January 30, 2017, Early News

Ellen Brown: How to cut infrastructure costs in half

DOW tops 20000! What could go wrong? by James Corbett 

Dow Dumps Below 20k, VIX Spikes, S&P Plunges On Massive Volume, Zerohedge

 – Bill Gates could become world’s first trillionaire

China steps up as United States steps back from global leadership

“The problems troubling the world are not caused by globalization,” Xi declared. “Countries should view their own interest in the broader context and refrain from pursuing their own interests at the expense of others.”

Exposing “librul” hyprocrisy with over-the-top Trump outrage, Bernard, Moon of Alabama

The current “librul” outrage about Trump’s announced policies is somewhat amusing. Yes, these policies are bad. Very bad. But wherever you look, those Trump policies are building directly on or simply repeat Obama policies. The now outraged people swallowed those without a word of protest.

A Trump order yesterday introduced a temporary ban on visa holders and visa issuing to citizens of seven Middle East countries. These countries are: Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. Outcries on social media and in various papers ensued. People went to airports to protest. TV was there to spread the news.

But it is nothing new that the citizens of these countries are targeted with U.S. visa restrictions.

 – From a Reader: Donald Trump should just televise this Bill Clinton speech from 1995 and then simply state “I’m Donald Trump and I approve this message”  


So do something about it! UN panel finds Saudi strikes in Yemen may amount to war crimes, ‘no legitimate military objectives’ . . . always talk but no action . . . words, words, words!

A “Color Revolution” Is Under Way In America, The Saker on Zerohedge, no less !!!

While I did predict thatThe USA are about to face the worst crisis of their historyas far back as October of last year, a month before the elections, I have to admit that I am surprised and amazed at the magnitude of struggle which we see taking place before our eyes.  It is now clear that the Neocons did declare war on Trump and some, like Paul Craig Roberts, believe that Trump has now returned them the favorI sure hope that he is right.

Let’s look at one telling example . . . 

US Congress orders review of Russian & Chinese leadership’s nuclear strike ‘survivability’

Duterte slams building of ‘permanent’ US weapons depot in Philippines, threatens to tear up security treaty

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has accused the US of building a “permanent” arms depot in his country, warning President Donald Trump that such moves jeopardizes the security treaty between them.

Duterte alleged that the Trump administration was moving arsenal into three provinces of the Philippines intending to store it there permanently.

During an impassioned televised news conference Sunday, Duterte said, “They’re unloading arms in the Philippines now … I’m serving notice to the armed forces of the United States. Do not do it, I will not allow it,” as reported by Reuters.

Duterte went on to warn Washington that permanent facilities are against the terms of the US-Philippine security agreement and threatened to review the deal “and maybe ultimately abrogate, since it is an executive order”.

Related: Philippines sustains robust economic growth under Duterte

Three more federal judges rule to restrict Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’ travel order

Foreign politicians are in no position to comment on Trump’s domestic policies

Predictably, many non-US, western politicians have chimed in on the policy in a manner that is thoroughly unstatesmanlike. To give an example of a dignified and diplomatic response of a statesman to an event in a foreign land, when President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov were being bombarded with questions over Brexit during the run-up to the vote, both men would repeatedly say that it is an internal matter for the British people and that the Russian Federation does not comment on the internal workings of other states.

Trump orders military chiefs to devise plan in 30 days to defeat Daesh

Trump imposes lifetime ban on foreign government lobbying for appointees

Wayne Madsen: Soros on the Ropes

Bipartisan House resolution on Palestinian youth ‘terror attacks’ ignores fact that IDF executed many on the spot

Because [of] terrorism: EU now pushing restrictions on payments in cash

Russia’s draft of Syrian constitution to serve as ‘guide’

Syrian army liberates vital Wadi Barada water source area near Damascus

NATO’s destruction of Libya continues in full force

Russian private military contractors in Syria and around the world, South Front

Moscow arrests third cyber spy in ongoing treason inquiry

* * *

Trump Warns Flu Shots Are The Greatest ‘Scam’ In Medical History

The flu shot is the greatest scam in medical history, created by Big Pharma to make money off vulnerable people and make them sick, warns President Donald Trump.

In an interview with Opie and Anthony on Sirius XM, Trump slammed flu shots as “totally ineffective” and declared that he has never had one.

How the vaccine ;system’ works . . . 

ND Dem Senator seeks Trump’s help to tackle DAPL protesters

In a letter to Trump following the orders, Heitkamp appealed for federal support for law enforcement agencies who have “engaged in addressing ongoing protest activities.”

“North Dakota state and local law enforcement have been managing the response to the protest activities and events related to the protests in the surrounding area for several months now – and at significant cost to state and local departments and governments,” Heitkamp wrote.s

“After five months of protests and over 600 arrests related to those protests, state and local law enforcement agencies are in need of financial assistance and additional manpower in order to continue to ensure public safety,” Heitkamp wrote in the letter, published online by The Daily Caller.

The Dakota Access Pipeline project aims to carry oil from northwest North Dakota to Illinois, passing through South Dakota and Iowa. The pipeline will be built on sacred Native American land and will pass through Lake Oahe, the primary source of drinking water for the Standing Rock Sioux nation in North Dakota.

