January 28, 2017, News

Please follow the rapid, ever-changing news on rt.com and zerohedge.com  Some of what I’ve posted is probably already outdated.~J

The Space Between Stories . . . recommended by a Reader as valuable . . . to help us keep our heads on straight as the chaos and confusion builds. . . 🙂

These days we are seeing all around us a lot of turbulence, inner and outer. The tendency when we get stirred up – and this is for all humans – is to go into a kind of habitual “jungle mentality,” also known as our stress reflex. We get anxious or upset and we try to sense where we can throw blame for what’s wrong. There is a polarizing.

Mostly what we are doing when we are in stress-reactivity is trying to find certainty. We are trying to find some ground again; and everything we try to do then is, on some level, trying to frame things so we have a stable ground – something that allows us to say, “Oh, here is what’s going on!” We try to define it, as a means of regaining a sense of certainty and security – an illusion of control. Charles Eisenstein calls this place “the space between stories.” And if we grab on to the next story and act from that, then we don’t wake up. . . . continue reading.

UPDATE: 1972 – The year a little known event occurred that changed forever our future and that of our planet, superseding all prophecy, published in September 2014

My thanks to a Reader, who left the following comment on the article above, re-calling my attention to it: 

On August 6th 1972 all life on planet was put to sleep.
On August 13th 1972 all life on planet was woken up.
No one ever mentioned that.
Thoth knew it.

I notice at the beginning of the article Alfred Webre also made a comment. This was back in September of 2014:

UPDATE: Alfred Webre comments on this article:

NOTE ON THE POSITIVE TIMELINE & DIMENSIONAL SHIFT I tend to favor the final conclusion [of article linked below] that the entire population ascends in dimensional shift.

Two points:

1. David Sukuzi – A few years ago, I had a public Q&A dialogue in Vancouver with Suzuki at a couple of public events on the issue of ET disclosure and event the existence of ETs, and even publicly he was not willing to affirm the existence of ET life.

2. I find it interesting that the figure mentioned below is the same as in the original GA Guidestones – 500 million; and that now (when there has been a 2014 addition to the GA Guidestones) this Chapter concludes that universal ascension is the outcome. It is as though both the GA Guidestones and the Chapter have transformed and come to the same conclusion of the positive timeline positivefuture.info

EXCERPT: “Let’s return to late August and early September 1990 for a moment. We did reach critical mass. We had the necessary 7-10 percent or roughly five hundred million people who had opened up enough that they would go through. Ascension should have taken place.” . . . continue reading

Is It Smart For Trump To Embrace “Big League” Dow Gains? History Says No, Zerohedge

!!! Rex Tillerson and the Myths, Lies and Oil Wars to Come, by F. William Engdahl. . . if you aren’t already aware that there is no shortage of oil, that peak oil is a myth, this is a MUST READ. The truth is that we have more oil on this planet than we can use. The myth is, of course, the reason the fiat dollar is successful

Battle of Titans: Showdown looming between Donald Trump & US Central Bank, by Robert Bridge, RT,. Op-Edge

On the 2016 campaign trail of tears, many observers were mud-wrestling with the question: Was Donald Trump the real deal, or was he – like the snake-oil salesman who preceded him – just another silver-tongued orator with a gift for bamboozling voters?

Just one week in office, the results are in: the maverick from Manhattan is pure 100 percent anti-establishment gold; the real deal. He’s already signed off on a raft of executive orders undoing a chunk of Obama’s last-minute legacy, including withdrawing the US from TPP and ordering bricks for his Mexican Wall.

Published on January 17, 2017
The Event Is Coming Soon – Trump Is Exactly Where The Elites Want Him.
Zerohedge  — Full article by Brandon Smith can be read HERE

Cognitive dissonance is a powerful drug. It makes otherwise-very-intelligent people goofy and incoherent in their thinking and blinds them to certain realities that they should normally see right in front of their noses. I witness it all the time in the field of economics — a key piece of logic, a key fact that certain people absolutely refuse to take into account simply because they have a singular idea of how the world works and they cannot allow that idea to ever come into question. They would rather leap into a mental gymnastics routine worthy of an Olympic gold medal than examine the truth. And if you confront them on it, they’ll accuse YOU of being the one in denial.

