January 27, 2017, Late Day News

The Institutes of Technology Exposed: Academia’s surprising role in war, science and the system

With a new face on the American empire, people are looking to vent their frustration on this icon: but who is truly responsible for creating tyranny and suffering in this world? What government, corporate, and institutional entities are truly responsible for shaping life to be hell on Earth for our “bottom” class of people, and how do they do it?

Answering this question, “who is morally culpable for degrading our world,” is critical for any person’s understanding of where we are at as a species.

This article will focus on a rarely touched aspect of the power structure: the institutes of technology, the entities of mad science, and these academic institutions that support the military industrial complex.

These schools pioneer science to the benefit of governments, corporations, and the class of people treating us like cattle. They march society on a path that does not benefit our people.

Doomsday Warned Near As CIA Nears Open Civil War Against Freemason Leader Trump. . . well, which war is it? This one? . . . 

[Please see the articles listed along with the article above. This site is known to be co-intel, but there is much ring of truth to it. Why does someone want this common sense info out? It explains so much, which heretofore has been unexplained.]

. . . or the one below. . .  As Americans, most of us are so clueless about our actual history,, do we have any idea at all? 

America’s Second Civil War . . . 

. . . So, which Civil War is going on in the US, and who are the real protagonists? Is it the CIA against Trump, or is it the CIA/Deep State against Freemason Trump, i.e., two factions of the same cabal in battle with one another? Most US  citizens have no idea of the ‘real’ history of their country, and they won’t understand the negativity attached to Free Masonry, especially if George Washington’s name is attached to it, as well as other names like Benjamin Franklin, Simón Bolívar, Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, Andrew Jackson, Voltaire, Winston Churchill.

I think my Commentary (response)  to the  State of the Nation article,THE NEW ATLANTIS: Master Plan Of The Ages — UPDATED has made them angry, because I disagreed with their statement that Francis Bacon was ‘next to god’, When I read those words, I cringed. From a spiritual point of view, nothing could be further from the truth. They responded with a nasty ‘Special Note’, to which I responded. HERE.

The reason I bring this up again is because I think much of what is going on today in our so-called second civil war has to do with their statements in this article, statements  I simply can’t buy into. (instead of attacking me, I’d be delighted if the, or anyone, would prove me wrong. I do not pretend to have all the answers. The world right now is far too complex for me to even entertain that idea.)

Was the Great White Brotherhood on the up-and up? Was the USA really to be the next Atlantis in the New Age of Aquarius (stated by SOTN to be one of science and technology)? When we ascend, we won’t need that technology, and we can already see that technology’s evil manifestations. Even before America’s discovery, the Pope had passed a law (Papal Bull in 1452) that made it all right to genocide our indigenous population. It was this same law that was, indeed, written into U. S. law by President Thomas Jefferson and our supposedly great Supreme Court Justice, John Marshal, a law which is still on the books today. It is this law which has been used in every way possible to steal from and destroy the culture of the indigenous in our country almost beyond the point of recognition.

Once again, I have felt the need to return to this article as I wonder about its basis. Is it meant to confuse us? We have facts that are true, yet we are asked to believe what I call mumbo-jumbo about Francis Bacon and St. Germaine. In my own journey, I went down that road for many years, and I finally left it behind. I don’t need that kind of magic, when my life experience and the ‘real facts’ tell me otherwise. At the same time, I consider myself a spiritual person. Who are these people to call the shots on me as a person? I’m only questioning their facts — again, and I’m doing it now because with so much on the line it seems important at this time to do so ~J 

Coincidence? Dow Hits 20,000 As National Debt Reaches $20 Trillion, Zerohedge

Consumer Confidence Is The Highest In 13 Years, Zerohedge

Obama Issued A Massive Ammunition Ban Just One Day Before He Left Office, Zrohedge

You’re fired! State Department top ranks didn’t resign in protest, they were given the boot

* * * 
Syrian Perspective: Gabbard delivered messages from Trump to Assad – Syria has nothing to fear from U.S.

