make a positive difference wherever they go, even if it’s just a smile because it’s authentic. They share remarkable wisdom on how to move gracefully through these trying times in the movie.

“We are experiencing the greatest shift ever in human Evolution right now, know it or not. Your expanding consciousness has never been more important!

“Although the filmmaker claimed this was her first “Non-UFO” movie, three of the women are personally involved in the Mars Mission!

“You’ll meet 33 uniquely exquisite women including professional dancers, an 88 year old senior Olympian who recently hiked a 100 mile trail, a barefoot runner, a paralegal performing acrobatics dangling from silk ribbons & a sensual hula hooper.

“Meet successful businesswomen triplets with the only all-female brewery in America, a psychotherapist, a Unity Minister, a Muzoetry musician and a top herbalist share visions and dreams.

“A poet drops classic rhyming lines, the author of a Cannabis Cookbook shares illuminating recipes. Elder artists, an incredible belly dancer, a Native American Grandmother, a psychic surgeon, and a young mother who gave birth over a yoga ball – walking her talk as a prenatal yoga teacher! A beautiful prenatal/postpartum Doula with 2 young children, a pregnant belly with henna tattoos and long dreads presents the best natural baby delivery methods available today.

“One of the many things these women have in common is a commitment to share higher conscious wisdom with the world. They have all made a promise to assist others along the way and this is how we will progress as a species.

“Each woman has been on task for many years, offering beautiful gifts and not looking back. An incredible array of women are presented in all sizes, shapes, colors and lifestyles.

“None of them has had it easy getting to where they are today. They are you, You are me, and we are all together!

“Featuring: Laura Eisenhower, Barbara Lamb, Brigitte Mars, Bina Mehta.

Music from Faith Rivera

Copyright 2016 Patty Greer Films

Uploaded on Mar 26, 2016

“Women Of Today” A New Patty Greer Film
Talented, Illuminating, Brilliant! At First All I Saw Was Their Beauty

Not a movie to be taken lightly the “Women Of Today” will empower & inspire women around the world. (Men will smile) Award winning filmmaker Patty Greer focuses on a silent element of our present reality long forgotten: The Wise Women. Rising like a phoenix around the world, Wise Women & their medicine are back! As one of the greatest underlying secrets of human evolution their wisdom & true magic are unmatched. Like acupuncture points around the globe “Women of Today” heal in all directions. Sharing remarkable wisdom to move gracefully through trying times, they will once again lead us through the greatest Shift of Human Consciousness yet.

Although the filmmaker thought this was her “First Non-UFO movie” 3 of the women are involved in the Mars Mission personally! You’ll meet 33 unique women including a 27 year old professional dancer, her pro-dancing mother & 88 year old senior Olympian grandmother who also pro-danced for 60 years! Watch a barefoot runner glide through the Rocky Mountains, a paralegal perform acrobatics dangling from silk ribbons and a sensual hula hooper. Meet successful triplets with the only all-female brewery in America, a psychotherapist, a Unity Minister, a Muzoetry musician & a top herbalist. The ladies share inspiring visions & dreams including the author of a Cannabis Cookbook with illuminating recipes. Enjoy an incredible belly dancer, a Native American Grandmother & a psychic surgeon to name a few. These women share their wisdom daily ~ which is how we will progress as a species & movie on. None of them has had it easy getting to where they are today either. They are you. You are me. And we are all together!

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PDF Files Download:

President Donald Trump.pdf

Speaker of the House of Representatives.pdf

US Senate Leader.pdf

Chief Justice of Supreme Court.pdf

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs.pdf

Army Provost Marshal.pdf


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Meditation possibility on this auspicious day:

Virtual Gathering
from James Gilliland at ECETI

Planetary Service During Inauguration

Friday January 20th 8:30am PT – 9:30am PT

Aloha all…as this weekend brings in new energies and continues to break down old paradigms we are putting out a call to our ECETI Community who feel drawn to be of Planetary Service and service to the Collective Consciousness during the Inauguration Weekend.