This is how we ended up with the credit crisis and market crash of 2008/2009. This is how very few people saw the writing on the wall with Syria and ISIS and the fact that the funding and training of Islamic extremists by Western governments for the purpose of proxy insurgency might not be such a great concept. It is the reason why it took years for the mainstream to acknowledge the advent of the East/West paradigm, the same paradigm that alternative analysts warned about years in advance. This is why most mainstream AND alternative analysts completely discounted a successful Brexit referendum. And, it is why the vast majority of pundits could not even conceive of a Trump victory in 2016. I could write a list 20 pages long on all the geopolitical and fiscal developments most people missed because they were clinging to assumptions rather than evidence.

Unfortunately, the liberty movement is also sometimes vulnerable to such assumptions. The most dangerous of which revolve around the rise of President-elect Donald Trump.

I have seen endless theories over the past several months on all the ways in which the global elites would sabotage the Trump campaign. I believe the phrase “they will never allow him to win” was repeated in nearly every discussion on the election. The assumption in this instance was that Trump is “anti-establishment” and, therefore, a threat to the globalists. These are the same globalists that people also claimed would “rig the election,” or initiate a “coup” in the electoral college to stop a Trump presidency.

Of course, this never happened. So, a large percentage of the movement needs to question — why didn’t it happen? How did Trump win within a system we know has been rigged for decades?

You’ll hear hundreds of theories and rationalizations on Trump’s miraculous victory, but a reason you will almost never hear is also the most likely one: Trump won the election because he serves the interests of the establishment. Trump won because he is a fake.

This is not an idea that many liberty activists want to entertain. They were so repulsed by the proposition of Hillary Clinton taking the helm at the White House that they would have invested themselves in almost ANYONE running against her, even if they thought that candidate might be controlled opposition. However, not just anyone was fielded as a candidate; Trump was fielded, and for good reason. I predicted before the Republican and Democratic primaries that the final election would be between Trump and Clinton in my article Will A Trump Presidency Really Change Anything . . . continue reading



* * *

!!! President Trump: Advocating nationalist capitalism rather than globalization

‘We are taking names’ of those who fail to support US, Trump’s new UN envoy warns  . . . is this an adult response, allowing for others to maintain national sovereignty? Seems to me we have the same bully still living on our block.

 * * * 

 * Article from Voltairnet.org (German version, translated – maybe by Google, thanks to a Reader: https://www.voltairenet.org/article195043.html

According to the writer David Horowitz, who has just released Big Agenda: President Trump’s plan to save America (The big agenda: President Trumps rescue plan for America) has issued to, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, the creation of a “United States Government in exile” to prepare.

David Horowitz was one of the most important personalities of the American left. He also conducted the Ramparts magazine, which has brought the role of the CIA revealed. He slowly broke with the left after the murder of one of his relatives by the Black Panthers. He published The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton, and Sixties Radicals Seized Control of the Democratic Party (The Shadow Party: How George Soros, Hillary Clinton and the radicals of the 1960s, the control of the Democratic Party took over). He now leads the FrontPage Magazine and came President Trump close.

City sues Purdue Pharma for pushing oxycontin and causing an opioid epidemic

Trump Signs Executive Orders To Keep “Radical Islamic Terrorists” From Entering US, Rebuild US Military, Zerohedge

Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ fallout LIVE UPDATES . . . now, we’re going to have to live with this, just like we have had to live with the Mexican Wall. Please follow it on RT 🙂

US, Mexican presidents de-escalate . . . I think we’re going to see lots of this yo-yo-ing.

Massive Global Cataclysm That Destroyed Britain Ignites New American Civil War. . .This is another part of the series on Freemasons. Why I am so interested in them? Because our Constitution was created by Freemasons, who believe in deceit. Did they really have our interest at heart? Our Constitution is flawed, but instead we have been led to believe that it is a ‘gift from God’, which I sincerely doubt. As this collapse continues, are we being prepared for a ‘false flag’ belief in our Constitution, a belief which we do not understand so that we will follow like lamb to the slaughter when modifications to it are suggested? I want to know the truth about those who wrote it and about the document itself. I want to know the truth about our President, Freemason Donald Trump. This new article spreads more confusion but seems to be negative about Freemasons, unlike the SOTN article which seemed to be positive.