Secret clause in Astana agreement sparks terrorists’ attacks on opposition factions in northwestern Syria

Does McCain hate Russia because he was shot down by a Soviet missile? Russian TV examines his Vietnam capture (Video of McCain in Vietnam and afterward))

Turkey will not hand over al-Bab to Syrian government forces, says deputy PM

Israel’s shadowy role in Guatemala’s dirty war

Greece Is In Trouble Again: Bonds, Stocks Plunge As Bailout Talks Collapse; IMF Sees “Explosive” Debt

A Series of Important headlines from PressTV:

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13 Responses to January 27, 2017, Late Day News

  1. Terry Mapleson says:

    Jean, have a nice rest and I understand! Being buried in this stuff for long is more than I know how to handle.

    That said, I read today a post from a day or so ago about Trump being a Freemason. Actually, I only read the first paragraph – that was plenty! As you already know, “Sorcha Faal” is just CIA propaganda; but I was like “Ooh! Ooh! I know what’s wrong here!” because I just happened to have read, a few days ago, about Andrew Jackson – and he was SUPER anti-central-bank. So “Sorcha’s” spewing his name as though it were sewage, and implying that it’s horrid that Trump might put up his portrait, is ultra-clearly, pro-Bankster propaganda.

    In that same book it was pointed out that in most secret societies like the Freemasons, there’s a tight inner circle of just a very few people who really run things (and the existence of this highest circle is often not even known by anyone else in the organization); below that, there’s an openly-acknowledged circle of higher-ups, of which some members will be in on the plots and the rest ignorant of them; and then virtually all of the rest of the membership has no idea what’s really going on.

    So I don’t know Trump’s relationship to masonry, but simply the fact that he IS a member (if indeed even that’s true) doesn’t actually “mean” one thing or another.

    The book, by the way, is economist G Edward Griffen’s “Creature from Jekyll Island,” about the Fed. I’m sure you know it. I don’t agree with everything he says but still I consider it one of, if not the most, reliable sources out there.

    • Jean says:

      Terry, please see my response to Captain, which also includes you 🙂 Many thanks for taking your time to try to help me . . . and hugs, ~Jean

  2. Terry Mapleson says:

    I really appreciate the introduction to this guy, Jean! Very sober, thoughtful, honest stuff. The one thing I’ve been musing about though, that’s a “But…” is that nobody every gets taken down legally because the courts themselves are crooked. So we get all excited that, like he suggests, the ICC or UNHRC might find so-and-so guilty – but they themselves can’t be trusted! I read recently that Putin is withdrawing Russia from the ICC, for example. And was delighted to hear Trump saying No More UN for us, LOL! I WISH! But that’s the thing. As far as I can tell, Putin’s the only one with clean enough hands that he might ACTUALLY go through with convicting Soros… but with all the incomprehensibly huge propaganda out against HIM, would he have the power? One of the first things I read about him when I first was alerted to his awesomeness a few years ago, was that he has placed International Arrest Warrants against Soros and one of the Rothschilds! I became a fan right away! I don’t know in what court, though, he’d be able to prosecute! And that’s why I’m afraid all the incredible work being done by George Webb (a pseudonym, I presume?) about the horrific activities of the Clinton Foundation, might never come to fruition – everybody ELSE in a position of power has contributed and/or partaken of the evils they were involved in! Or so it seems. That, I imagine, is why we have these idiotic impeachment etc hearings …. Clinton having sex with a consenting adult when in fact he was guilty of genocide, human trafficking, etc …. or whosits, the supreme court appointee, raked over the coals for uttering the phrase “there a pubic hair in my coke” to, again, an adult employee – heaven forbid!… when in fact, the American Bar Association had voted him unfit for the position, which was NEVER mentioned.

    Anyway, thanks again for all the links. You’re a goldmine! Much appreciated! And yes, Trump is to be viewed with reservation; but still, it’s incredibly heady that at least, the cabal’s girl DIDN’T win! That has to mean a ton.. I HOPE! Fingers crossed….

