January 25, 2017 Evening News

I’m being blocked and ‘messed with’ extensively, and if this continues, I will have to stop publishing — until Americans wake up and are willing to take responsibility for these actions. Until they do, they will only increase 🙂 ~J

Moscow has ‘no naive expectations’ about resetting ties with US – Lavrov

Addressing Russian MPs on Wednesday, Lavrov said that while Trump is known for his negotiating abilities, he is not the only one who can master this.

The crackdown has begun.

In a blog post by Scott Spencer, director of product management for sustainable ads, posted on Wednesday, Google said it has banned 200 publishers from accessing its Adsense advertising service for posting fake news stories. Google said it had cracked down on sites which contained 1) Ads for illegal products; 2) Misleading ads; 3) Bad ads on mobile; 4) Ads trying to game the system and, 5) Promoting and profiting from bad sites. But the emphasis was on the so-called “fake news” category which has dominated media buzz for the past two months.

This is how Spencer explained his action:

Enraged Pope Fires Knights Of Malta Leader As President Trump Media Grab Begins . . . Until the dust settles and I can get a handle on where Trump is going, I’m not going to consider this co-intel site, which seems to share much good info as a basis for its stories, off limits. . . 

Trump’s voter fraud probe could ensnare daughter & top officials . . . Forget voter fraud, it’s been proved that both sides tried to steal the election, and Trump simply did a better job. It is very likely this will be used as a distraction, when right now we have many more pressing problems. 

Trump Mandates EPA Research Must Undergo Political Review Before Release, Zero

Budget Showdown Looms As Conservatives Press For Entitlement Reform, Zero

Trump’s Next Executive Orders: “Drastically Reducing” US Role In International Organizations, Ending Treaties, Zero

The 2017 “Davos Consensus” – More Welfare And More Warfare, Zero

Trump Signs Executive Orders To “Begin Immediate Construction Of Border Wall”, Immigration Enforcement, Zero

Elites Eying The Exits Signals America’s Crisis . . . a very interesting read  . . .

The Institute for New Economic Thinking’s President Rob Johnson was interviewed by the New Yorker on hedge-fund managers and the market for air strips in New Zealand

THAAD: Chinese Response and Talks at the Background of Impeachment, NEO This is worth every minute it takes to read and shows that China can play the US game, too . . . and maybe even better. 

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8 Responses to January 25, 2017 Evening News

  1. beLIEve says:

    I suspect………….goOGLE…….and……….faKebook
    are STORING up problems for themsELVES that THEY lack the FORESIGHT to see.

    People are becoming wise to their NEFARIOUS agendas and I doubt it will be impossible to CREATE alternatives.

    Sorry to hear of your “difficulties” but am not in the least surprised.
    THEY appear to be ANXIOUS about the quantity of INCRIMINATING evidence being exposed and you Jean, are doing an AMAZING job.
    Thank you, and may the DIVINE protect you in all you do.

    According to Clif High BIG THINGS are likely to happen mid 2017.
    Fleeing to New Zealand will not protect the SCUM ………….long term………….Imho.

  2. Jay says:

    Women’s March https://youtu.be/Y4JSea4-4A4 via @YouTube

  3. Captain says:

    Curious how each has its own ‘spin’ on the story.
    Yesterday’s Faal piece: Enraged Pope Fires Knights Of Malta Leader As President Trump Media Grab Begins: http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index2217.htm
    Today’s ABC piece: http://abcnews.go.com/International/wireStory/knights-malta-head-resigns-amid-spat-pope-francis-45030106

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