Heitkamp says that the “necessity to rely upon law enforcement from across the state had led to personnel shortages statewide, cancelled leave, officers stretched thin, and communities throughout North Dakota wondering when their law enforcement will be returned to full strength.”

“I recognize the First Amendment right of individuals to peacefully protest, however, previous events have concerned local residents and workers about their personal safety and damage to private property,” she added.

* * *

The families of Robert Lavoy Finicum, and Cliven Bundy hold “The Meeting That Never Happened” in John Day Oregon.. Here we see KrisAbbe Hall teach, by request, about State Sovereignty. 

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10 Responses to January 30, 2017, Early News

  1. Deb says:

    “A Trump order yesterday introduced a temporary ban on visa holders and visa issuing to citizens of seven Middle East countries. These countries are: Iraq, Syria, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Yemen. Outcries on social media and in various papers ensued. People went to airports to protest. TV was there to spread the news. But it is nothing new that the citizens of these countries are targeted with U.S. visa restrictions.”

    You do realize that Obama did not ban refugees of these countries from coming to the US, he only slowed the process so that it could be more thorough, right?

    THE FACTS: According to State Department data, 9,388 Iraqi refugees were admitted to the United States during the 2011 budget year. The data also show that Iraqi refugees were admitted every month during the 2011 calendar year.
    The Obama administration did slow processing for Iraqi nationals seeking refuge in the U.S. under the government’s Special Immigrant Visa program for translators and interpreters who worked with American troops in Afghanistan and Iraq. That happened after two Iraqi nationals were arrested on terrorism-related charges. But that year, 618 Iraqis were allowed to enter the U.S. with that special visa.
    Government data show that during the 2011 budget year, more than 7,800 Iraqis were allowed into the United States on non-immigrant visas, including tourists.

    If Trump is so concerned with the safety of Americans, don’t you wonder why the three countries that were behind the 9/11 attacks (Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Turkey), countries that Trump does significant business with, are conspicuously missing from the list?

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Deb! More twists and lies from the MSM!!! Hugs, ~Jean

      • Deb says:

        “…twists and lies”? I’m sorry where are you getting information that refutes this?? I’d like to know…

        • Jean says:

          Deb, I think this comment is under the wrong date . . . Nevertheless, I believe those writers whose articles I have chosen to publish are pretty clear about their ideas concerning the many lies/propaganda being told/shared about Trump. If you want to disagree with me, I suggest you do some research of your own and share here in a comment links that back up what are apparently your ideas that differ from mine. Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Helene says:

    http://www.naturalnews.com/2017-01-30-muslim-ban-a-total-lie-fact-less-media-gins-up-mass-hysteria-among-left-wing-zombie-trolls.html I thought you’d be ok with posting this as well…you know about Quebec City mosque shooting, as usual early witness reports of 2-3 shooters conflict with current story of one shooter who turned himself in…much hypocrisy around Canadian refugees, most of the Syrian refugees let in are families, no single men, and most of them are Christian not Muslim, or if they are, they are secular middle-class people, as they are being sponsored privately by communities churches individuals. Trudeau met with Soros in Davos he received campaign funds from Soros against Canadian law, had a pay2play scheme going and doing similar stuff to CF but of course for much less $, and in Wikileaks emails HRC admired Trudeau’s campaign they used same PR firm. The Lib Party and Trudeau are at lowest in polls since elected, like Trump it was more about not electing Harper than electing Trudeau. Also Chrystia Freeland the new Foreign Minister is from a Ukrainian Nazi family and she is banned from Russia. Watched interesting vids about Freemasons yesterday, of note is 1-2 episodes of “Endeavor” the prequel to “Inspector Morse” shows Superintendent Strange got ahead by joining them, something Morse refused to do. The writer, Russell Lewis, also helped bring back the current Doctor Who series which also has some underlying disturbing storylines. One of the vids said Amal Clooney’s father is an arms dealer, her mother a “journalist” some of it very similar to Huma Abedin. They also believe Amal is a transgender. The rabbit hole is deep/wide. I also stumbled across an Indonesian cult called Subud which Obama’s mother belonged to. Where does all of this end? It seems every variation of susceptible people psychologically are targeted/designed to literally entrap people into joining these cults. So dangerous, so important for everyone, especially those in crisis, keep their wits about them. Sitting tight.

  3. Captain says:

    Might be of interest: ANCIENT FLYING VIMANA IN AFGHANISTAN-GIVEN TO HUMANS BY 45 FT. TALL ALIENS (POSSIBLE DISCLOSURE???) VIDEO – http://www.rumormillnews.com/cgi-bin/forum.cgi?read=67726
    or on gary larrabee: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q9cOkTIJ5k4

  4. Jay says:

    Regarding the article on cheap money for infostructure. I doubt the Rothschild family bankers would allow that.

    • Jean says:

      I agree,Jay,and so probably does Ellen. All she is doing is making a point as to what is reality-based and very, very possible 😉 Hugs, ~Jean

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