    • Terry Mapleson says:

      When I say “this guy,” I meant the News from the Nefarium. In case it’s not clear! 🙂

    • Jean says:

      ition, Terry, WE RE GOING TO HAVE TO MAKE IT HAPPEN. WE NEED TO TAKE BACK OUR COURTS!!!They can set a grand jury up to go any way they want! Right or wrong doesn’t matter. Hugs, ~Jean

  3. Ewen MacKinnon says:

    Your link on the “Doomsday Warned Near ..” story does not go to whatdoesitmean.com but instead to the Zerohedge story “Coincidence?” [Ironic but not co-incident.]

  4. In Latin; the cornerstone- law as it is used by The Vatican lie the answer to this stealing of your being;
    in propria persona;
    Fraus Omnia Vitiat

    you’re FREE!!!!!!

    Link- http://www.theeventchronicle.com/study/critical-knowledge-legal-ownership-souls-vatican-since-1306/

    Critical Knowledge: The Legal Ownership of All Souls by the Vatican… Since 1306!
    By Editor on September 3, 2016 9 Comments

    History of Trusts
    The 1st Trust of the world

    Unam Sanctam is one of the most frightening documents of history and the one most quoted as the primary document of the popes claiming their global power. It is an express trust deed. The last line reads: “Furthermore, we declare, we proclaim, we define that it is absolutely necessary for salvation that every human creature be subject to the Roman Pontiff.” It is not only the first trust deed in history but also the largest trust ever conceived, as it claims the whole planet and everything on it, conveyed in trust.
    Triple Crown of Ba’al, aka the Papal Tiara and Triregnum

    In 1302 Pope Boniface issued his infamous Papal Bull Unam Sanctam––the first Express Trust. He claimed control over the whole planet which made him “King of the world”. In celebration, he commissioned a gold-plated headdress in the shape of a pinecone, with an elaborate crown at its base. The pinecone is an ancient symbol of fertility and one traditionally associated with Ba’al as well as the Cult of Cybele. It also represents the pineal gland in the centre of our brains––crystalline in nature–– which allows us access to Source, hence, the 13-foot tall pinecone in Vatican Square. Think about why the Pontiffs would idolize a pinecone.
    The 1st Crown of Crown Land
    Pope Boniface VIII

    Pope Boniface VIII

    Pope Boniface VIII was the first leader in history to create the concept of a Trust, but the first Testamentary Trust, through a deed and will creating a Deceased Estate, was created by Pope Nicholas V in 1455, through the Papal Bull Romanus Pontifex. This is only one of three (3) papal bulls to include the line with the incipit “For a perpetual remembrance.” This Bull had the effect of conveying the right of use of the land as Real Property, from the Express Trust Unam Sanctam, to the control of the Pontiff and his successors in perpetuity. Hence, all land is claimed as “crown land”. This 1st Crown is represented by the 1st Cestui Que Vie Trust, created when a child is born. It deprives us of all beneficial entitlements and rights on the land.
    The 2nd Crown of the Commonwealth

    The second Crown was created in 1481 with the papal bull Aeterni Regis, meaning “Eternal Crown”, by Sixtus IV, being only the 2nd of three papal bulls as deeds of testamentary trusts.

    This Papal Bull created the “Crown of Aragon”, later known as the Crown of Spain, and is the highest sovereign and highest steward of all Roman Slaves subject to the rule of the Roman Pontiff. Spain lost the crown in 1604 when it was granted to King James I of England by Pope Paul V after the successful passage of the “Union of Crowns”, or Commonwealth, in 1605 after the false flag operation of the Gunpowder Plot. The Crown was finally lost by England in 1975, when it was returned to Spain and King Carlos I, where it remains to this day. This 2nd Crown is represented by the 2nd cestui Que Vie Trust, created when a child is born and, by the sale of the birth certificate as a Bond to the private central bank of the nation, depriving us of ownership of our flesh and condemning us to perpetual servitude, as a Roman person, or slave.
    The 3rd Crown of the Ecclesiastical See

    The third Crown was created in 1537 by Paul III, through the papal bull Convocation, also meant to open the Council of Trent. It is the third and final testamentary deed and will of a testamentary trust, set up for the claiming of all “lost souls”, lost to the See. The Venetians assisted in the creation of the 1st Cestui Que Vie Act of 1540, to use this papal bull as the basis of Ecclesiastical authority of Henry VIII. This Crown was secretly granted to England in the collection and “reaping” of lost souls. The Crown was lost in 1816, due to the deliberate bankruptcy of England, and granted to the Temple Bar which became known as the Crown Bar, or simply the Crown. The Bar Associations have since been responsible for administering the “reaping” of the souls of the lost and damned, including the registration and collection of Baptismal certificates representing the souls collected by the Vatican and stored in its vaults.