This series of articles does not relieve my confusion, and only makes me question more. Remember, the truth is simple and can be stated simply, and these articles are not simple!. Here is my response to a Reader concerning these issues:

My questions remain. Were the Freemasons at the time of our country’s inception good or bad? Were our leaders as Freemason, involved with good or bad? Remember that their words are cheap, and we’ve learned how their words and actions don’t match! Is this battle, as defined on Sorcha Faal’s title, Final Battle For The World Begins: But Will Trumpian Forces Unite? a real one, between good and evil, or is it merely between two factions of a mafia-style cabal? Francis Bacon was not a good man. He instituted the thinking that separated Science from God, and made God unnecessary. I do not believe this was an accident, but was in preparation for the times in which we now find ourselves. We do not need St. Germaine and his money! We have slush fund upon slush fund of money that is rightfully ours. The list is long! We do not need to focus on hocus-pocus to get us out of this; we have the means right here in the third dimension within ourselves.

Why did our leaders, if they were good people, act as they did? It’s not their words that I’m looking at, but their actions — Instituting and continuing the institution of slavery? Adopting laws (Jefferson) that basically gave the United States government the power to genocided the indigenous? Why does this power continue today? Was Andrew Jackson what we are told he was? Look at our leader’s words in this article, all the while remember that words are so cheap! Why did they take us into wars that were created for their benefit? Didn’t they also regard themselves as the ruling elite? There are far too many questions and far too few answers for me to believe Freemasons were/are suddenly good people. Look at David Patreus, as an example of a Freemason/criminal — mentioned in this video that Sorcha uses to demonstrate how the army is filled with Freemasons. Trumps words were cheap; they won him the election, but now we get to see his actions, and his actions are ones I deeply question . . . as are many other people.

LET ME ADD: A very important comment filled with ‘illuminating’ information about Freemasons has been left by BeLIEve on my post, January 28, 2017, Very Early Morning News 🙂 It makes these issues very clear, unlike this  Sorcha Faal series of arrticles. Please take the time to read it!

!!! Prosecutors In Nevada Beg Trial Judge To Protect The BLM From Scrutiny During Bundy Trial

Dealmaker! Trump moves pipeline away from tribal land, and building it with American steel. Natives happy, MSM will not report!

Tribal Chairman Dave Archambault II: “We must have the opportunity to speak, leader to leader.”

Saudi Arabia on the Cusp of Fundamental Changes, NEO

[Final conclusion ~J]: Experts also believe that should other regions of Saudi Arabia, including those located on the border with Iraq, Tabuk, along the southern Jordanian border and the Gulf of Aqaba would also seek secession. But the country’s key region, the Riyadh Province, would definitely be the “ground zero” of struggle for the Saudi throne. It is quite possible that just like 100 years ago the world would witness a fierce civil strife splitting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia into several independent states.

Iraqi and French forces discover ISIS chemical weapons arsenal in Mosul


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2 Responses to January 28, 2017, News

  1. Helene says:

    interesting background on Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland you may remember her on CNN etc, Trudeau replaced Stephane Dion who is a good man w/her: http://johnhelmer.net/victim-or-aggressor-chrystia-freelands-family-record-for-nazi-war-profiteering-and-murder-of-the-cracow-jews/ not surprising Freeland supported Ukraine coup and is banned from Russia…re Freemason stuff have to wonder what Bernie & the Pope’s mtg was really about what did they discuss…this is certainly a challenging time, if it is “the shift” we were told it was going to be difficult but to hang in there as the result will be worth it, hope so as my immed fam no longer speaks to me because I was firstly against Hillary, they completely ignore crimes of past 30-40 yrs Trump is Hitler etc.; imo there are no “sides” anymore each issue event etc must be taken individually vet yourself don’t let others lead you, use your gut instinct experience intelligence to guide you thru this, so great to have others to share with though, take everything with a grain of salt as they say, and don’t be surprised if something that seemed ok one day is no longer the next. So appreciate your efforts in this regard, Jean, trying to find some balance when there doesn’t seem to be any. Also re Mary Tyler Moore, apparently Gloria “CIA” Steinem tried to get her to radicalize content of her show, MTM rejected her and said parenting mothering still important as/more important than a career.

  2. Captain says:

    Two by Pieczenik: http://stevepieczenik.com/
    He seems to focus on the bigger picture, rather than the distracting squabbles of the rabble as staged by the cabal and publicized by a misleading anti-trump US Press (save for FOX).
    1 POTUS Trump Takes Action in Fast Time!
    2 Trump is President! Peaceful Transition of Power Prevailed!

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