Understand that our intention will be to hold the LIGHT for whatever is for the Highest & Best Good of the Awakening of Humanity. We don’t have any political agenda in mind, we aren’t trying to force an outcome. We are holding Light and Space for the weekend to pass without interference from the Powers That Were, the Archons, Illuminati, Serpents, Reptilians and Grays and the Demonic Hybrids. This co-creation with our Benevolent Star Brothers and Sisters will support the anchoring of Light, of Self-Mastery and claiming one’s Power Back without the divisiveness of fear, anger, attachment and judgement. Yes the intention is to prevent any false flags, hired mercenaries, intentional rioting created to blame one group or another, to prevent the fulfillment of the intention of the Powers that Were to keep us all fighting each other….to replace the Dark of those who attempt to manipulate our Free Will with the Light of what is in the Highest & Best.

Our virtual gathering will begin on Friday January 20th at 8:30am PT, and if that time doesn’t work for you, please join in when it does work for you to hold the intention (for example, Thursday at 10pm) and ask your Higher Self to direct your energies to join us at the appropriate time – as there is no time nor space in the Higher Dimensions your Higher Self understands what you are asking.

Here is a suggested process:

1. Be in a quiet, meditative space free of interruption

2. Close off your aura to all but your own Christed Divine Self while keeping communication open with benevolent beings from the 5th Dimension and Above. If it helps, see or imagine yourself surrounded in a Golden White Bubble of protection.

3. Do the clearing indicated at the bottom of this page. Invite in your Higher Self, and your Main Teacher/Guide if you know them by name. If not, invite in “My Main Teacher/Guide” or ArchAngel Michael, etc. We also recommend you invite in the 7th Dimensional Lion Beings from the Sirian Star System – the protectors of the Gods/Goddesses and the Guardians of Universal Law. You may have heard James speak of BACAL – the 17 foot tall masculine Lion Being and CAHA – the 14 foot tall feminine Lioness Being. They are powerful and protective, playful and loving and they again are Guardians of Universal Law.

4. Once you’ve done the clearing, set the intention that you are joining the ECETI Community and all of the Benevolent Beings of Light in creating a huge column of white Light over the greater Washington DC area and wherever in the United States and around the world that Light is of service at this time.

5. Set your intention that the Healing and the Light be of Service to the Collective Consciousness and to the proceedings in the way that is in the Highest and Best for the Awakening of Humanity.

6. If at any time during holding this space you feel anxiety or disruption, repeat the clearing. Remember with the clearing it is intention, not perfection. Be in joy as you’re holding space (anchoring light) as you’re part of a multi-dimensional family joining together in service.

7. If it helps, set a timer for the hour as we’ll be concluding at around 9:30am PT (The actual inauguration concludes at 9:00am PT). At any time during the day or during the weekend you feel drawn to, return to this space and this intention, first doing the clearing.

8. If anything DOES happen during this weekend, you may immediately go into service by following the above steps and applying them to the situation without fear, anger, frustration or attachment. Again, it is holding the intention that we are anchoring light for what is in the Highest & Best for the Awakening of Humanity. And sometimes the WAKE UP CALL needs to be shouted to get attention (by our Higher Selves and Creator).

This call is going out to those who feel drawn to participate. Due to an ice storm in Washington/Oregon I was blocked from returning to ECETI for the last two days and only made it home for an hour and a half to pack, write this email and turn around and travel to Eugene, Oregon where Joseph & I will be exhibiting our 3D products at the Lane County Home Show. So, I will not be available to answer emails or phone calls about the gathering. Trust your own guidance. Again, it is intention not perfection. If you do email, send the email to eceti.ashli@gmail.com and I WILL LOOK AT THEM AFTER THE WEEKEND.

For those of you drawn to participate, let it be from your heart and I look forward to our multi-dimensional connection tomorrow. (Friday)

Heart Hugs to you all….Keep Shining!



