January 26, 2017. Afternoon News

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Don’t skip the important introduction!

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Pink Hats And Hillary’s Mass Murders

There was a problem with Women’s March.

The march was opposed to Trump’s misogyny as expressed “verbally” and maybe even, though never proved, his actions with women.  A vast amount of condemnation was stirred up in liberal women on behalf of women.


But all of the women there were obviously completely unaware of what the Clinton Foundation is doing in Haiti day in and day out that ensures the rapes and deaths of women and girls (as well as to boys and men) in huge numbers.How does what Trump said about women compare to someone using a “humanitarian” foundation as a international cover for industrial scale sex and child trafficking and the murders of women and children? [Red addded by ~J]

Right before he left, Obama quietly pardoned every single person at the Clinto Foundation, in advance of any charges.  Why?  For what?

The CF set up human trafficking of girls and women to Haiti via Dyncorp – the very same paramilitary corporation that trafficked girls and women during the Clinton-initiated bombing attacks on Kosovo and which has also been trafficking children in Libya, Syria, and every other country the Clinton Foundation has been involved with “relief.”

The Clinton Foundation raised millions for Haiti but the Haitians have not seen more than 2% which is why they have been protesting outside the CF in NY every couple of month for years.  A hospital was built, but it is far from the population, and in the mountains where organ harvesting goes on.  The organs are shipped to Duke University and other places in the US for transplants.

Every single person and group mentioned here is connected to the Clinton Foundation. (Video) . . . 

Trump staff using private RNC server for sending emails

The entire senior management team at the State Department just resigned

Mnuchin supports Fed independence, signals reform is not a priority

‘US-patrolled safe zones in Syria would amount to an act of war Jonathan Steele, RT. Op-Edge

Trump plans to establish ‘safe zones’ in Syria, wishes US would have taken oil from Iraq before leaving in 2011 . . . looks more and more like the same bully on the block to me . . . Apparently, Turkey is trying to sit on the fence yet again . ..

 Russia, Turkey jointly bomb Daesh command centers in Syria’s Al-Bab

Pope Takes Over Knights of Malta After Condom Dispute, ABC (Video)

 – Related: Enraged Pope Fires Knights Of Malta Leader As President Trump Media Grab Begins . . . Until the dust settles and I can get a handle on where Trump is going, I’m not going to consider this co-intel site, which seems to share much good info as a basis for its stories, off limits. . .

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