    This 3rd Crown is represented by the 3rd Cestui Que Vie Trust, created when a child is baptized. It is the parents’ grant of the Baptismal certificate––title to the soul––to the church or Registrar. Thus, without legal title over one’s own soul, we will be denied legal standing and will be treated as things––cargo without souls––upon which the BAR is now legally able to enforce Maritime law.
    The Cestui Que Vie Trust

    A Cestui Que Vie Trust is a fictional concept. It is a Temporary Testamentary Trust, first created during the reign of Henry VIII of England through the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1540 and updated by Charles II, through the CQV Act of 1666, wherein an Estate may be effected for the Benefit of a Person presumed lost or abandoned at “sea” and therefore assumed “dead” after seven (7) years. Additional presumptions, by which such a Trust may be formed, were added in later statutes to include bankrupts, minors, incompetents, mortgages, and private companies. The original purpose of a CQV Trust was to form a temporary Estate for the benefit of another because some event, state of affairs, or condition prevented them from claiming their status as living, competent, and present, before a competent authority. Therefore, any claims, history, statutes, or arguments that deviate in terms of the origin and function of a CQV Trust, as pronounced by these canons, is false and automatically null and void.

    A Beneficiary under Estate may be either a Beneficiary or a CQV Trust. When a Beneficiary loses direct benefit of any Property of the higher Estate placed in a CQV Trust on his behalf, he do not “own” the CQV Trust; he is only the beneficiary of what the Trustees of the CQV Trust choose to provide. As all CQV Trusts are created on presumption, based upon original purpose and function, such a Trust cannot be created if these presumptions can be proven not to exist.

    Since 1933, when a child is borne in a State (Estate) under inferior Roman law, three (3) Cestui Que (Vie) Trusts are created upon certain presumptions specifically designed to deny, forever, the child any rights of Real Property, any Rights to be free, and any Rights to be known as man or woman, rather than a creature or animal, by claiming and possessing their Soul or Spirit.
    The Executors or Administrators of the higher Estate willingly and knowingly:

    convey the beneficial entitlements of the child, as Beneficiary, into the 1st Cestui Que (Vie) Trust in the form of a Registry Number by registering the Name, thereby also creating the Corporate Person and denying the child any rights to Real Property; and,
    claim the baby as chattel to the Estate. The slave baby contract is then created by honoring the ancient tradition of either having the ink impression of the baby’s feet onto the live birth record, or a drop of its blood, as well as tricking the parents to signing the baby away through the deceitful legal meanings on the live birth record which is a promissory note, converted into a slave bond, sold to the private reserve bank of the estate, and then conveyed into a 2nd and separate CQV Trust, per child, owned by the bank. When the promissory note reaches maturity and the bank is unable to “seize” the slave child, a maritime lien is lawfully issued to “salvage” the lost property and is monetized as currency issued in series against the CQV Trust.
    claim the child’s soul via the Baptismal Certificate. Since 1540 and the creation of the 1st CQV Act, deriving its power from the Papal Bull of Roman Cult leader Pope Paul III, 1540, when a child is baptized and a Baptismal Certificate is issued, the parents have gifted, granted, and conveyed the soul of the baby to a “3rd” CQV Trust owned by Roman Cult, which has held this valuable property in its vaults ever since. Since 1815, this 3rd Crown of the Roman Cult and 3rd CQV Trust representing Ecclesiastical Property has been managed by the BAR as the reconstituted “Galla” responsible, as Grim Reapers, for reaping the souls.

