UPDATEs: January 23, 2017 Afternoon News

I’m sorry, but I think Alex is being ‘suckered’ on China . . . let’s watch . . . 

Russian Prime Minister Medvedev bids farewell to Obama in scathing FB post, damns him with no praise . . . this is very likely the only article I will print about Obama’s years as President. It’s time to look forward.

!!! President Trump Orders FBI To Conduct Massive Raid On CDC Headquarters . . . A Reader started me looking at Sorcha Faal, which we have been told is co-intel. This report and those listed under it, although they are couched in the story line that they are coming out of Russia, etc., all have the ring of truth to me. They explain many news events — for which there has been no explanation, and they do so in a reasonable way. Who is putting out this info, and why? I cannot speak for its ‘real’ truth, but I am now seriously watching what is said there. If this headline is based in truth, we should soon know about it in the general news. 

Why Trump will fail if he attempts to bring down the China-Russia-Iran triangle
, by Pepe Escobar

New bill proposes a complete US withdrawal from United Nations . . . While the UN has been totally corrupted, and those who have been active in corrupting it can no longer control it, I do not see this as the answer. Putin understands, I believe, that this organization needs to be reformed so that it is more responsive to all its members, not just those who consider themselves to be all-powerful.

Council on Foreign Relations advises Trump, unaware the NWO has passed away

Astana peace talks kick off with ‘frosty’ exchanges between govt. & armed opposition

“China’s Carl Icahn” Hedge Fund Billionaire Sentenced To Five And A Half Years In Prison, Zerohedge. . . this is not mere words, but an action China has taken. We need to watch and be mindful as to the validity of such actions.

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17 Responses to UPDATEs: January 23, 2017 Afternoon News

  1. “Leader” of Jaysh al-Islam, Mohammed Alloush- really Terrorrist/ Outlaw/ Insurrectionist; Mohammed Alloush is reported by Veterans Today to have said “Assad Must Go”…..the Lawfully Elected Leader of Syria must go????

    This HNC (High Negotiating Committee) of Saudi’s must be smoking opium in their water pipes if they think any one is going to go for this.

    The HNC have just de- legitimised themselves and should immediately be EJECTED from the peace process which Syria, Russia and Iran are working towards. Put the : “Jaysh al-Islam, Mohammed Alloush” back on the Military Strike List where they belong.

    Link- https://www.sott.net/article/340426-Astana-peace-talks-kick-off-with-frosty-exchanges-between-govt-armed-opposition

  2. Ewen MacKinnon says:

    Thought you and your readers might enjoy this piece of real news, certainly the largest value financial news story of this century. This is what Info Wars et al need to be covering. This is the truth the whole world needs to wake up to. Forget the never ending media circus of distraction.


  3. Helene says:

    here’s more interesting news http://yournewswire.com/trump-captures-isis-leader/ apparently the US military finally pulled its finger out…meanwhile did you know Obama provided prayer rugs and silence during 5x/day Muslim prayers in the WH? not any more Trump had staff stop it get rid of it!

  4. Ewen MacKinnon says:

    And the one you cannot fool at all is your own heart. You simply choose to listen or not.

    The news story on the CDC raid lightens the heart of any informed, caring parent or grandparent. When you look objectively at the intelligence behind the sequence of execution and the specific players involved (all of which facts are relatively easily verified or refuted), then you surely realize that a HUGE step has been taken forward. Protecting a nation’s children from harm could not be anything but the top priority for any civilized human being. Trump is living the allegiance he promised the American people.

    Listen to the 15 min. talk Trump gave to the CIA ( mainerepublicemailalert.com ) and then try to tell me that he is reading a ‘nwo agenda’. This man is speaking directly to the new value-set for the people working for this government corporation. He does know how to fire employees and when. But it is his honesty that people at all levels respect. You either resonate to these values or you don’t. As Lao Tzu observed, “If you want to know me, look into your own heart.”

    • Jean says:

      Yes, it seems so, and his actions are positive. However, it looks to me as if his Administration has its eyes sent on China. This is something I think we do not need! That’s why I am saying he is a bit of a mixed bag . . . so far 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • Ewen MacKinnon says:

        Re: China
        If you are a country, like the USA, just starting to undergo real, significant, unpredictable, yet positive, HUGE change and for the past two+ decades your entire manufacturing economy (not the b.s. financial fiat dollar based one which can only collapse) has been preicated on arms, what are you going to do? You need to maintain some semblance of order in the transitionary period. You have no control over NESARA and the public is not ready yet to learn where the missing trillions of defense dollars have gone, nor is a large portion of administration willing to make any announcements. I suppose you could do like Obama and drop another 26,000 + bombs somewhere in the world. But that doesn’t really dent the supply nor sustain any further growth. China is the fear card you don’t play. You simply hold it as a possibility .
        China’s not the enemy, except In so far as the considerable wealth of the European banker hordes can influence policy over there. I have no doubt the Chinese can handle the Rothschilds and any others. Besides, they have their own internal changes to deal with during this transitionary period..
        Personally, I’m optimistic. Nobody really has a strong, overpowering suit to play and three major world powers make for good dynamic balance. I think Trump’s policy of strengthening the American home soil is a good one, well-suited to the time. Draining the swamp is exactly the remedy needed. Seems to be the right man for the times. Just my thoughts.

  5. Captain says:


    Curious. Maybe connected to the raids that Faal reported? CDC Conference Cancelled, as of today. http://www.nbcnews.com/health/health-news/cdc-cancels-conference-climate-change-health-n711076
    Note: I had seen a report that Faal site is actually put out by someone in a Navy Intel group. Using a pseudonym, I guess, as Ben Franklin did when writing as “Mrs, Silence Dogood.” ( My theory.)

  6. Helene says:

    I thought you’d find this an interesting perspective 🙂 http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2017/01/20/trumps-declaration-war/

  7. Captain says:

    Heads up – at the 5:00 mark a guy talks about the new (untested) hi-frequency technologies being move out due to Congress. The Mobile Now Act.
    Why These Romanian Immigrant Brothers Voted For Trump

    Note: Sorcha Faal site reports that Trump just had a massive raid on CDC headquarters today.

  8. lwking says:

    I agree with you Jean, about Sorcha Faal. Yes, I’ve seen those who would discredit them, calling them out as a mouthpiece for the CIA, but I don’t believe that for a New York minute. The narratives they offer and the contexts they describe are very credible, in my view. I appreciate your coming out with your viewpoint on the matter.

  9. kwilfig says:

    all that is happening is part of the nwo agenda.
    you can fool some of the sheep some of the time.
    but you can’t all of the sheep all of the time.

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