January 23, 2017, Early News: Time to stop and build a background foundation as we move forward. ~J

This is exactly the sort of background video I’ve been looking for:

No ‘word bombs’ or pressure from outside can stop Chinese naval drills in South China Sea

According to the paper, no amount of “word bombs,” such as remarks by US President Donald Trump’s secretary of state pick, Rex Tillerson, could interfere with Chinese military exercises.

“The meddling and disruption of countries from outside the region can only run counter to the consensus of common interests that accords with this region and the world… Henceforth, the Chinese military’s exercises far out at sea will become a kind of normal, extremely normal drills.”

Repost: China is Changing the Middle East’s Geo-political Dynamics, by Salman Rafi Sheikh

Nowhere has the Obama administration done more damage to the US position than in the Middle East, leaving a big void to be filled largely by China, the silent player, and Russia, the military stalwart holding the US at bay. Could this be the end of US’ unchallenged hegemony it has been enjoying since the end of the Second World War? While Russia has quite effectively sidelined the US in military terms, China’s ‘One Belt, One Road’ (OBOR) which is to stretch deep inside the Middle East and extend into Europe, is emerging as a factor that will transform the Middle East’s current geo-political landscape. Nowhere is this impact more apparent than in the emergence of Israel as China’s most important partner. With Israel acquiring a pivotal position in China’s mid-eastern calculus, other countries’ relations, particularly those trying to tap into China’s economic projects, with Israel are also likely to undergo a very meaningful transformation.

China Says It Is Ready To Assume “World Leadership”, Slams Western Democracy As “Flawed”, Zerohedge

“Western style democracy used to be a recognized power in history to drive social development. But now it has reached its limits,” said another article on the same page. “Democracy is already kidnapped by the capitals and has become the weapon for capitalists to chase profits.”

Donald Trump’s Approach to the Middle Easto, NEO . . . taking stock of where things stand as Trump attempts to move forward.

Donald Trump’s inauguration was accompanied by an array of scandals that were staged by the opponents of the new US President. However, Trump’s problems don’t stop there, since he’s got a number of foreign policy challenges at hand that need to be addressed urgently. The absolute majority of those is in one way or another connected with the Middle East, since the Obama administration failed in approaching regional players rather miserably.

As a matter of fact, the region lies in smoldering ruins.. . .

Can the Big Three Emerge Under Trump? – NEO

Even before Donald Trump got inaugurated, his position on the US foreign policy was attracting widespread attention since it has much bearing on other countries. Judging by the amount of attention paid by various analysts, one can safely assume that the most interesting topic concerning Trump’s policies has been the alignment of forces in the triangle of US-China-Russia, since any steps made by a player in this triangle will inevitably affect the other two powers, along with their politics, economy, and armed forces.

It’s curious that Trump promised right away after being nominated as Republican candidate that he will start a trade war with China, while making steps to find points of common interest with Russia, thus bringing relations in the US – China – Russia triangle to the center stage of international politics.

Learn about how the Darwinian Theory of Evolution was used to divide us!

REPOST — What does this tell us about our new President?

Forbidden Knowledge TV recommends this video— and we certainly do get a different outlook, one that is positive:

“Truth and Reconciliation: Everyone gets the TRUTH; no one goes to jail — and we move on.” says Robert Steele. In principle, I really like this idea, but in reality I find a little problem with this — if what George Webb says above is accurate. Do you also see it?

“HBO is doing a wonderful job denigrating Christianity with its news series ‘The Young Pope’. But the mention of Marina Abramović as a top contemporary artist in episode 2, is worthy of a special mention.”

While I have not posted the following video, maybe it belongs here now. It’s about California and the draconian vaccination laws there. It’s about our children and who will raise them, according to the State:

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