    Each Cestui Que Vie Trust, created since 1933, represents one of the 3 Crowns representing the three claims of property of the Roman Cult: Real Property (on Earth), Personal Property (body), and Ecclesiastical Property (soul). Each corresponds exactly to the three forms of law available to the Galla of the BAR Courts: corporate commercial law (judge is the ‘landlord’), maritime and canon law (judge is the banker), and Talmudic law (judge is the priest).
    What is the real power of a court ‘judge’?

    Given what has been revealed about the foundations of Roman Law, what is the real hidden power of a judge when we face court? Is it their superior knowledge of process and procedure or of magic? Or is it something simpler and far more obvious?

    It is unfortunate that much of the excitement about Estates and Executors has deliberately not revealed that an Estate, by definition, has to belong to a Trust––to be specific, a Testamentary Trust or CQV Trust. When we receive legal paper or have to appear in court, it is these same CQV Trusts which have our rights converted into the property contained within them. Instead of being the Trustee, or the Executor, or Administrator, we are merely the Beneficiary of each CQV Trust, granted only beneficial and equitable use of certain property, never legal title. So if the Roman Legal System assumes we are merely the beneficiary of these CQV Trusts, when we go to court, who represents the Trustee and Office of Executor? We all know that all cases are based upon the judge’s discretion which often defies procedures, statutes, and maxims of law. Well, they are doing what any Trustee or Executor, administering a trust in the presence of the beneficiary, can do under Roman Law and all the statutes, maxims, and procedures are really for show because under the principles of Trust Law, as first formed by the Roman Cult, a Trustee has a wide latitude, including the ability to correct any procedural mistakes, by obtaining the implied or tacit consent of the beneficiary, to obviate any mistakes. The judge is the real and legal Name. The judge is the trust, itself. We are the mirror image to them––the ghost––the dead. It is high sorcery, trickery, and subterfuge that has remained “legal” for far too long. Spread the word.

    Source: via;The Event Chronicle (Stop the Pirates)

    • Jean says:

      Michele,thank you so much for this! Nothing could be more important!!! It is the deeper purpose for creating all these refugees, and ugly, ugly purpose, don’t you think? Lots of money to be made from them when the die unknwon and away from home . . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • Terry Mapleson says:

      This is fascinating! But it brings up an issue I’ve recently been mulling, based on something I read about “Divine Right of Kings.” Apparently, the Holy Roman Emperors, and possibly their predecessors back to the house of David or the Twelve Tribes or something – anyway, these bloodline families we know so well – claim that because somebody or other way-back-when made some claim that they’re gods or divine or whatever and called the claim “legal”…. I mean like what, I’m supposed to roll over and play dead and say well, if it’s LEGAL, then gosh, I guess I have to abide by it!

      And it gets REALLY insane and frankly hilarious, when they claim the right to everyone’s SOUL, not to mention body and belongings.

      A bit less far-fetched is something an attorney friend of mine recently said – that since there’s a “Treaty of Balfour,” that means the state of Israel is legit. I don’t know the particulars, but I do know that Balfour was a Lord, ie part of the English aristocracy, ie a lying theiving bankster – and at that time, Palestine was a British “protectorate,” ie the English Banksters swooped in and claimed they had the right to make its laws and other decisions – and now we’re supposed to bow down to the “legality” of some “treaty” they came up with! Sheesh.

      Just venting, here… This is definitely not a criticism of you or your post, which, again, is fascinating.

      I’ve recently come up with the theory that even the whole “precedent” aspect of law is just a bankster/illuminati brainwashing technique designed to take power away from judges. As long as the banksters can get a precedent set, and of course they can [$$$$], then all judges thereafter have to honor it, rather than be able to use their own common sense and individual discretion? Why do we even HAVE judges? The system’s rigged, IMO!

      LOL. “Law.”

    • Light I AM says:

      This may be of merit Michele, if one is still going down the Maritime Law road (playing their mind/mined CONtrol game, not Self Mastery = Non Polarity) …it all helps people think deeper.
      Claim the Name before they do.
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ljtAOjoC8U (34 Min)

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