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Planet Alert Mid January 2017
Posted on January 15, 2017 by Mahala

The big event this month in the United States is the inauguration of Donald Trump as president. This will occur on January 20, 2017. I looked at that chart and I see that Pluto (the transformer) will be on 17 degrees Capricorn. I find this interesting because we are in the year (20)-(17), which is the Tarot Card of the Star. This card is one of hope and wonder and inspiration. In the realm of the star all is fresh and new, and all is innocence. This sounds wonderful for the people seeking spiritually, but will it manifest on the Earth as we perceive it now?

One of the meanings of 17 degrees Capricorn is violence. I hear there will be a lot of people who are going to the inauguration to protest the presidency of Donald Trump. I hope they don’t get out of hand. Another meaning of this degree is the protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order. There will be thousands of military people there, along with police to keep everyone protected.

The sun will be on 0 degree Aquarius. This degree is “A meeting of men responsible for executive decisions in world affairs. It is the power to assume responsibility for crucial choices arrived at after mature discussions with those who share this power”. No wonder they always have the inauguration on January 20th.

Mars is the ruler of the sign Aries and Mars rules energy that is either peaceful or violent. Mars will be exactly square Saturn on January 20th and that activates the energy of police protection or revolutionary action. This may be the start of a major revolution in our country. Mars moves into Aries on January 27, and will be in Aries until March 9. I believe the next couple of months will be very turbulent because of the Mars energy in Aries along with Uranus, the planet of change. All of the planets are now in forward motion until Jupiter goes retrograde on February 6, 2017. Here is a link to the forward moving planets Rare Astrological Event.

President Trump has Saturn in opposition to his north node and his Sun right now. When Saturn is opposing a person’s sun it usually causes a lot of challenges or opposition. The node can cause life or death events, or it can activate your destiny. Saturn is in Sagittarius right now and this sign rules law suits, the higher mind, teachers, and the banking system. Sagittarius also rules other things, although I think the law suits and banking system will be dominant during Trump’s presidency.

Trump’s node is on 20 degrees Gemini and his sun is on 22 Gemini. Mars in the United States birth chart is on 20 degrees Gemini. This means that he comes in as a war president. The war part could be a hacking war, a twitter war, challenges with half of the United States who did not vote for him, or a physical war. Because Trump’s south node is on 20 degrees Sagittarius it means he is bringing up stuff from the past that he will have to deal with, and so will we. One of the things we will have to deal with is the changing of Obamacare. Hopefully they will create a better plan. Only time will tell.

Pluto has been opposing the United States birth sun for quite a while and this means we have been in a phase of major transformation as witnessed by this election. Pluto rules life, death, and transformation. Trump is obviously the right person to transform, or change the existing system. The old has to go out before the new can come in. I bless him on his journey.

Now let’s talk about ascension. What does the word ascension mean to you? To me it meant to manifest a higher frequency. Now I’m not too sure about that. . .  continue reading

 * * *

This video series that I first published back in 2011 when Kiesha, very young nd lovely in hr naturalness nad lacAdd Locationk of sophistication, was first selected as Little Grandmother, seems important to share today as we look forward to the approaching changes. Kiesha oversees a three-part indigenous ceremony called the Return of the Ancestors, which shows how her people have learned to interact with the quantum or Source field — with their emotions. 🙂 ~J

PS Let me add that I already know about the controversy surrounding Kiesha. I’m not going there; my aim is for you to experience Ceremony — if you have interest.

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4 Responses to January 20, 2017, Inauguration Day in the United States . . . Please take time out today to watch and meditate . . . Love and hugs, ~Jean

  1. Helene says:

    re Evancho didn’t know she was going to perform today glad she did 🙂

  2. Helene says:

    thank you so much for making the inauguration concert available, where I am Fox is not available, it was great! sorry Jackie Evancho backed out poor kid must have been unnerved by the threats.

    • Jean says:

      Glad you enjoyed it, Helene! As soon as I tried to publish it, they began to overheat my computer. Then, they blacked out my entire screen 🙂 They really have problems, don’t they! Hugs, ~Jean

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